Best Region for Commissions in Genshin Impact

Best Region for Commissions in Genshin Impact: Daily Commissions is a system that rewards Adventure Rank EXP and other items for completing various daily challenges. Each Daily Commission consists of three quests of varying difficulty and obstacles.

Best Region for Commissions in Genshin Impact

Upon completion, players will gain up to 600 Mora, 60 Primogems, and 10 Adventure Rank Experience. Furthermore, they are also provided with the opportunity to obtain 4-Star equipment. These quests are refreshed every day at 00:00 UTC. For example, Adventures such as battling opponents or exploring ruins, gathering materials, manufacturing objects, transporting items, and participating in World Bosses and Domains.

You must be wondering how you can easily complete these commissions and level your character up faster. Therefore, we have curated this article to tell you the best region for Commissions in Genshin Impact. Additionally, we will also discuss each one of them in detail for your reference.

Which is the Best Region for Commissions in Genshin Impact

When you join Genshin Impact each day, you will be assigned four daily commissions to accomplish. Each commission will grant a varying number of adventure experiences and 10 primogems based on your level. Players can earn loads of stuff and free primogems each week by finishing them all and bringing them into the guild. Having said that, there are a lot of daily commissions available right now. These requests are split between Mondstadt and Liyue.

Best Region for Commissions in Genshin Impact

Players should note that since Mondstadt is amongst the first regions to be available to new players, the daily Commissions that it offers are relatively easier to complete. More often than not, these Commissions can be completed fairly quickly in order to gain some levels.

Mondstadt Commissions

Mondstadt (German for “Moon City”), also known as the City of Freedom, is the capital and primary religious center of Mondstadt, located in west-central Teyvat, southwest of Liyue.

It is well-known for its ancient history and rich cultural heritage, having been ruled by legions of men and gods over the centuries. There are numerous historical sites in the city, including a grand palace and numerous shrines to local gods.

Floral Fresh

In Mondstadt, Floral Fresh is a daily commission. It can be difficult to locate flowers to bring back to life while the earth is frozen, but Flora knows where to look.

Return the flowers to her, and she will reward you with a Fragrance of Spring as well as the chance to gain serenity and tranquillity.

Ellin, The Wannabe Knight

When Herman was bullied because he had a broken training dummy and Ganyu, the Cryo Archon, left Ellin on the ground covered head-to-toe in bruises from Ganyu’s practice sessions, the Traveler stepped in to aid by changing Ganyu’s training program.

When the Traveler saw her the next day, she stated that her training had made her stronger than ever. Not really, as it turned out.

Best Region for Commissions in Genshin Impact

Anna the Adventurer!

Anna appears in Genshin Impact. She is a Wanderer with various skills. She has cool blue hair and is dressed in a white long-sleeved top knotted at the waist over what appears to be a one-piece swimsuit. Her waist is wrapped in a brown messenger bag, and her neck is wrapped in a blue-and-gold patterned scarf.

A Surprise Gift

A Genshin Impact commission is a surprise for Jilliana. The Traveler proposed an interesting gift for Jilliana, the wife of Cooking Contest sponsor Rudolph, who had to approach certain NPCs in Mondstadt for the gift goods.

A Little Booze Doesn’t Hurt…

In this commission, Nimrod intends to drink with Eury, who is shockingly opposed to the concept. The Traveler and Paimon must divert Eury’s attention by running errands for her so that Nimrod and Eury can spend time alone. Nimrod praises the Traveler and Paimon as they return to Eury after completing the commission. AR-Dependent Recognition Award

Pigeons Go AWOL

In Genshin Impact, the Pigeon Commission is a series of commissions. These commissions are required to finish Archon Quest: Act 2. They may be found and commissioned from birdcages around Liyue Harbor, and completing them awards the player with Character EXP Materials, Mora, and Adventure EXP.

Pigeon, Duck, and Child

The Knights who get off the field are often easier to deal with in this commission. The knights at the Hilltop’s house have a broader range of attack motions, which means you must often stand farther away from them before moving in or jumping back.

It hit with their regular one-handed weapon is a very heavy blow, yet each may be easily blocked or parried.

Reliable Helper

Collect these materials to assist Anthony in his search for a cure. His sister, Anna, has always been ill, and no remedy has been found. Anthony has heard about a good doctor in Liyue Harbor who may be able to assist this time. He was able to obtain a prescription for a miraculous cure, but it contains odd chemicals.

Best Region for Commissions in Genshin Impact

Miracle Medicine

Tsarevich is a trader who makes a living by selling items in several cities in Liyue. He has arrived at the city of Luhua Landscape, but he believes it is too risky to continue selling his wares there. The player assists him by removing the monsters that frighten potential purchasers. Players must select and clear one of several available places to finish the commission.

Language Exchange

The first commission gained through the Language Proficiency scheme is exchange. Completing this task will grant you higher gacha rates when drawing from their weapon banners (Normal, Rare, Epic, and Legendary) for a limited time.

Food Delivery

One of the side tasks in Genshin Impact is the Liyue food delivery mission. It calls for you to bring a meal basket to a customer who placed an order with Sara, the cook at Good Hunter in Liyue Harbor.

This side quest has three options: head north and give the food to Orlean, head southwest towards Springvale, or head east to Dawn Winery.

Whispers in the Wind

Whispers in the Wind is a Genshin Impact daily commission quest. It entails tracking down Granny Spritely’s whereabouts by asking the people of Mondstadt about her. The quest is obtained for the first time at Adventure Rank 20 by a banner on the Bulletin Board.

Tales of Winter

This commission begins in Mondstadt after speaking with some folks by the Favonius Cathedral’s entryway. You will be tested and given the task of scouting the region. If you’re new to scouting, seek chalky pebbles or snow-covered shrubs to interact with to scout the region.

This was our complete guide on the best region for daily commissions in Genshin Impact. Also read How to Switch Characters in Genshin Impact.

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