Where is Operation Archimedes Destiny 2

Where is Operation Archimedes Destiny 2? Operation Archimedes is a Destiny 2 mission that debuted with the Beyond Light expansion. It is a lengthy questline with various objectives and activities for the player to fulfill. The quest is divided between objectives that entail exploring the Vex network and discovering their goals.

Where is Operation Archimedes Destiny 2

The questline is divided into several steps, which include completing specific missions, gathering data from Vex constructs, and defeating powerful bosses. Time limited tasks make the quest challenging for the players.

In this essay, we will discuss Destiny 2 Operation Archimedes Location and how to begin the mission, the prerequisites for accessing it, and recommendations for successfully completing it.

Operation Archimedes Location

The planet of Europa, one of the locations added in the Beyond Light expansion, is the setting for Operation Archimedes.

Europa is Jupiter’s frozen moon, and players must visit it by going via the Director and selecting it as their destination.

You’ll start near Twilight Gap, with a sizable swath of Seraph buildings in front of you. The objective is to cross the zone without succumbing to the towers. You have 15 seconds to locate the cover and break the line of sight after being detected by a tower. If you don’t, you’ll die quite an explosive end. Use your movement skills or an Eager Edge Sword to cut through this section swiftly. The path will be peppered with Hive, but you can safely disregard them.

How to Start Operation Archimedes in Destiny 2

To begin the Operation Archimedes quest, players must have finished the Beyond Light campaign and the prerequisite quest “Reclaiming Europe.” After these prerequisites are satisfied, the player can begin the quest by speaking to the Exo Stranger in Europa’s Beyond sector.

The Operation Archimedes Quest is a multi-step procedure with several objectives and activities. Here’s a quick rundown of each stage of the quest:

Step 1: Contact the Exo Stranger

To begin the mission, players must talk with the Exo Stranger in Europa’s Beyond region.

Where is Operation Archimedes Destiny 2
Step 2: Look into the Vex Network

By performing certain objectives, gathering data from Vex constructions, and killing tough enemies, players must probe the Vex network and learn their goals.

Step 3: Overthrow Praksis, the Technocrat

Praksis, the Technocrat, a formidable boss in the Glassway strike, must be defeated. This attack may only be used while the quest is underway.

Step 4: Return to the Exo Stranger

To finish the task, players must return to the Exo Stranger and chat with her.

Requirements to Access Operation Archimedes in Destiny 2

To access Operation Archimedes, players must have completed the Beyond Light campaign and the necessary quest “Reclaiming Europe,” as previously stated.

Some Tips for Completing Operation Archimedes in Destiny 2

Operation Archimedes is a difficult quest line that may need a collaborative team effort to accomplish.

  • Prepare yourself with formidable weapons, armor, and modifications that can deal with the Vex.
  • Prioritize and pay attention to time-limited objectives.
  • Traverse the complicated Vex networks with caution, solving riddles and avoiding foes along the way.
  • Consider forming a group with other players to make the mission easier to complete.


Operation Archimedes is a difficult Destiny 2 quest line that needs players to achieve several goals in order to expose the Vex’s ambitions. It gives a rewarding experience by awarding players with great gear and increasing their reputation with the Exo Stranger. So, Guardian, be ready to go on this thrilling journey to preserve the solar system!

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