Minecraft Legends Base Layout Ideas & Guide

Minecraft Legends Base Layout Ideas & Guide: There are several factors that players must consider in order to succeed when playing against other players in the Minecraft Legends multiplayer mode. Making sure your base is strong and able to withstand opponent attacks is one of the most crucial steps in winning any PvP match.

Minecraft Legends Base Layout Ideas & Guide

A powerful base will make it tough for your opponent to defeat you. This is because they will have trouble getting past your outside walls. On the other hand, a poor base could cause the PvP fight to end very quickly. While having a strong basic layout increases the likelihood of success, it does not ensure it.

There are a variety of objects available in Minecraft Legends. However, determining the best foundation architecture to protect your structures can be challenging. The following list of five defensive base layouts might help you fend off enemy incursions in any game you play.

Minecraft Legends 5 Best Defensive Base Layout Ideas Guide

Here are the best Base Layouts for your base in Minecraft Legends. Even if you are a complete beginner, this article will help you out in figuring out the most effective Base layout ideas and guide.

One Two

You should imitate a format of defensive structures followed by supportive structures if you wish to make a One-Two base. Building a wall around your Wellhouse with a single gate is a simple method to begin a One-Two foundation. After that, you should build more walls, scatter towers, and arrow towers around your Wellhouse.

You should now build your supporting structures, such as spawners, improvement hubs, masonry, and other buildings, next to the walls you just constructed. Continue following this format after placing the first set of defensive and supportive structures. Carry this on until you are satisfied that your base is secure enough.

If you have a lot of levels, this arrangement is fantastic since it makes it much simpler for you to repel an enemy assault. When they destroy the first wall, they will just have to pass through defensive towers. Even if they succeed there is another layer of auxiliary structures with a different group of towers providing cover fire behind a wall.

The only significant mistake is not making sure your base is sufficiently protected in every area. Make sure you have enough Masonrys to boost your defense. Additionally, a few Protector Towers to protect you from Redstone Launchers to ensure that it is.

Arrow Tower Wall

You must initially surround your Wellhouse with only Arrow Towers and Scatter Towers in order to construct an Arrow Tower Wall. However, be sure to leave ample space for movement.

Once the towers are in place, surround them with walls before positioning a more towers on the other side. You may now begin erecting all of your support structures wherever you see suitable. Once all of the supporting structures have been placed, construct another line of Arrow / Scatter Towers around your base. Placing walls adjacent to them before erecting yet another wall of towers just as you did at first.

This arrangement is fantastic in large part due to the amount of weaponry you have available right away. If they succeed in taking out a tower, they will then have to breach the wall before facing another row of protective towers.

You can make the mistake of leaving your supporting structures too exposed while you create this base. Therefore, to combat this, you need to set up a couple of Ice Traps and an Arrow Tower nearby. This ensures that your base will be adequately guarded.

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Double Wall

Because it may be used with any of the bases discussed in this tutorial, a double-wall base is fantastic. However, you must make sure that your Wellhouse is securely protected after constructing all of your supporting structures around it. To accomplish this, you must first construct either Scatter or Arrow Towers around your base.

Build a line of walls directly in front of each tower once you’ve positioned them all. Then, construct another line of walls in front of the ones you just put in place.

Maze Base

Minecraft Legends Base Layout Ideas & Guide

It’s a lot of fun to construct a maze since it requires erecting a series of walls that lead nowhere. You’ll want to stay away from as many gates as you can for this to succeed. Leave tiny gaps for yourself to walk through instead.

This base can be challenging, though, as it may get more difficult for you to get around while fending off an invasion as the maze grows wider. However, these bases are also very helpful because the adversary might use all their resources on a useless route.

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Home Alone

It is enjoyable to construct the Home Alone arrangement since it can be seamlessly incorporated with the Maze Base layout. You need to embrace your inner Kevin McCallister and place Ice Traps anyplace and next to Scatter and Arrow Towers for this plan to be effective.

If you want to have some fun with it, you can even place several Ice Traps next to one another and designate a kill zone for your adversaries to enter. This is a great layout since the mobs of the opponent player will become stuck in the Ice Traps you’ve set up as soon as they attack your constructions.

This strategy might be thwarted by an adversary who constructs a Redstone Launcher and attacks your traps from a distance. However, if you construct a Protector Tower close to the middle of your base, you can easily defeat this strategy by covering and safeguarding most of your constructions. Once constructed, it will deflect any incoming missiles for you.

Base Building Tips and Guide for Minecraft Legends

It takes a significant amount of time and effort to create a strong base that can withstand enemy attacks. It is very hard to rush in and beat your opponent without first establishing your own base and collection of resources. For this reason alone, PvP games frequently run for a considerable amount of time.

