How to Change Daily Commission Location in Genshin Impact

How to Change Daily Commission Location in Genshin Impact: The quest Genshin Impacts daily commission is the finest for earning experience with little effort. By completing the tasks, you may earn a total of 1200 to 1500 experience points every day. But that totally is dependant on your AR rating.

How to Change Daily Commission Location in Genshin Impact

Players will get four commissions from the Adventurers’ Guild. This is available through the Quest menu or the Adventurer Handbook, on Daily Reset (4:00 AM, server time) (0-2 NPC commissions and 2-4 basic commissions). The Adventurer Handbook’s favorite region setting or, if set to random, a randomly chosen region that the player has unlocked determines how commissions are distributed.

Keeping all this in mind, here is a guide on how to change the Daily Commissions Location in Genshin Impact. We will also talk about how you can unlock each one of the regions that provide you with numerous Commission options for quick level-up in the game.

How do Daily Commissions Work?

Emergency missions, including certain NPC follow-up quests, may still manifest beyond the intended zone. Furthermore, after finishing the required quest or commission, certain commissions are merely added to the pool of prospective commissions. It can take many months for a particular NPC commission to arrive due to the random nature of commissions and the daily cap on possible NPC commissions.

How to Change Daily Commission Location in Genshin Impact

In Co-Op Mode the host is the only player who has the ability to initiate commissions using a Ley Line Monolith, Transport Balloon, or Slime Balloon. The host is also the only player who can advance commissions via discussion. In Co-Op, commissions that need submitting both an item and Pigeons Go AWOL cannot be begun or advanced at all.

Up until the commission is finished and the region is reloaded, commissions will replace common enemies and objects in their area, including chests (for instance, by teleporting far away).

How to Unlock Daily Commissions?

Only Mondstadt commissions are offered at first. By meeting their prerequisites, you can unlock commissions for other regions:

Liyue: You must complete Prologue Act II: For a Tomorrow Without Tears and New Horizons of Adventure.

Inazuma: You must complete Chapter II Act I: The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia and Katheryne in Inazuma.

Sumeru: Players must complete Chapter III Act II: The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings and Adventure Takes Courage!

How to Change Daily Commissions Location in Genshin Impact?

By following the instructions below, you may choose an area for your commissions based on your preferences:

  • From the Paimon Menu, get access to the Adventurer Handbook.
  • On the left side of the manual, select Commissions.
  • Select the area from the list in the manual’s upper section.

Selecting the location might be useful if you still want to learn more about it or if you have special commissions to fulfill there.

Daily Commissions Details

The daily commission will start to show up on your mini-map after the daily reset. There are a total of 4 purple markers in your mini-map. You can locate these if you open your map and look about. You may also access 4 of today’s daily commissions straight by using your adventure book by pressing F1 and then finding the daily commission. There will be a location symbol to the right of each daily commission quest in the adventure book.

Remember to employ adventure books to locate your way around the daily commission.

Remember to teleport to Mondstadt/Liyue Town after doing the 4 commission task so that you may go to the adventure guild to get extra awards.

Daily Commission Rewards in Genshin Impact

With just 10 minutes of your time, the daily commissions will provide you experience points up to 1500. There are additional incentives that can help you advance in your adventure rating. The list is as follows:

  • 20,000 or more Mora (Depending On AR)
  • Sixty Primogems (10 each from the daily commissions and 20 from the adventure guild)
  • Enchantment Ore, Mystic and Fine (Quality and Quantity are based on AR)
  • Companionship: When a buddy reaches level 10 in the character area, you will receive a name card to personalize your in-game profile.

In-game exp that is near 1000 will typically take up to 30 minutes or even an hour to obtain. Players may earn 1500 experience points with daily commission without investing a lot of effort. The free 60 primogems, mora, and enchantment ore, however, are all quite worthwhile. It will take you up to five minutes to complete even the longest commission quest. It is advised to finish it every day to get higher AR with that much experience.

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