Is Minecraft Legends Going to Be Free?

Is Minecraft Legends Going to Be Free? Minecraft Legends, the highly anticipated action-strategy video game developed by Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive, was released on April 18, 2023. As a spin-off of the popular sandbox game Minecraft, it offers a fresh and exciting take on the familiar blocky universe.

Is Minecraft Legends Going to Be Free?

In this new game, players take on the role of a hero fighting off a devastating piglin invasion in the Overworld. What sets Minecraft Legends apart is that mobs that were once enemies are now allies, fighting alongside players. With a gripping storyline passed down through time in the Overworld, Minecraft Legends promises to offer players a brand new experience while maintaining the charming essence of the original Minecraft game.

In this article, we’ll explore the question on everyone’s mind: Is Minecraft Legends Going to Be Free? We’ll take a closer look at the available information and discuss what this could mean for the future of the game.

Is Minecraft Legends Going to Be Free?

Minecraft Legends, a new real time strategy game launched by Minecraft, released on April 18, 2023, for PC, Xbox One , Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, and 5. Unfortunately, the game will not be free to play, but there are two editions to it, in which the basic version is for Rs 2,699 and the deluxe edition is for Rs 3,399 on every platform, including Steam and Xbox. 

The game has been developed by Blackbird Interactive and is said to have a good interpretation of the genre it belongs to, with a fun and easy-to-play campaign mode that offers a tutorial of the game’s mechanics while providing enough depth to not be too complex. In Minecraft Legends, players will capture enemy bases and engage in strategic battles, making it an exciting addition to the Minecraft franchise.

While the game will not be free-to-play, the price point is lower than most video games, which can cost up to Rs 5,000. With its availability on Xbox Game Pass, players can still try out the game for free and decide if they want to purchase it. Minecraft Legends is set to release on all major platforms, providing ample opportunities for players to experience the game.

Minecraft Legends Editions

There are two editions of Minecraft Legends available, each with its own set of features and pricing:

  • The basic game is included in the Standard Edition of Minecraft Legends. It is the less expensive option for users who wish to enjoy the game without any additional material.
  • Minecraft Legends Deluxe Edition contains both the main game and the Deluxe Skin Pack. The Deluxe Skin Pack includes one hero skin and four mount skins, allowing players to customize their character’s appearance and in-game mobility at a lower cost than buying them separately.

Marketplace in Minecraft Legends

The Marketplace in Minecraft Legends offers a variety of curated content made by community creators and Blackbird Interactive. Here are some key features of the Marketplace:

  • Content: The Marketplace features a range of content, including skins, maps, texture packs, and more. Some content is free, while other items require in-game currency or real-world money to purchase.
  • Customization: Players can use the Marketplace to further customize their Minecraft Legends experience by purchasing content that changes their character’s appearance, adds new locations and adventures to explore, or alters the game’s objects and environments.
  • Creator Showcase: The Marketplace is a great place for creators to showcase their work and earn revenue for their creations. Community creators can submit their content to be featured on the Marketplace, and Blackbird Interactive curates the content to ensure that it meets the quality standards of the game.
  • Safe and Reliable: The Marketplace’s curation process ensures that it is a safe and reliable place for players to discover and purchase new content. Players can trust that the content they purchase is of high quality and safe to use in their Minecraft Legends game.
Is Minecraft Legends Going to Be Free?


To summarize, Minecraft Legends will not be free to play. Instead, there will be two editions of the game: the basic version and the premium edition. Those who have Xbox Game Pass will, however, be able to download and play the game for free on their PC, Xbox One, or Xbox Series. While some players may be unhappy that the game is not free to play, this price structure is common for high-quality titles such as Minecraft Legends. It’s crucial to remember that the cost of making a game like this is high, and creators need to earn a profit in order to keep making quality content for gamers. 

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