How to Use a Lightsaber in Minecraft Legends

How to Use a Lightsaber in Minecraft Legends: Lightsabers are iconic weapons from the Star Wars franchise, and Minecraft Legends has brought a whole new level of excitement to the world of Minecraft by introducing the Star Wars mod. The mod features an incredible array of characters, weapons, and locations from the Star Wars franchise, including the iconic lightsaber. 

How to Use a Lightsaber in Minecraft Legends

In addition to lightsabers, the mod also includes a range of other weapons, including blasters, thermal detonators. Players can also explore locations from the Star Wars universe, such as the Jedi Temple and the Sith Temple. There, you will encounter famous characters such as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

But that is a tale for another day. For this, we will discuss How to Use a Lightsaber in Minecraft Legends. Additionally, we will also understand how to craft one in the game.

Finding a Lightsaber Forge in Minecraft Legends

To obtain a Lightsaber or Saberstaff in Minecraft Legends, players must first locate a Lightsaber Forge. These forges can only be found on two specific planets, which are Tython and Korriban. Players must gather necessary resources like food, weapons, and armor before embarking on their journey. They should be cautious and aware of their surroundings, as each planet has unique dangers like hostile creatures or other players. 

On Tython, players can find a Lightsaber Forge in a small shrine in the mountains. To find it, players should look for a trail leading to the shrine. This trail can be found in the front garden of the Jedi Temple. Also, players must gather food, weapons, and armor to protect themselves from hostile creatures. These resources aid in their journey up the mountains as well. 

On Korriban, players can find a Dark Lightsaber Forge within the ruins near the Sith Temple. Players visiting Korriban should also gather food and supplies, but they should also prepare themselves for the danger of Sith cultists and other players.

Collecting Components in Minecraft Legends

To get a lightsaber in Minecraft Legends, players need to collect and craft various components. These components are essential to building a functioning lightsaber that can be used in combat. Here is a breakdown of the necessary components and how to acquire them.

Field Energizers: To get the Field Energizers, players can trade with Master Harkis or Darth Burok. Alternatively, they can mine them from various sources like ores, ruins, and temples.

Inert Power Insulator: The inert power insulation can also be obtained through trading with Master Harkis or Darth Burok or mining from various sources.

Magnetic Stabilizing Ring: The magnetic stabilizing ring can be found by mining in different biomes or trading with Master Harkis or Darth Burok.

Energy Modulation Circuits:The energy modulation circuits can be found by mining in different biomes or trading with Master Harkis or Darth Burok.

Diatium Power Cell:Players can obtain the Diatium Power Cell through trading with Master Harkis or Darth Burok.

Power Vortex Ring:The Power Vortex Ring can be obtained through trading with Master Harkis or Darth Burok or mining from different biomes.

Kyber Crystal Shard: Kyber Crystal Shards are a vital component of a Lightsaber. Players can obtain them by mining in the Ilum biome or trading with Master Harkis or Darth Burok.

Crafting a Lightsaber in Minecraft Legends

Below are the steps to crafting a lightsaber, starting with 

  • Step 1: Collect components: Gather two field energizers, one inert power insulator, one magnetic stabilizing ring, one energy modulation circuit, one diatium power cell, one power vortex ring, and one Kyber crystal shard.
  • Step 2: Find the Forge: Locate a Lightsaber Forge on Tython or Korriban.
  • Step 3: Activate the Forge: Use the Equip Key to activate the Forge and place the components inside.
  • Step 4: Customize the Lightsaber: Customize the Lightsaber by choosing blade color and features at creation or using a Lightsaber Modifier.
  • Step 5: Use the Lightsaber: Use the Lightsaber to inflict 10 points of damage, block attacks, and utilize various combat styles like Dual Wielding and Saberstaff combat.

Now you have your very own lightsaber in the game!!

How to Use a Lightsaber in Minecraft Legends

Tips to Use Lightsabers in Minecraft Legends

Here are some tips that can help players effectively use their lightsabers in Minecraft Legends:

  • Customize the lightsaber to match the player’s preferred style and gameplay.
  • Practice different combat styles to find the one that works best for the player.
  • Use block and parry moves to effectively defend against attacks.
  • Avoid overusing the lightsaber, as it consumes a significant amount of energy.


In conclusion, Minecraft Legends players have the opportunity to experience the iconic weapon of the Star Wars universe, the Lightsaber, in their gameplay. With the right components and a Lightsaber Forge, players can construct their own customizable Lightsaber or Saberstaff and engage in combat with their friends or against mobs. 

It’s a unique way to add some excitement and adventure to your Minecraft Legends gameplay, and it’s definitely worth trying out. And make sure to also try out our other pages on Gameophobic. Until then, gather your resources, head to Tython or Korriban, and start crafting your own lightsaber today!

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