First of Stone Minecraft Legends Location

First of Stone Minecraft Legends Location: A Legendary mob you might encounter in Minecraft Legends is the First of Stone from the original Minecraft. The legendary mobs are referred to as “The First” mobs collectively. They are all strong mobs that are very helpful in the fight against the Piglins.

First of Stone Minecraft Legends Location

The Firsts are a group of formidable golem companions in Minecraft Legends who are more potent and useful than your typical mobs. You need to finish a quick side mission after finding The Firsts in order to hire them. However, the resources and questing are worthwhile. Some of the game’s best mobs are The Firsts.

In this blog, we will provide you with everything regarding the First of Stone mob in Minecraft Legends including its location. So read till the end. We have also gone ahead and mentioned all there is about the First mobs for your convenience.

First of Stone Minecraft Legends Location Explained

Unfortunately, it is impossible to accurately locate the exact position of any of “the First of” units. That is as a result of randomization in Minecraft Legends. All things spawn at random locations due to randomization. Therefore, Minecraft Legends First of Stone cannot be found in a single place.

But you can locate it in a particular biome. Every location is assigned to a specific biome, and every biome has a distinct characteristic. The “Meadows” biome is where you can find The First of Stone. However, as was already said, the spawn point is completely arbitrary, so you’ll need to look around a lot to find it.

First of Stone Minecraft Legends: How to Unlock

The Night Beacon quest must be finished in order for the players to acquire “Improvement: Wake The First” and the ability to look for “the First of” creatures. The key to unlocking them is improvement. You won’t be able to assemble them without it, and you won’t be able to utilize them in combat either.

To assemble them, specific materials are also needed. The First of Stone can be unlocked by providing the following:

  • Improvement: Wake The First,
  • 500x Stone, and
  • 100x Gold

Important: The First of Stone is an extremely potent mob, thus unlocking it is quite helpful. It can withstand most strikes and is not as easily defeated. Additionally, it has a relatively high attack power, making it effective against most foes.

Now, let us proceed to discuss what we know about the other First mobs.

Minecraft Legends The Firsts locations

The Firsts won’t always remain in the same spot because Minecraft Legends employs a randomly generated world, even if you play more than one campaign. They do, however, favor some biomes over others. A big yellow question mark will show up on the map once you’ve explored close enough to where they are.

The question mark could be connected to another item nearby, such as one of the items your guides can energize or a specific event. It might be necessary to continue looking or to check another biome of the same type on the map.

The Firsts can be located at any moment, but you can’t use them until the first Nether Portal has been cleared out and your guides have taught you a song of waking.

The Firsts occupy:

  • Meadow biome (First of Stone)
  • Badlands biome (First of Oak)
  • Dry Savannah biome (First of Brick)
  • Jagged Peak biome (First of Diorite)
First of Stone Minecraft Legends Location

How to Wake the Firsts

Knowledge and the gang tell you to return to the Well when you locate a First, supposing you have reached the correct point in the narrative. If you require a rapid travel hub, drop one of your own nearby, then swiftly return to the Well. You will learn how to make the Wake the First enhancement from your instructions, which takes 100 Stone and 100 Prismarine to construct.

Wake up The Firsts by returning to where you found them. Additionally, you must pay a fee of 100 Gold.

The Firsts: Is it worth it?

The Firsts are unquestionably time and gold well spent. They don’t require any space in your army, so you can keep them on hand constantly without giving up any usefulness. They can take significantly more damage than your typical mobs and each have a special skill that is incredibly helpful. You can have them respawn at a beacon if they die.

  • First of Stone: Hurls large boulders at Piglins
  • First of Oak: Uses ranged attacks, like Skeletons, but better
  • First of Brick: Creates a shield that protects all allies inside
  • First of Diorite: Spawns extra golems


First of Stone from Minecraft Legends is a strong friend to have on your side. One of the four legendary mobs is The First of Stone. If you want to unlock every Minecraft Legends accomplishment, collecting them is crucial. It is advised that you unlock every single one of them because they are all incredibly helpful.

The “The First” mobs are dispersed at random across the map. You will have to search for them in particular biomes. For greatest effectiveness, setting up Wellhouses and utilizing quick transit are advised. The Meadows Biome is where you can locate the First of Stone. Additionally, “Improvement: Wake the First”, 100x Prismarine, and 500x Stone are required in order to access it.

The Firsts can divert enemies and offer your golems space to attack unimpeded while not helping to destroy Piglin bases and towers. Make sure to enlist some of the mounts from Minecraft Legends if you’re weary of traveling slowly on your little horse.

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