Minecraft Legends Redstone Catapults Guide

Minecraft Legends Redstone Catapults Guide: Redstone can be used by Minecraft Legends players to summon golems, make monsters, build improvements and Redstone launchers, among many other things. Check out this tutorial on obtaining and collecting Redstone in Minecraft Legends to learn how to obtain this priceless resource.

Minecraft Legends Redstone Catapults Guide

Although resources cannot be directly collected by Minecraft Legends players, this does not lessen their importance. Instead, your Allays can mine a variety of ores that aid in fortifying your army and infrastructure.

One such substance that enables the summoning of zombies and the construction of complex structures is Redstone. If you have not made the appropriate upgrades or don’t know the biomes where it spawns, finding it in the Overworld can be difficult.

So, without any further ado, here is our complete Minecraft Legends Redstone and Redstone Catapults Guide.

How to unlock Redstone in Minecraft Legends

By building the Gather Iron and Gather Redstone enhancements, you can unlock Redstone in Minecraft Legends. Because you need iron to construct the Gather Redstone improvement in the game, the Gather Iron improvement is essential.

You can construct the Gather Redstone upgrade in the hubs next to the Well of Fate for 100 Iron and 100 Prismarine. Finding the resource in the Overworld is the only thing left to do after making the upgrade.

Minecraft Legends Redstone Catapult Guide: Where to Find Redstones

In order to gather Redstone in Minecraft, players first had to find it by exploring the huge universe and then harvest it with a pickaxe. Players in Minecraft Legends must similarly search the map for Redstone, but harvesting it takes a different strategy.

The game will demonstrate how to use the Allays to gather Wood and Stone during the tutorial. When deployed, Allays will gather any resources they are tasked with as long as those materials are in the vicinity of the area the player instructs them to seek. Redstone can also be collected using the same procedure. Although players won’t be able to order their Allays to do so until they have first placed an Improvement: Gather Redstone Melody at the Well of Fate.

Gather Redstone requires 100 Stone and 100 Prismarine to construct. The “Gather Redstone” icon can be assigned to the hotbar once the Improvement: Gather Redstone Melody is in place. This enables the protagonist to send their Allays to look for some. All the player has to do to gather Redstone is find a vein of it in the Overworld and tell their Allays to harvest it.

However, Redstone tends to only emerge in specified locations in Minecraft Legends, so players could struggle to discover any if they are just randomly exploring. Those who want to find a lot of it should concentrate on exploring the map’s Jungle and Swamp biomes. The protagonist can fast-travel to the village itself and start their hunt from there if they have already successfully defended a town in one of these biomes.

Village Chests also contain Redstone, so check those out. The user should explore the global map and move the cursor over each settlement to determine which ones produce Redstone.

Minecraft Legends Redstone Catapults Guide

Minecraft Legends: How to get the Redstone Catapults Guide

The Redstone Launcher is a very useful weapon you will want to employ as soon as you can, but the majority of the structures you can create early on in Minecraft Legends are for defense. While it is best to defend towns with spawners, walls, and arrow towers, you will require a ranged weapon if you encounter the Piglin Hordes.

High walls, protective towers, and, you got it, swarms of Piglins pouring out of the area to swarm you are all present. You can fire a few shots at once from the sidelines with the Redstone Launcher.

Cost of Minecraft Legends Redstone Catapults

You can make this weapon after learning about the enormous portals in the Piglin Hordes. After that, obtain the required materials. You will require 100 Redstones, 50 Wood, and 100 Stone once you have figured out how to obtain them. It’s an expensive purchase, especially when you first use it.

You can only build the Launcher once before you need to go locate more Redstone because you can only carry 150 Redstone at once unless you improve the Improvement. That might be an issue, as you’ll see below.

Minecraft Legends: Redstone Catapults Guide Tips and Tricks

The Redstone Launcher will be constructed to destroy enemy walls and towers from a distance rather than to defend Villages against invasions. Before the Launcher fires two bullets, you can aim. It overheats after two shots are fired at the same target. Although it is exciting to fire a cannon at a tower and see it come down in two or three hits, you cannot rely only on it due to its slowness.

Once you start fire, all of those Piglin hordes close up on your area to make sure the weapon isn’t too powerful. The Piglins will make a deliberate effort to destroy your unsteady cannon while you wait for it to stabilize itself. You need to make an effort to stop it from happening if it’s the only one you can construct. You can buy time by erecting walls and arrow towers before you start a fire. The Piglins appear to be following you more closely than the Launcher itself as well. Make the most of your waiting time after firing by positioning your subsequent Spawner strikes, preferably far from your weapon.


You can construct multiple Redstone Launchers at once by using your Improvements to increase your Redstone carrying capacity. In any case, as Minecraft Legends is a tactical game, you should guard your weapons. You can get creative with your tactics by gathering lapis to build your spawner or by picking the greatest horses.

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