Genshin Impact Geo Hypostasis Tips: Geo Hypostasis Strategy

Genshin Impact Geo Hypostasis Tips: Geo Hypostasis Strategy: One of the elemental bosses in Genshin Impact is the Geo Hypostasis. This boss is one of the most difficult Hypostasis encounters since he creates Geo Constructs and launches stones.

Genshin Impact Geo Hypostasis Tips: Geo Hypostasis Strategy

There are a variety of difficult enemies to face up against throughout the course of Genshin Impact. Many of the adversaries in the game are typical mobs, such as regular Hilichurls, who pose no threat to even the most inexperienced gamers. Other opponents, such as wizards, will pose a considerably greater challenge to gamers.

No matter the boss-type adversaries players confront, they will face a significant task. Almost all players are threatened by the cube-like Hypostasis adversaries. The Geo Hypostasis is one of these bosses, and it will use its extremely powerful Geo powers to cause harm to the player.

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Genshin Impact Geo Hypostasis Tips: Geo Hypostasis Location

To fight the Geo Hypostasis, players must go to a chain of islands at the east of Liyue. Because these islands are in the middle of the ocean, they can be extremely difficult to reach, making swimming a near-impossible option. Instead, players must first visit Guyun Stone Forest, which is located slightly south of the Geo Hypostasis area. While here, players can glide from the cliff to the first island. Players can swim or stroll across shallow waters to reach the Geo Hypostasis arena from here.

To begin the combat, gamers just simply approach the Geo Hypostasis and begin fighting it. When the creature dies, players will receive a variety of gifts, including resources to level up and advance their Geo elemental characters. Keep in mind that the player can fight this boss as many times as they like because it will respawn just a few minutes after being defeated.

Genshin Impact Geo Hypostasis Tips: Geo Hypostasis Strategy

Genshin Impact Geo Hypostasis Tips: How to Beat

The key to conquering the Geo Hypostasis is to have a diverse group of characters on your team. When the creature’s core is exposed, ranged warriors can attack it, but heavy hitters will be required to do damage for most of the fight. Players should bring at least one character with a claymore and one with Geo skills. This fight’s best team is:

  • Noelle– Noelle is a powerful fighter who uses her claymore to do massive damage. She also possesses Geo skills, which will come in handy throughout this encounter.
  • Traveler– The main character is already quite powerful on their own, but players can increase their effectiveness in this battle by collecting the Geo abilities in Liyue.
  • Fischl– She is by far the most powerful user of the Electro element, and her ranged powers are suited for striking the core. Players can also use her powers in conjunction with Geo to cause Crystallize.
  • Amber– Amber may also deal ranged damage to the core, but her main function is to combine Pyro and Electro strikes to deal Overload damage.

Once players have picked which characters to bring into the conflict, they must comprehend the attacks that the Geo Hypostasis will launch against them. During the first part of this fight, the Geo Hypostasis will conjure five towers on the arena and stand on top of them, putting it just out of melee range. Players can either fire from below at its exposed core or assault the towers with a claymore or Geo user to break them.

Let us take a look at each Geo Hypostasis attack and what it does-

Summon Pillars

When a pillar is destroyed, the boss will fly to one of the four pillars that have been summoned around the arena.

Stone Pellets

The boss’s shell will develop a diamond shape before launching a spray of stone projectiles at you. This is avoidable by racing to either side.

Genshin Impact Geo Hypostasis Tips: Geo Hypostasis Strategy


The boss will teleport close to you before transforming into a hammer and crushing the earth in front of you. This attack will be launched by the boss only after all of its pillars have been destroyed. This assault can be avoided by ducking in any direction.


The boss will use its shell to construct a wall before clapping the two parts together and dealing damage in the center. To avoid this strike, move to either side.

Stone Seal

The boss will place a targeting seal on you, suggesting that an earth spike will be summoned in a few seconds. This attack can be avoided by dodging immediately before the spike hits you.


The boss will fire a damaging wave from the pillar it is currently standing on. This attack cannot be avoided but does not deal much damage.

Rain of Rocks

The boss will drop rocks from the sky at random around the arena. It will only perform this assault if it is on the ground rather than on a pillar. You can avoid this strike by running around the arena cautiously.


Genshin Impact Geo Hypostasis Tips: Geo Hypostasis Strategy

The boss will cause shockwaves to emanate from each pillar, dealing constant and heavy damage. A Geo Construct will spawn next to the pillar where the boss is presently standing, and when destroyed, it will produce a barrier that will protect you from all damage.

Terra Resurgence

When the boss has about 5-10% of its HP left, it will walk to the center of the arena and build three stone pillars. The boss will absorb the stone pillars after a few seconds and restore HP equal to the number of pillars consumed. Destroy the pillars before the boss consumes them to avoid this. The stone pillars will only take major damage from Claymores and other Geo assaults because they are Geo Constructs. To quickly destroy the pillars, use characters like Zhongli or Noelle.

Genshin Impact Geo Hypostasis Tips: Rewards

Genshin Impact Geo Hypostasis Tips: Geo Hypostasis Strategy

The Geo Hypostasis, like other bosses in Genshin Impact, requires 40 Original Resin to unlock its rewards. You’ll get Geo Character Ascension Materials, Basalt Pillars, and Artifacts from the sets Berserker, Instructor, Lucky Dog, Gladiator’s Finale, Wanderer’s Troupe, and Exile as a reward.

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