Genshin Impact Kazuha Story Quest

Genshin Impact Kazuha Story Quest: Kazuha is a wandering samurai from the once-famous Kaedehara Clan with the ability to read nature’s sounds. He is a temporary crew member of The Crux. Despite being burdened by the events of his past, Kazuha maintains a cheerful demeanor.

Genshin Impact Kazuha Story Quest

The version 2.8 update for Genshin Impact is now available, and it includes a new story quest for Kaedehara Kazuha. You’ll be exploring areas of Inazuma City in this task called Acer Palmatum Chapter – Act I, followed by a short romp inside a domain. When you finish, you will be able to claim a new 4-star weapon.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Kazuha Story Quest in Genshin Impact. So without any futher ado, lets jump in.

Genshin Impact: Kazuha Story Quest

Here is the story quest for the Genshin Impact character- Kazuha-

The Mysterious Attacker- Looking for Kazuha

When you begin Kazuha’s story quest in Genshin Impact, you must travel to Byakko Plain. When you arrive at the location, you will be attacked by a mystery samurai. If his health drops below 50%, he’ll flee, but he also mentions Kazuha as the person he’s looking for. Your next assignments are as follows:

  • In Ritou, look for Kazuha.
  • Visit the Kujou headquarters in Inazuma City (where you can also find Kazuha).
  • Speak with the Bantan Sango NPCs to learn about two missing people.
  • Speak with a couple of designated NPCs to learn more about the missing people.

Follow the Scent to Find the Samurai

After you complete the above stages, another location will appear on the map outside of the city. Kazuha will begin sifting amid the rubble, only to discover nothing. The following are the next steps:

  • There will be smoke trails in the region. Follow these until you reach the city’s southern outskirts.
  • After a little talk, proceed to the cliffs by following the next smoke trail. There, defeat the hilichurls.
  • Across the lake, the last smoke trails may be seen. You can reach the little island south of Inazuma City by using the wind currents.

You will run into the mystery samurai again when you arrive on the island. He is Amenoma Yuuya, or rather, someone who is governed by the Prized Isshin Blade. The cursed blade craves power, which leads to a brief encounter with this opponent.

You can quickly dispatch your opponent because you have complete control over your entire group. Kazuha then claims the Prized Isshin Blade, and you’re told of a domain you can visit.

Genshin Impact Kazuha Story Quest

The Occupied Hold Domain

West of Kamisato Estate is the Occupied Hold domain. When you enter it, you will see that Kazuha is alone, and he’ll be up against multiple samurai mobs. The good news is that

(a) this is the trial version of the character, and

(b) he is using the Prized Isshin Blade. The weapon offers the following advantages:

  • When a normal, charged, or diving attack hits an opponent, it summons an Accursed Spirit that deals 180% AoE damage and restores 100% ATK as HP. This effect occurs only once per eight seconds.
  • The wielder’s damage output is reduced by 50%.

Essentially, the weapon has a self-healing effect on Kazuha, making it excellent for these fights. After defeating the Nobushi, the weapon’s potency will dwindle, and Kazuha will have to rely on his trusty Fillet Blade for the final battle.

The Kagotsurube Isshin Blade in Genshin Impact

After you’ve defeated your enemies, speak with Kazuha and Amenoma Yuuya before leaving the kingdom. Amenoma still wants to fight, so go to the designated spot so Kazuha can do it. Because this is a single encounter, attempt to make use of the environment for Kazuha’s Swirl effects.

Amenoma admits defeat, and Kazuha informs the party that he wishes to return to the blacksmith in Inazuma City. A short dialogue is followed by a cutscene. The Prized Isshin Blade sacrifices its consciousness in it and is reforged.

You’ll have the new Kagotsurube Isshin Blade after completing Kazuha’s story quest in Genshin Impact. It has the following advantages:

  • ATK% is a sub-stat
  • When a normal, charged, or diving attack hits an opponent, it unleashes a Hewing Gale that deals 180% AoE damage and increases ATK by 15% for eight seconds. This effect occurs only once per eight seconds.

The damage mitigation and self-healing effects are no longer active. In exchange, you will receive a +15% ATK increase with 100% uptime (due to the internal cooldown of the proc). Its supplies for leveling ascension include:

The following materials are required:

  • Court of Flowing Sand Lieutenant/Oni Masks (Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday)
  • Spectral Husks – Specters Statuettes – Black Serpent Knights
Genshin Impact Kazuha Story Quest

That is all about the Genshin Impact Character Kazuha and his story quest. The surprise is that the Kazuha quest brings us a new Sword that has powerful stats. Additionally, it can be equipped with any of your main DPS for increased value.

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