How to Save First Village in Minecraft Legends

 How to Save First Village in Minecraft Legends: once you complete the tutorial zone in Minecraft Legends, it is now time to test your skills by saving the first village.

How to Save First Village in Minecraft Legends

In the game Minecraft Legends, there are countless opportunities for constructing, exploring, and engaging in combat. The nightly Piglin attacks, where players defend their settlements against swarms of Piglins, are one of the game’s most thrilling features.

As soon as you enter the open world in Minecraft Legends, you are given the responsibility of defending communities from Piglin onslaught. This Guide will help you through Minecraft Legends’ early stages, and explain how to save the First Village in Minecraft Legends.

Finding a Village in Minecraft Legends

Early on in the game, discovering the Village could seem like a significant challenge. But you just need to pay attention to the little things. You must launch Minecraft Legends and watch for the Village Under Attack message to appear on the right side of the screen in order to locate a village. After that, you can access the in-game map, navigate to the first Village, and identify the small tree icon.

A tale stage in your adventures called Encountering Your First Village is accessible practically right away when the game launches. But first, we suggest that you play a bit to become familiar with the game’s fundamental features, find a few towers to build, and gather some resources. Open the map and head to the Village icon (a little tree on a blue background) as soon as you are prepared for combat.

Your first Village is close by even though the world in Minecraft Legends is procedurally produced. However, running through the Speed Wheat lawns can temporarily increase your speed and help you get there more quickly. You will face 20 Piglins when you get to the Village. You only need a few Cobblestone and Plank golems for this. The fight won’t last more than a few minutes, but after you prevail, you’ll need to construct the Carpenter Hut in order to reconstruct the Village. Although you won’t yet receive any tangible prizes, you can switch mounts and use the Village Fountain as a fast-travel location.

How to Save First Village in Minecraft Legends

How to Save the First Village in Minecraft Legends

There is no time to relax though since you must act quickly to save a nearby town that is being attacked. You can get a general notion of where the village is by opening your map, but you can also use the Village indicator on your compass at the top of your screen.

When you locate the Village icon, proceed there while collecting resources with your Allays along the road.

Numerous trees, stones, and other things that can help you in your mission to preserve the earth will be encountered as you race around the globe. Set up Allays as you travel to make sure you’re always maxed out because they can gather without your observation.

Run through fields of Speed Wheat to momentarily improve your speed if you wish to move more quickly. There are several patches to be discovered along the route, and they light, making them shine out.

Once you have reached your target, you’ll start a brief cutscene before engaging in combat to defend the village.

Create some spawners and call a small army of golems using your summon mode. You will have enough resources to summon up to the 20 Mob maximum if you gather them along the route. Due to the low number of Piglins (20), your Mobs should be able to defeat them, especially if you aid them with your own attacks. To effectively free the villagers that are locked up in cages, you’ll need to interact with the cages for a short period of time. If your army requires your assistance, concentrate on the combat as these villagers will also be released automatically once the conflict is ended. The conflict is over after all of the Piglins have been vanquished!

Next Up: Another Village Needs Saving

There will be a little cinematic to mark the occasion, but now it’s time to rebuild, for which you must construct a Carpenter Hut. Switch modes and choose it from your build mode Hotbar to construct the hut close to the light source in the middle of town. Your fountain will start to fix itself after the Carpenter Hut is finished, and another village will request assistance.

Check your map to get a sense of where you are because this settlement should be close by. When you find it, proceed toward the village, gathering supplies en route if you’re running low. If there are any remaining Mobs, they will automatically follow, but you are also welcome to create additional Mobs from your current spawners before leaving.

With only 15 attacking Piglins and no inhabitants in cages, this hamlet is in better shape. Sweep through with your mobs to save the community. The people want to help you once it is secure, and you can find it in the chest in the middle of the community. This will give you access to the materials they have gathered for you, such as wood and stone, as well as other supplies, such as prismarine, which is needed to create unique upgrading constructions.

Piglin waves will launch an assault on the village as soon as you finish collecting the resources from the chest. Build a loose ring of arrow towers around the settlement to support you while you fight the approaching Piglins because you only have a short time to prepare defenses. If you are suffering too much damage, you should leave and allow your mobs and towers handle some of the combat since this is a timed encounter with waves that last for around two minutes.

Defending Multiple Villages

You can defend every village in your globe with proper defenses and regular inspections. Each settlement has the potential to become self-sufficient, giving you the freedom to travel and hunt Piglin bases without being concerned about raids. Although getting here requires time and work, it is worthwhile.


It is possible to protect many settlements in Minecraft Legends. The key is to construct robust defenses, assist your villages, and constantly hone your defenses. You will discover new buildings and weaponry that add to the game’s excitement as you defend your villages and explore the surrounding area. Destroy the Piglin hordes by starting to develop and defend today!

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