Genshin Impact PS4 Tips and Tricks

Genshin Impact PS4 Tips and Tricks: Genshin Impact is technically a mobile game, but it is much more than that. Genshin Impact contains more content than any other mobile game we’ve played. There is a lot of depth to its combat, a lot of things players can do at any given time, and the developers are even asking fans for feedback.

Genshin Impact PS4 Tips and Tricks

Players can grind Domains, search for chests, play with friends, climb the Spiral Abyss, complete side/main quests, cook, mine, or simply explore. It can be overwhelming at first, so here are some Genshin Impact PS4 Tips and Tricks for your ease. We have played the game for 30+ Adventure Ranks in the game and curated this amazing list for you.

Mark Shrines and Oculi as You Discover Them

The collectibles system in Genshin Impact can be a little frustrating. Chests are plentiful, so there’s no need to mark them (most of the time). Oculi and Shrines of Depths, on the other hand, are limited. The Oculi can be found almost anywhere and are similar to Korok Seeds from Breath of the Wild in that regard.

The only problem is that whenever a Shrine or Oculi is discovered, it isn’t marked on the map. This becomes a huge issue later when players have to backtrack in the hopes of finding the one they missed. So, seriously, use the Map Pin system to mark Shrines and Oculi as you find them.

Use Some Character Abilities Outside of Battles

Genshin Impact PS4 Tips and Tricks

Elemental bursts and skills form the foundation of combat in Genshin Impact. However, players should not believe that combat is the only use of a character’s abilities.

Numerous characters in the game can use their abilities for exploration as well as puzzle-solving. Keqing’s elemental skill, for example, can be used to teleport to inaccessible locations. Beidou can also use her skill’s Electro shield to solve lightning strike probe puzzles in Inazuma.

Buy Local Specialities

When it comes to character advancement, the local specialties of Mondstadt and Liyue can often be a stumbling block for new characters. That was evident with the release of Inazuma Update. Players had not had the opportunity to collect the specialties before the release of new characters.

Even though collecting from the open world is less expensive, there is a way to increase local supply during shortage. Many of the local specialties can be purchased in each nation. These include Flora for Mondstadt plants and Shitou for Liyue ores.

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Character Height is Important

Genshin Impact PS4 Tips and Tricks

Exploring can be difficult in Genshin Impact, especially when limited by a rapidly depleted stamina reserve. Climbing mountains can often result in a fall, swimming in water can result in drowning, and so on.

However, many players are unaware that character height influences gameplay at first. Taller characters, such as Diluc and Zhongli, benefit from longer stride lengths and vertical reach. As a result, these characters can climb and move at a faster rate. Smaller characters, on the other hand, take up less space, making them ideal for navigating obstacles and tight spaces.

Watch Out for Red Notification Icon

The Wish system, in which players roll the dice to see if they’ll unlock a 5-star character/weapon, is unique to Gacha games. People can throw money at the game and roll as many times as they want. But there is a fairly well-developed in-game loop for obtaining Primogems (the currency for wishing) without spending a dime.

There are so many different ways to earn Primogems. Whats more is that majority can be redeemed by clicking on that little red exclamation point in your menu. It’s always a good idea to check whenever that important message notification icon appears. It can be anything from Achievements, Mail pop-up messages, Journal Rewards, or something else.

Use Elemental Bursts to Dodge Attacks

Genshin Impact PS4 Tips and Tricks

As previously stated, Genshin Impact has a minor stamina modifier that can make movement more difficult. Dodging all attacks in Genshin Impact can be difficult when combined with fighting large groups of difficult opponents.

When dodging isn’t an option, players can use the peculiarities of their elemental bursts to avoid some damage. Because these attacks have an animation for five-star characters, the damage is reduced for a short time. As a result, if the player notices a particularly high-damaging attack, they can avoid the entirety of the damage by using a carefully timed burst from characters like Diluc while still doing damage.

Avoid Holding Down on Sprint

Genshin Impact players frequently make the mistake of holding down the sprint button to get to places faster. This process, however, may not be as quick as players expect. Thats because holding down the sprint button consumes stamina extremely quickly for most characters.

In these situations, tapping the sprint button is much faster than holding it down; this process allows stamina to reaccumulate as the player runs. Furthermore, if gliding is possible, it’s sometimes better to skip sprinting entirely, with many characters offering passives that boost gliding. Players should also keep in mind that some characters are exempt from the sprint rule. For instance, both Mona and Ayaka benefit from sprinting.

Regularly Complete Daily Commissions

Genshin Impact PS4 Tips and Tricks

Daily Commissions at the Adventure’s Guild become available at Adventure Rank 12. These are your daily quests. These quests are missions that players only need to complete once every 24 hours. Additionally the incentive to log on for at least 20 minutes every day is also present here. It works because the Daily Commissions are truly worth the time investment.

