Genshin Impact Albedo Story Quest

Genshin Impact Albedo Story Quest: Albedo is a mysterious individual who appeared in the City of Freedom Mondstadt one day and joined the Knights of Favonius as their Chief Alchemist and Captain of their Investigation Team. Albedo, a practitioner of ancient and deadly alchemical techniques, had a strong desire to discover the world’s mysteries but was terrified of his destructive potential.

Albedo is one of the few 5 Star playable characters available in the forthcoming banner for Genshin Impact gamers. He is the main character in his Story Quest, the Princeps Cretaceus Chapter, so you might see him shortly when the new banner goes up. In the Dragonspine region, you can also discover more about him and what he is currently researching on.

This is a complete guide for Genshin Impact Albedo story quest. We have also provided important tips and tricks for the 5-star character Albedo in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Albedo Story Quest – How to Unlock

To access the Albedo Story Quest, users must simply update their game client to the most recent version. When this quest was first published, it required an update to version 1.2. There are no extra requirements for this because it immediately unlocks permissions. Simply go to the Story Quests menu and look for Traveler Observation Report, which is labeled Princeps Cretaceus Chapter Act I. The first quest will be The Rumoured Alchemist.

The Rumored Alchemist

Genshin Impact Albedo Story Quest

The Rumored Alchemist is the first task visible on the Story Quests screen.

It will instruct you to travel to Timaeus’ alchemy story in Mondstadt to replenish your adventure supplies, but you will meet someone unexpected there. You will meet Sucrose, Albedo’s assistant, who appears to be distressed by his master’s disappearance.

Sucrose will ask for your assistance, and you will notice a marker that will take you to the Dragonspine entrance. Proceed to the next mission.

Simply finishing this quest will earn you the following rewards:

  • Mora 17,050
  • Adventure EXP 275
  • Adventure’s Experience 8 pcs
  • 4 pieces of Mystic Enhancement Ore

Genshin Impact Albedo Story Quest: The Genius Researcher and the Seed of Another World

Genshin Impact Albedo Story Quest

After arriving at Dragonspine’s entrance, your character examines the area, only to come across the strange-looking nun Rosaria. She promises to help you with your hunt and claims to know where you might find your target, Albedo.

You should be mindful of the Sheer Cold effect before visiting the Dragonspine region. If you hit the limit, you will quickly lose health points.

Find bonfires, the Statue of The Seven, Scarlet Quartz (minimal impact), Fire Seelies, and other sources of heat to keep warm. Getting burned also works, although it will reduce your HP.

First, use your Elemental Sight to track Albedo’s footprints in the snow. Several opponents will stand in your way along the route. Simply bash them up and carry on till you reach Albedo at the finish.

The final wave of opponents, three Hilichurls, will appear at the end of the road, which you must defeat. After then, simply chat with Albedo to finish the assignment.

You will receive the following rewards:

  • Hero’s Wit 2 pcs
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore 5 pcs
  • Adventure EXP 375
  • Mora 22,000

Genshin Impact Albedo Story Quest: The First Experiment: Elements

Genshin Impact Albedo Story Quest

The next task you will go on with the mystery alchemist is The First Experiment. Your marker will direct you to a way to the test site, where you will face Cryo Slimes. Defeat them and proceed along the route.

Continue down the route until you find and mine three Starsilver Catalysts. Simply follow the marker to discover Albedo’s campground.

On the desk is a gleaming medicine bottle. Take it off the table and put it in your inventory. After then, speak with Albedo to finish the assignment.

You will be rewarded with:

  • Adventure EXP 375
  • Mora 22,000
  • Hero’s Wit 2 pcs
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore 5 pcs

The Second Experiment: The World

Genshin Impact Albedo Story Quest

Albedo will examine the Traveler’s elemental flow after finishing the first experiment. The results indicate that both your internal and external elements flows are regular and working smoothly. He says that this is something to be proud of.

When you gain control of your character, you must keep the following in mind: Table, record board, and shelf After then, you must speak with Albedo.

Following that, you will be requested to prepare the Sunshine Sprat. Make it near the campfire and then give it to Albedo when finished.

You will then be instructed to locate an Anemo Mark. To accomplish so, use Elemental Sight. The Elemental Sight is then used to locate an Electro Mark. Finally, speak with Albedo.

Completing this quest will net you the following benefits:

  • Adventure EXP 375
  • Mora 22,000
  • Hero’s Wit 2 pcs
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore 5 pcs

The Third Experiment: Life

Genshin Impact Albedo Story Quest

After passing the elemental flow test, Albedo will invite you to demonstrate any exceptional, otherworldly skills you have, but nothing will happen. He is still intrigued about you, and his attention has not waned in the least.

You will be climbing the mountain to find the marker. You’ll run into Albedo once more here. You will then have to glide down and arrive at your destination in 70 seconds. Make sure to stock up on heating supplies or you will freeze.

Albedo will greet you when you reach the marker. To finish the objective, speak with him.

You will be rewarded for finishing this assignment with the following items:

  • Adventure EXP 375
  • Mora 22,000
  • Hero’s Wit 2 pcs
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore 5 pcs

The Final Experiment: Withering Glory

The trials provide Albedo with a wealth of information, and his alchemy is gradually taking shape. On the Albedo Story Quest, he then assigns you the final mission, a simple IQ test.

You must first follow the marker that will bring you to the ruins. When you arrive, you must solve two Seelie puzzles to release the center mechanism. These are intriguing puzzles, so here’s how to solve them.

South Puzzle

The first challenge is to locate the Seelies and their nests. The Nests are located to the south of the mechanism. Now to track down the Seelies. Use the Elemental Sight to find them. The first is on a neighboring cliff, while the second is on a ruined pillar in the water. Assist them in completing the problem.

North Puzzle

The second puzzle is activated by the Seelie, which can be found to the north of the main mechanism. There will be two Seelies flying in a circle, and the monuments will be illuminated as they pass by.

You must get the timing right for the two Seelies to illuminate all monuments. A monument deactivates after a few seconds, so you must make it so that the second Seelie reactivates it before it deactivates. To finish the mission, repeat this process until all monuments are lit up.

After finishing the task, the mechanism will be unlocked and ready for use. After that, follow the marker that appears.

Investigate the recently unlocked drained region before returning to Albedo’s encampment to speak with him.

When you finish this, you will receive the following items:

  • Adventure EXP 475
  • Primogem 60 pcs
  • Mora 27,825
  • Guide to Ballad 5 pcs
  • Hero’s Wit 3 pcs
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore 6 pcs

Completing the Albedo Story Quest in Genshin Impact version 1.2 unlocks the event quest The Chalk Prince and the Dragon. This appears to be unavailable for the time being, but it may return later.

This quest is also required to access the Shadows Among Snowstorms Event in the Genshin Impact 2.3 update.

So, there you have it. That concludes the Genshin Impact – Albedo Story Quest. Hopefully, this tutorial will assist you in completing this for the large rewards. For more such helpful blogs, check out our website here.

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