Dark Iron Sword in Genshin Impact: Best Character

How to Get Dark Iron Sword in Genshin Impact: Best Character for Dark Iron Sword: The Dark Iron Sword in Genshin Impact, which has 39 ATK and 31 elemental mastery, is one of the greatest choices for unpaid players. It looks like a typical black metal sword, but when it is overloaded, it has a higher base attack, making it a great weapon to utilize with various electrical characters.

How to Get Dark Iron Sword in Genshin Impact: Best Character for Dark Iron Sword

This three-star weapon may be honed to its utmost potential with a little luck throughout the intermediate game and is compatible with electrical characters. According to legend, an ordinary iron sword was especially dark because of fire, which turned the coal blacker and strengthened the steel.

Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with all the necessary details on the Dark Iron Sword. So without any further ado, lets dive right in!!

How to Get Dark Iron Sword in Genshin Impact?

This Dark Light weapon may be acquired in the middle of the game for nothing and with little effort. You must go to Liyue where Philosopher Chen is with his food stand close to the teleport next to the Adventurer’s Gremo to get this light sword.

Once there, inquire about the Tiger Fish with the Philosopher. Ask Chen about the Guhua Clan once he has finished describing the history of this fish and its preparation. The Philosopher hands up the Dark Iron Sword after recounting another tale.

Locate the fish vendor while you are here. Chen the Sharp will be the person in question. There will be a street food vendor in the middle, close to all the other markets and sellers.

Ask him how the Fish are selling while interacting with him or choose option 2. You will need to go beyond a brief dialogue sequence to learn more about Chen. He will then deliver you the Dark Iron Sword after finishing this conversation and drawing nearer. True, exactly like that!

It is incredibly simple to obtain and offers excellent value. It appears as follows:

  • Base ATK – 39 > can be increased when upgraded and modded.
  • Elemental Mastery – 31 > can also be intensified with all the upgrades and mods.

Once acquired, it is best to keep it locked until the electro character with which it will be utilized is activated in order to prevent losing it during the strengthening of weaponry.

And with only one interaction and conversation with a random NPC, you will suddenly be carrying an extraordinarily potent blade. The developers’ initiative to encourage players to engage with all NPCs in the environment, not just those who might appear more significant than others, is extremely wonderful.

How to Get Dark Iron Sword in Genshin Impact: Best Character for Dark Iron Sword

Characteristics of the Dark Iron Sword

Type: one-handed.

Rarity: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Basic attack: 39~401.

Additional feature: Elemental Mastery — 31~141.

Passive: When the responses Overload, Superconductor, Charged, Stimulation, Aggravation, Vegetation, or Electro Dissipation are activated, the power of attacks rises by 20% for 12 seconds.

Best Character for Dark Iron Sword Genshin Impact:

Attack power is increased by the sword’s passive function when Electro element reactions are activated. For Free-To-Play gamers, it makes this weapon a superb choice when combined with Elemental Mastery in the primary stat.

The following characters respond well to the Dark Iron Sword:

Ke Qing: Opponents are dealt Electro damage by the heroine’s elemental skill, elemental explosion, and auto-attacks. With this sword, Ke Qing will be a fantastic damage dealer if the pack contains Hydro, Cryo, Dendro, or Pyro characters.

Kazuha: The stat Elemental Mastery is crucial for an Anemo Fighter. If the team has an Electro character, this weapon is ideal. Then Kazuha will use the Electro Dispel response to her advantage and deliver substantial damage. Genie. He has the ability to trigger the Electro Dispel response with his E-shka and ult (again, if there is an Electro hero in the pack). She will benefit greatly from the increased attack power as her healing depends on this indication.

Electro Traveler: This sword will be able to transform it into a complete sup-dd. Even while Traveler is in your pocket, Elemental Burst does AoE Electro damage, allowing you to cause reactions in other characters and raise his skill damage.

How to Play with Dark Iron Sword?

Based on the passive effect, using this sword involves triggering several Electro element-related responses. Consequently, it is vital to deploy heroes from many components in battle. Use a character wielding a Dark Iron Sword to deliver Electro damage to the adversary after applying the Hydro effect to them. By doing so, the Charged response will be triggered, boosting that hero’s attack strength.

We really hope that this tutorial has assisted you in understanding the Dark Iron Sword’s purpose, where to locate it, and the best ways to employ it. On our website, look for more Genshin Impact weapon instructions.

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