They give a lot of AR EXP, as well as some Primogems, Mora, and other random Artifacts/items. And, as previously stated, there are only four of them. Each of these take no more than five minutes to complete with a competent team. So, at the very least, put these on and knock them out. We promise it’ll make the grind that much easier!

Unlock Shrines Early on in The Game

In Genshin Impact, there is a lot of teleporting. NPCs will direct the Traveler to move from one side of the map to the other and then back again within the same Quest. And, for players who didn’t make an effort to explore the map early on, running back and forth can turn the experience into a slog.

So, players should do themselves a favor and wander around for a session or two. Unlocking as many Fast Travel points as possible, particularly the Shrines can be pretty rewarding in Genshin Impact.

Artifacts Are Different for Every Item and Fed to Other Artifacts as Well

Genshin Impact PS4 Tips and Tricks

Artifacts are the “equips” of Genshin Impact, and their effects can significantly improve the performance of a specific character. The categories are a little strange; they aren’t like the usual head, chest, arms, waist, and legs system. Instead, it is divided into the following sections: Flower of Life, Plume of Death, Sands of Eon, Goblet of Eonothem, and Circlet of Logos. If that sounds complicated, it is, but in a nutshell, it is a flower, a feather, a clock/hourglass, a cup, and a headpiece. And, depending on the item level, each of them can have a variety of different states, one main one, and up to four sub-stats.

The main stat can change between two different versions of the same item, and the four sub-stats are randomized every four artifact levels. So, if an Artifact lacks the desired stat, simply look for more of the same Artifact and level it up again. It is insignificant, but it’s the kind of thing that eventually leads to the formation of a super-powered team.

At 25+ Levels, Content will Slow Down

Players should be aware that the leveling/content for Genshin Impact begins to slow around Adventure Rank 25, particularly for free-to-play players. It slows down gradually at first, but by AR 30, it begins to slow down significantly.

It’s not like GI isn’t being generous with its microtransactions. But, even when the game was new, it was doing exceptionally well, so we’re confident that even more new content, regions, bosses, and mechanics are on the way. That being said, players should begin preparing themselves early for the late-game grind, whether it’s for talent materials, level-up materials, Mora, or AR exp.

Abyss Spiral Requires Two Advanced Teams

The game requires the player to set up two 4-character teams instead of one on floors 5 and up of the Spiral Abyss. At this point, each level is divided into two halves in which both teams must clear a room/protect something.

If a team isn’t leveled/geared enough to finish their half, the player cannot advance. So, while you’re drowning in Mora and Experience items in the early game, keep this in mind and gradually build up eight characters instead of four to get all of the amazing rewards the Spiral Abyss has to offer.

Characters Have Helpful Passives- Use Them

Genshin Impact PS4 Tips and Tricks

Every character in this game has one Passive that is unlocked as soon as they are collected, as well as a few others that will unlock as that character progresses to Phase 2 and so on. Many of them are insignificant, such as “the time this character spends on certain Expeditions in Mondstadt is reduced.”

Amber, Venti, Ningguang, Qiqi, Klee, Kaeya, and Beidou, on the other hand, are extremely useful for the game’s open-world exploration sections. These passives can do everything from mark Ore on the mini-map (which aids in farming things like White Iron) to reduce the stamina cost of running, gliding, or swimming.

You Are Not Required to Roll 10 Wishes at Once

The initial explanation of the Wish system to players is a little confusing, if not slightly misleading. The game attempts to explain it so that players will always want to Roll/Wish 10 times at once because they will be guaranteed at least one 4-star Weapon/Character if they do. This is correct. However, players are not limited to wishing for 10 fates at a time; they will receive a 4-star for every 10 rolls, whether consecutive or individual.

This Pity system also applies to 5-star rewards in that if a player does not get a 5-star in 89 rolls, they will 100% get one on the 90th. Furthermore, if a player receives a 4-star before their tenth roll, the count resets. Don’t be one of those players who spend thousands of dollars on a single character.

Keep Switching Between Elements and Characters

Genshin Impact PS4 Tips and Tricks

Pay attention to the elements and alternate between characters frequently. Genshin Impact is not a game in which one character is played while the other three are ignored; it simply does not work that way.

The majority of the damage in combat is caused by combining various elements to produce various reactions such as Swirl, Crystalize, Frozen, Melt, or Overloaded. Players must ‘diversify their team’s elements even slightly and become accustomed to constantly switching between their four-man team.

With all these amazing Genshin Impact PS4 Tips and Tricks, we are sure you will have no trouble climbing up those ranks fast. For more such Tips and Tricks on Popular games, kindly visit our website.

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