How to Get Golem Spell in Minecraft Legends

How to Get Golem Spell in Minecraft Legends: Open-world video game Minecraft Legends offers a variety of rides for both combat and exploration, but the Golem stands out from the rest. This guide explains how to unlock the Golem in Minecraft Legends step-by-step.

How to Get Golem Spell in Minecraft Legends

In Minecraft Legends, do you wish to spawn special, potent mobs called First Of Golems? Let us find out How to Get Golem Spell in Minecraft Legends.

Let’s get started by learning how to unlock the First Of mobs in Minecraft Legends’ narrative and multiplayer modes as well as the potent golem varieties, their effects in combat, their Spawner resource requirements, and more.

How To Unlock First Of Mobs in Minecraft Legends

In Minecraft Legends, the procedure for earning these potent legendary golems depends on whether you are playing campaign/story mode or multiplayer. The process to unlock the First in Golems in both the single-player story mode and multiplayer PvP modes in Minecraft Legends is described below.

Unlock First Of in Minecraft Legends MP

  • In Minecraft Legends MP, the first achievement is to construct an improvement hub in your main base.
  • At the hub, construct the “Build the Firsts” upgrade.
  • You will need x140 Prismarine and x400 Stone for this, so make sure you have those on hand.
  • Depending on the mob, construct a First Golem spawner of your choice for x225 lapis and x400 of the resource.

Unlock First Of in Minecraft Legends Campaign

  • At the Well of Fate, construct an Improvement Hub.
  • Build the Wake the Firsts upgrade with x100 Stone and x100 Prismarine.
  • In the procedurally produced map, look for First Golems that have been destroyed.
  • To unlock it, you must invest x50 Gold and x500 of a particular resource type (depending on the First of Golem).

Both in multiplayer and the game’s story, you will want to unlock the First Of legendary mobs since they can shift the tide of battle, as we will show you in the following portion of this guide.

First Of Golem Spell Types & Effects in Minecraft Legends

In Minecraft Legends, there are four different First Of golem varieties. We’ve included their names and impacts below to make it simple for you to decide which is ideal for your particular circumstance.

First Of Stone Golem: The first Stone Golem attacks with a potent ranged boulder that has the potential to seriously harm structures.

Powerful Golem that creates a shield for your other enemies to use against ranged assaults is First of Brick Golem.

First of Oak Golem: Launches strong long-range arrow attacks.

First of Diorite Golem: In combat, it spawns lesser Golems.

How to Unlock Golem Spells in Minecraft Legends

How to Get Golem Spell in Minecraft Legends

The first thing you must do in Minecraft Legends is build a structure at your Well of Fate called “Wake the Firsts” in order to unlock the Golem. The game’s disassembled golems must be put back together using this structure.

Find Deconstructed Golems

On the map, seek for question mark icons to find deconstructed golems. Nevertheless, not every question mark will direct you to a golem, so keep looking until you do. Be cautious because certain question marks could lead to towers or bug mounts.

Assemble the Golem

Once you’ve discovered a dismantled golem, you can put it back together by choosing the appropriate option. Make sure you have adequate resources on hand because you will need specific materials, such iron and gold, to build these golems. To find out what a certain golem requires to awaken, check the map as each has different criteria.

Control the Golem

You may control the Golem after it has been put together in the game, just like any other mount. These powerful enormous monsters are great for defense or surprising foes because of their size. If the Golem perishes, you can resurrect them in Village Fountains or Beacons.

Benefits of Using the Golem

Using the Golem as a mount in Minecraft Legends has a number of advantages. Here are a few factors that motivate gamers to get this mount:


The Golem is one of the game’s toughest mounts, which makes it perfect for shielding the player from assaults by foes. A lot of damage can be dealt to the Golem before it perishes, giving players more time to respond to any threats.


The Golem is a fantastic weapon in battle. Its considerable strength allows it to effortlessly defeat adversaries while shielding the player from damage.


Even while the Golem isn’t the game’s quickest mount, it is still faster than walking. This makes it a great option for quickly covering large distances.


Even though the Golem is one of the game’s toughest mounts, there are other mounts with special skills and advantages that are just as valuable. The player must choose the mount that best fits their playstyle.

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