Early Dezerter Iconic Shotgun Phantom Liberty

Early Dezerter Iconic Shotgun Phantom Liberty: The much-anticipated 2.0 update, along with the release of the Phantom Liberty DLC, has given the neon-lit streets of Night City new life. This expansion adds a dazzling array of new Iconic weapons and gear to your V’s arsenal. Among them is the Dezerter, a Tier 5 Iconic double-barrel power shotgun with a serious punch.

Early Dezerter Iconic Shotgun Phantom Liberty

After completing the You Know My Name story mission in Phantom Liberty, you will have access to new missions in the Longshore Stacks. This gig is titled The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman. Upon completion, you will get the Dezerter Iconic Shotgun as a reward.

But how to actually do it? You will have to make some choices in order to get the legendary shotgun in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty, let us check out how to get Early Dezerter Iconic Shotgun in Phantom Liberty.

Early Dezerter Iconic Shotgun Phantom Liberty

The Dezerter is a double-barreled shotgun with a high damage output and a twist: it sets you on fire when you kill an enemy with it (unless you are low on HP). You gain increased Movement Speed and Mitigation Chance in exchange. There are essentially two ways to obtain the Dezerter Shotgun: the developers’ intended way and the “unconventional” way.

1. Spare Rinder

‘The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman’ is a side mission unlocked after completing the Phantom Liberty main mission ‘The Damned.’ To begin this Gig, go to the green marker on your map north of Terra Cognita, where Mr. Hands will contact you. He will send you off to look for a woman named Briana.

  • Follow the instructions and deal with any hostiles you encounter as you navigate the abandoned motel. You will eventually end up in a room with your target, Leon Rinder, and his bodyguard, Yasha Ivanov.
  • Defeat Yasha and then talk to Rinder.
  • When given the option of executing him or sparing his life, choose ‘Lower Weapon.’
  • Rinder will give you his dog tag (which you can later give to Briana) and the coordinates to his personal stash.
  • This will start a new quest called ‘Addicted to Chaos.’ Track the Job and use your map to find the location marker.
  • When you arrive at the garage, interact with the keypad and enter the code 1975.
  • Inside, the Dezerter is neatly stored inside a briefcase on the table.

2. Head to The Garage and Enter the Code

V occasionally gets a hunch or a vision about the exact number combination to unlock that garage door, right? Using this unconventional method, you can skip the entire Gig and go straight to the location above. Enter the code (1975) into the keypad, and your “reward” will be waiting for you in the garage!

Early Dezerter Iconic Shotgun Phantom Liberty


That’s all you need to know and do to get your hands on the Dezerter, the powerful new Power Shotgun in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty!

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