Genshin Impact Best 4 Star Artifacts for Each Character

Best 4 Star Artifacts for Each Character in Genshin Impact: Character advancement in Genshin Impact is multifarious; you must not only level up your character, but also level up their talents, equip them with weapons and artifacts, and level up said weapons and artifacts. You can even unlock constellations for additional power-ups by obtaining numerous copies of the same character.

Genshin Impact Best 4 Star Artifacts for Each Character

All these things are significant, but what distinguishes artifacts is how easily they can be messed up! In terms of overall power, we would always prefer a 4-Star character with amazing artifacts and optimal set benefits over a 5-Star character with artifacts from diverse sets thrown together at random.

So, if you want to make the most of your hard-earned Genshin Impact characters, here’s a list of the best 4-Star Artifacts for each character in Genshin Impact.

What Are Artifacts?

Artifacts are the equivalent of armor equipment in video games.

The 5 equipable slots occupied by artifacts in Genshin Impact have been termed the Flower of Life, the Plume of Death, the Sands of Eon, the Goblet of Eonothem, and the Circlet of Logos, rather than the traditional Gloves, Belts, and Helmets. They are known as the Flower, Feather, Sands, Goblet, and Head in the community.

Each artifact has one main stat as well as multiple substats. However, not every slot can accommodate every major stat, and some specs are only available as main stats. The following is a list of potential major stats for each slot:

How do Artifacts Work in Genshin Impact

Aside from the Flower and the Feather, the main stat of each item is chosen at random.

Each artifact has a maximum of four substats that are likewise determined at random. Your artifacts are leveled up by feeding them other objects. The level ceiling for 5* artifacts is 20, and you gain one random substat increase every four levels. The Healing Bonus, Physical DMG, and all Elemental DMG benefits are not available as substats.

Domains are used to gain Artifacts, which require Resin to complete. As a result, not only may the quality of artifacts range from dismal to magnificent, but you are also limited in how much you can farm on any given day.

So, if you want certain substats on an artifact, you must first obtain the desired main stat, then pray to RNG for said substats, and then pray even more that the intended ones are improved when you level up the artifact.

This makes farming the proper artifacts for any given character a massive undertaking that never truly ends.

But there’s more to artifacts than meets the eye! They also come in groups of two or four, and equipping two or four artifacts from the same group on the same character will provide them additional set bonuses. The table below contains a list of all the 5* artifact sets in the game, as well as their bonuses and a brief description of each set.

Keep in mind that major stats are more significant than substations and set bonuses when grinding for these relics.

Best 4 Star Artifacts in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Best 4 Star Artifacts for Each Character

While high-damage weaponry will help you slay the Hilichurl hordes and smash the game’s mammoth bosses, you’ll also need to outfit your crew with Genshin Impact’s greatest Artifacts. Whether you’re a newbie just starting on your trip or a seasoned explorer trying to boost your DPS, you’ll want to add these Artifacts to your collection.

Naturally, your odds of finding a five-star Artifact will be heavily influenced by your Adventure Rank and World Level. The greater your Adventure Rank, the more likely you are to find game-changing loot. While five-star goods are always more powerful than lower-tier treasure, there are a few four-star items you should consider upgrading right away.

We’ve compiled a list of the five greatest four-star Artifacts to help you save your upgrade resources and time.

Martial Artist

This Artifact is one of the best four-star damage-based Artifacts in the game right now. Therefore equip it on your main DPS as soon as you receive it.

The Martial Artist’s Artifact’s strength stems from its two-piece set bonus, which enhances regular and charged attack damage by 15%. This may appear to be a minor stat boost, but when combined with the Artifact’s main attack stat, you’ll be giving out lethal damage in no time.

Characters such as Aloy, Ayaka, Ayato, Ganyu, and Hu Tao are best suited for this artifact.

Genshin Impact Best 4 Star Artifacts for Each Character

Resolution of Sojourner

The Resolution of Sojourner is another Artifact that is solely focused on increasing your damage output. It performs well when combined with the Martial Artist set. When you equip two pieces from this Artifact tree, your character’s damage increases by 18%.

Depending on the components you use, the Artifact’s main stat will either increase your health or attack. While we do not advocate donning the entire set, doing so will enhance your charged attack crit rate by 30%. It’s easy to see why the Resolution of Sojourner is still a popular choice.

The best characters for Resolution of Sojourner are best suited for Keqing, Itto, Diluc, Traveler, and Noelle.


While dealing a lot of damage with conventional attacks is always advantageous, the Instructor set boosts your character’s ability power. After all, the finest Genshin Impact players are continuously swapping between members of their team to use lethal Elemental Reactions like Vaporize, Melt, Overloaded, Superconduct, and Electro-Charged.

However, the amount of damage you deliver is mostly determined by your character’s Elemental Mastery. The Instructor set, fortunately, is all about improving this elemental stat and improving your Mastery by 80. What’s more is, this makes your combinations hit harder than ever before.

As for the characters to use this with, Razor, Tighnari and Venti come to mind.

Genshin Impact Best 4 Star Artifacts for Each Character

The Exile

Setting up Elemental Reactions is likely the most enjoyable and effective way to take down your enemies. Therefore having to wait for long skill cooldowns is the worst. This not only disrupts the flow of the battle, but it also means you can’t deliver as much damage. This is when the Exile set comes into play. Equipping two Exile tree Artifacts grants you a 20% Energy Recharge. This will allow you to rapidly return to unleashing your lethal skills and deadly ultimates.

Meanwhile, whenever an Elemental Burst is utilized, the four-piece set bonus regenerates two energy for additional party members every 2s for 6s. Consider equipping the entire Exile set on any support characters who rely on their skills to significantly boost their elemental output.

Albedo, Beidou, Fischl, and Yae Miko are the most fruitful choices for this artifact.


The Berserker set is focused on releasing fatal hits that leave your opponent grovelling in the dirt.

If you opt to equip two Exile Artifacts, your character’s crit rate will increase by 12%. This may appear to be a minor percentage until you have a weapon with a short attack animation and a decent crit chance. Because you’ll be able to slice through your opponent’s health in no time.

The Berserker set is much more situational than the Martial Artist and Sojourner’s Resolution. However, it’s still a fantastic pick for those looking for a rewarding crit build.

The Berserker Artifact is an amazing item to be equipped with main DPS characters such as Lisa, Kaeya, Rosaria, Qiqi, and Kaedahara Kazuha.

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