How to Switch Accounts in Destiny 2

How to Switch Accounts in Destiny 2: Free-to-play looter shooter Destiny 2 blends aspects of MMOs and RPGs with a classic shooting experience. You take the role of a Guardian in it, a once-dead person who was brought back to life by the Light of a Paracausal being known as the Traveler. In order to protect us from forces that might otherwise destroy us . 

How to Switch Accounts in Destiny 2

All platforms currently support Destiny 2, and due to crossplay, users on those platforms may immediately start playing together. This implies that PvP or PvE interaction between Xbox, PlayStation, and PC is unrestricted. If you wish to take on a challenging raid as a group, there are no fixed restrictions on who may and cannot join a Fireteam.

How to Switch Accounts in Destiny 2

As we go further into the blog we will explain about Destiny 2 very own cross-platform “Cross save “ and everything about how to enable your cross-save and how to switch accounts in Destiny 2 with cross-save.

How to Set Up Cross-save Account in Destiny 2

Before continuing, it’s important to understand what “cross-platform” gaming is, how Destiny 2 built a new feature just for it, Cross save , to transfer progress across different platforms.

How to Switch Accounts in Destiny 2

You may use this feature to connect your account to all the platforms you use to play, and then select which guardians’ achievements and equipment will be transferred across.

The following describes how to set up cross-save in Destiny 2:

  1. Log in to your account.
  1. From the account menu, choose “Cross Save.”
How to Switch Accounts in Destiny 2
  1. Any additional platforms that aren’t already connected to your account should be linked .
  1. Verify the authenticity of any connected platforms that already exist .
How to Switch Accounts in Destiny 2
  1. Choose the platform(s) and characters you wish to carry over to all other systems, then make sure your choice is still correct.

A notice that reads “Cross Save Enabled” will appear once you’ve finished this procedure and finished the setup. Voilà, your setup is complete.

How to Switch Accounts in Destiny 2

The cross-save account has been set up, allowing players to utilise the same characters and preserve their progress across all platforms. Although Cross Save is meant to be a one-time activity, we understand there may be times when you want to check in on the characters you left behind. You will have access to your original characters on each platform after Cross Save has been turned off. The 90-day delay to re-enable the functionality is required.

How to Switch Accounts in Destiny 2

When the cross-save has been disabled, the gamers can log into their accounts on their respective platforms. They can switch their accounts when the 90-day waiting period is up by going through the cross-save activation process once more.

How to Switch Characters in Destiny 2

Players in Destiny 2 have the option of having three characters per account, which they may select according on their playstyle or simply just to make them appear more visually attractive. It also contributes to the game’s versatility because the player may switch between characters as needed rather than being forced to play the same character throughout the whole game.

How to Switch Accounts in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, switching characters is quite straightforward. Comparable to quitting your fire crew:

  1. You should start by launching the inventory menu. 
  2. The settings tab is where you should head after that. 

3. Once arriving at the settings tab, choose Gameplay from the options listed under Sound on the left side of the screen.

4, The Change character option may be found above logging out of Destiny 2 in the gameplay settings, near the bottom, beneath “Clan Invite Notifications.”

When you select Change Character from this menu, you can switch between characters you’ve previously created or, if you haven’t created any others, create a new one.

How to Switch Accounts in Destiny 2

Conclusion For How to Switch Accounts in Destiny 2

Being such a large game with several multiplayer missions, gears, armor, and characters, keeping the inventory across multiple platforms might occasionally be a bit complicated. But, the cross-save option and the three characters with shared vault assist with the management. Overall, new players may find the process of switching characters and accounts to be intimidating, but Bungie is making every effort to keep things straightforward, and we made every effort to explain this to you guys.

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