Players will need to carefully plan their strategy and gather the resources needed to build numerous structures in order to effectively construct a solid foundation.

Layer Your Walls and Gates

Minecraft Legends Base Layout Ideas & Guide

It may seem like enough to enclose your base with four walls and a gate. But, layering walls and gates is a tremendously effective tactic that makes your base much harder to invade. Layering your gates and walls forces your adversary and their allies to scale multiple barriers as opposed to just one.

It’s a good idea to have two boxes: one small and very close to your main tower, and the other considerably bigger and covering everything around it. Improvement towers, carpentry huts, masonry shops, ally spawners, and other structures you want to maintain secure from damage should be included as you advance.

You have the option of layering each box of walls and gates in front of one another. The basic minimum for success is two layers of gates and walls. However, if you have the means, you could wish to build up even more than this. Layering will make it more difficult for enemies to get past your defenses and ultimately increase your chances of winning.

Utilize Lots of Towers

The most effective weapons for success are probably arrow towers and scatter towers. With arrow towers covering a bigger area than scatter towers, both of these structures will defend your base within a predetermined radius.

When an arrow tower is placed, all adversaries that enter its radius will be continuously shot at by arrows. The Scatter towers are shorter and have a lesser range. However, they make up for it by firing a barrage of arrows rather than a single arrow each time.

Prioritize arrow tower placement and make sure you have enough to cover the entire area. Then, to strengthen any possible weak spots, you can move in and insert dispersion towers between them.

Both kinds of towers should be placed by players everywhere around their base and inside the boundaries of the walls enclosing their tower. As a result, both those who manage to enter the base and those who are outside will be attacked.

There are a few more towers that players can make use of, though the arrow tower and dispersal tower are the two that are most crucial. All of these towers are far more expensive than the arrow and dispersion towers. But, they are very effective weapons for those who can gather the materials to make them.

Upgrade Your Towers

Minecraft Legends Base Layout Ideas & Guide

Even though the various towers are significant and potent on their own, when players erect additional structures to augment their potential, they develop into extremely remarkable forces. These structures are generally fairly expensive, yet they are worthwhile.

The arrow tower’s and scatter towers’ projectiles will be transformed into explosive units by the kaboomery. The spyglass overlook increases their respective firing ranges, and the battle drum speeds up their respective firing rates. Players will probably want to install a couple of all three structure types across the region because they only affect towers that are within their radius.

Prioritize the Masonry and Carpenter Hut

Once you add masonry and a carpenter house to your base, it will become considerably stronger and impenetrable. These are crucial buildings to have in place so that your base can survive and recover from enemy assaults.

All buildings within its radius will gradually change from being made of wood to being made of stone. Due to its increased durability and decreased likelihood of breaking during combat. Your base needs to be completely covered inside the range of one of your masonries. You will probably need to place a number of these around it.

The carpenter hut’s placement will enable any harmed buildings inside its radius to gradually recover. You will also probably need a few of these dispersed around most bases because they end up being quite large in order to completely cover the region.

The masonry will make your base stronger, and the carpenter hut will make sure that whatever damage you do sustain will eventually be repaired. As a result, all players should put a priority on creating these two structures as quickly as feasible.

Place All Mob Spawners Within Your Base

Placing your mob spawners inside the boundaries of your base will keep them secure. This will make sure that any opponent attacks are less likely to destroy them. Additionally, you can safely spawn more without being concerned about being attacked while doing so.

Instead, you can decide to build a second base near the location of your mob spawners if you had rather put them somewhere else. Just be sure to add defenses to it because otherwise, adversaries will be able to easily break them.

Ice Traps Can Buy You Time

Minecraft Legends Base Layout Ideas & Guide

Ice traps are effective tools for slowing down opponents and giving you some wiggle room, even though they cost a significant quantity of stone. These traps should be set up by players both within and outside of their base. Since the majority of adversaries would probably try to enter by breaking through gates, it is a particularly wise idea to place them close to all of them.

Placing ice traps within the final set of walls surrounding your massive base structure is also a wise choice when you have the resources to do so as a last line of defense that will give you some extra time. Ice traps are often a good addition to a base and are wonderful for giving you more time if you need to rapidly return to your base while it is being attacked, or just for letting you successfully fend off your adversary.


Building your base to last is ultimately the best advice for success in a Minecraft Legends PvP match. This entails gradually building a strong defense around it as opposed to hastily demolishing structures and abandoning them.

Building a base requires a lot of labor, but perseverance is necessary for success. If you do not carefully consider how you construct your base and how it will withstand opposing attacks, it is possible that it will fall in battle rather quickly, either at the hands of the Piglin or at the hands of your opponents.

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