How to Get Insight in Destiny 2

How to Get Insight in Destiny 2: The Battle Table was initially featured as a vendor in Destiny 2‘s Season of the Chosen of the Witch Queen expansion. This merchant is located within the H.E.L.M. region, above the Tower, where all Guardians from throughout the world gather for a little rest.

How to Get Insight in Destiny 2

The War table, as its name implies, serves as a gateway for players to earn bounties that they may perform inside the PsiOps Battlegrounds mode. Unlike other vendors, which live as humanoid creatures and require missions to update, the War Table requires Insight to upgrade. As of right now, Insight is one of the most scarce currencies in Destiny 2.

How to Get Insight Destiny 2, Can You Still Get Insight Destiny 2? If you have these queries, you’ve come to the correct spot.

Can You Still Get Insight in Destiny 2:

Insight, like other Destiny 2 Seasonal currencies, can only be gained through seasonal challenges. As a result, completing the seasonal challenges indicated beneath the quest menu is the sole method to gain Insight into Destiny 2.

Bungie releases a new set of seasonal challenges every week, which means there’s always a chance to acquire seasonal currencies like Insight. The quest reset happens every week , so if you’re working on a challenge, make sure you finish it before it goes from the game.

However, seasonal tasks provide a very modest quantity of seasonal money upon accomplishment – as little as one Insight every week. As a result, earning a decent number of seasonal currencies in Destiny 2 is a difficult undertaking.

Before we go into How to Get Insight After Season, let us first discuss what insight is utilized for, which is merely improving the war table at H.E.L.M. These improvements will help you collect seasonal cash quicker and purchase additional Season of the Rising content-related upgrades. The focus weapons and armor improvements are the greatest Insight upgrades. This will be the greatest approach to farm all of the new items introduced by this update. Some frequently asked questions about Insight are answered below-

Insight in Destiny 2: FAQs

How to Get Insight After Season?

To put it simply, Insight can only be acquired by completing the seasonal challenges found under the quest page.

How to Get Insight After Season of the Risen?

Complete each of the four “Operation Elbrus: Week X” tasks, each of the three “Legendary PsiOperative” challenges, and each of the three “Light Reclaimer” challenges to get one Insight. They are unlocked on a weekly basis.

How Do You Upgrade the War Table?

The War Table has been upgraded to better protect itself against the mounting threat presented by the Lucent Hive. To get increased seasonal prizes and bonuses, you must collect bounties, focus Umbral Engrams. Moreover, You will need to update the War Table using Insight acquired through Seasonal Challenges.

How to Spend Insights ?

The Exemplar of Justice improvement is the finest War Table Upgrade to unlock first. This grants you the ability to use final blows to produce a Favor for yourself and your friends, which improves melee ability recharge. Nevertheless, it is only operational during the season, similar as Terminal Overload. While this isn’t a game-changing buff, it is a useful passive benefit for you and your teammates.


Insight is difficult to get as a seasonal challenge prize. However, its use in improving armor, cosmetics, and weapons makes the grind worthwhile.

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