First of Oak Minecraft Legends Location

First of Oak Minecraft Legends Location: The Firsts are the best combat allies that can be selected by players in Minecraft Legends, and they are the most powerful. One of the most popular mobs out of the Firsts is the First of Oak.

First of Oak Minecraft Legends Location

The First of Oak is a Golem from the original Minecraft game that made its way into the newly launched Minecraft Legends. It was introduced in the Legends update 1.17.24827.

In this article, we will take a look at the Firsts Golems and tell you all about the First of Oak in Minecraft Legends along with its location.

First of Oak Minecraft Legends Location Guide

In badlands biomes, The First of Oak can be found randomly deconstructed. The First of Oak can be put back together for 100 gold and 25 diamonds if the wake the firsts improvement has been left at an improvement hub.

The First of Oak will behave normally once it has been awakened. One can never generate more than one at a time. The First of Oak will respawn when the player fast travels to a hamlet or the Well of Fate if it is defeated or de-spawns in another way.

By engaging with a First of Oak spawner and investing resources, you can spawn The First of Oak. At once, more than one can spawn, but each First of Oak requires eight fires of creation.

The Firsts in Minecraft Legends

In Minecraft Legends, waking up the Firsts is crucial if you want to have the game’s toughest mob by your side. The locations of all the Firsts in Minecraft Legends, instructions for waking them up, and revival costs are listed below.

By making Overworld mobs friendly, Minecraft Legends has flipped the script. Instead of avoiding these creatures, the next action role-playing game from Mojang focuses on uniting them against the Piglins.

Every mob in the game has certain special skills that add variety to the combat. However, the Firsts are your only option if you just want to have the most potent companions. Your objective is to awaken these sleepy ancient beings that are dispersed over the map.

The Minecraft Legends Firsts are listed here, along with instructions on how to reawaken them.

Minecraft Legends: All Firsts and Powers

The four Firsts in Minecraft Legends have the following unique skills:

  • First of Stone: Throws enormous boulders at Piglin constructions and inflicts damage on nearby opponents with First of Stone. It attacks slowly but deals a lot of damage.
  • First of Diorite: produces golems.
  • First of Brick: Stomps on foes in the area while shielding teammates.
  • First of Oak: Uses a cannon to do devastating ranged damage.

The First Mob in Minecraft Legends: Location

Once it has been awakened, the Minecraft Legends Firsts can be rallied around the flag and lead like any other mob. The current location of the Minecraft Legends Firsts will also be shown on the world map in case a player loses sight of the mob or forgets where they last left it.

Even though the game randomly determines the area for each campaign, the Firsts always begin in the same type of Minecraft Legends biome. Additionally, depending on the biome, each mount in Minecraft Legends is located differently.

There are at least two places of each biome on the map, thus it is advised to search every nook and cranny for the whereabouts of the Minecraft Legends Firsts.

  • Minecraft Legends First of Stone – Meadow
  • Minecraft Legends First of Brick – Dry Savannah
  • Minecraft Legends First of Oak – Badlands
  • Minecraft Legends First of Diorite – Jagged Peaks
First of Oak Minecraft Legends Location

How to Wake Minecraft Legends Firsts

To unlock “The First,” players must locate one of the Minecraft Legends Firsts within the game’s setting. They can be found at some of the question mark icons on the global map, just as the numerous mounts and relic towers that can be found all around the world.

Once one of The First has been located and studied, players will have the option to build a brand-new upgrade at the Wellspring.

Return to the Well of Fate to obtain the Improvement after finding a First. Use 100 Prismarine and 100 Stone to awaken the Firsts (the exact amounts vary depending on the First, but typically call for 50 Gold and 500 of another substance).

  • First of Stone – 100 Gold and 500 Stone
  • First of Brick – 100 Gold and 125 Iron
  • First of Oak – 100 Gold and 500 Wood
  • First of Diorite – 100 Gold and 125 Coal

You can then come back and reawaken these creatures. Make sure you have enough gold and another resource on hand because you’ll need to use them.

After the cutscene, The First will be yours. They will spawn at a fountain when you get there and get ready to fight.

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