Destiny 2: Symphony of Death Walkthrough

Destiny 2: Symphony of Death Walkthrough: The Symphony of Death task is regarded as one of Destiny 2‘s most challenging objectives, necessitating a high degree of skill and coordination on the part of the player. The puzzles and monster encounters can be difficult to accomplish, especially for lone players, and may require many attempts.

Yet, the sense of success and benefits at the end make it all worthwhile.

Destiny 2: Symphony of Death Walkthrough

The Destiny 2 Symphony of Death Walkthrough will answer all your queries. We will also give you insight into why Eris rose for revenge.

Destiny 2: Symphony of Death Walkthrough

This particular narrative is an important part of the quest and adds complexity to the Destiny 2 story. The Symphony of Death quest follows Eris Morn, a former Guardian and survivor of the fight with the Hive deity Crota. Since then, Eris has been tormented by the Hive. Moreover, the Symphony of Death quest allows her to get revenge on them.

According to the quest’s premise, the Hive are performing a ceremony to bring back their deity, Xivu Arath, and the Guardians must stop them. Eris takes the lead, relying on her understanding of the Hive and her fights with Crota. The task puts players through a series of tough Hive encounters, culminating in a showdown with the powerful boss, Phalanx Echo.

One Step at a Time!

The Symphony of Death quest is challenging without a doubt. However, you can prepare for it by following a few suggestions and tactics from the start.

To begin, it is recommended that players complete the objective as part of a fire team because several components of the mission require coordination.

Second, players should equip themselves with weapons and equipment that are suited to their playstyle. Players are urged to use weapons with high damage output and perks that suit their playstyle.

Players should also modify their armor to earn more prizes during the mission.

Destiny 2: Symphony of Death Walkthrough

The Battle Begins! (Destiny 2: Symphony of Death Walkthrough)

Players must first travel to the EDZ and talk with the Drifter to begin the Symphony of Death quest. To get the Dead Man’s Tale, you must complete five quest steps. The first part requires players to complete the Presage quest in the Director on Master difficulty.

The second level, Depleted Weapon Core, requires players to achieve specified tasks and gather specific items. Gathering Cabal Gold, collecting random drops from killing high-value targets, and completing Nightfall: The Ordeal, Override, and Expunge goals are all part of this level.

The third level is called The Cleansing, and it requires players to complete the Shattered Realm activity and get specific items from it. 

The fourth phase, Broken Courier, requires players to complete a number of tasks, including completing a Grandmaster Nightfall.

The trip comes to an end with the last step, The High Celebrant.

The High Celebrant

Navota, Eir Spawn, and Siviks, Lost to None, are the main bosses in The Symphony of Death. Navota is a gigantic hive ogre with the power to summon minions and a deadly slam attack. The key to defeating Navota is to focus on its eye, which will periodically open. Long-range weapons should be employed to take out Navota from a safe distance and avoid slam attacks.

Eir Spawn is essentially a massive harpy that may be tough to defeat. Gamers should focus their efforts on inflicting harm on its weak points, which are located on its head and in its “mouth.” It will also generate little harpies on a regular basis, which may quickly overwhelm players, so take them out as soon as possible. A combination of heavy weapons, supers, and collaboration can aid in the destruction of Eir Spawn.

Siviks is a fallen boss who carries shields and turrets. The key to defeating Sivik is to first destroy his turrets before concentrating on his shields. 

To avoid Siviks’ attacks, players must keep moving. After deactivating its shields, players should focus on dealing as much damage as possible with strong weapons such as rocket launchers or grenade launchers.


After completing the Symphony of Death quest, players will get a one-of-a-kind exotic weapon known as the Dead Man’s Tale. This weapon is a lever-action rifle that fires in bursts of two or three shots and features a “Smooth Grip” function that increases accuracy while firing from the hip.

In addition to that, players will also get rewards for completing the Symphony of Death quest, and they can earn several mission-related achievements. They also get triumphs, which are one-of-a-kind in-game achievements that grant players points and distinctive titles that may be displayed next to their name.


In Destiny 2, the Symphony of Death mission is both tough and rewarding. Yet, because of its dramatic boss fights and deep narrative, the quest provides a unique and compelling experience that will have players coming back for more.

The quest’s rewards, which include the Dead Man’s Story exotic sword and other pieces of legendary and exotic equipment, make the effort worthwhile.

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