How Many Bots Are in Apex Legends Mobile

How many bots are in Apex Legends Mobile? The number of bot lobbies in Apex Legends Mobile is all people seem to talk about. But does Apex Legends Mobile actually have bots?

Apex Legends Mobile has proven a hit not just with fans of the original console and PC versions of the game, but also with newbies to the brand. The fact that the game is available on mobile devices allows for a significantly larger user base. That is because so many people own mobile devices that can run the game.

Many seasoned Apex Legends players have tried the smartphone version and loved it. They were pleasantly surprised by how faithful of an adaption it is. However, after a few matches, some fans have wondered if the game is full of bots rather than actual players. We thought it was time for us to finally put this argument to rest. Hence, we are here to answer the question- Does Apex Legends Mobile have bots? And, how many bots are in Apex Legends Mobile?

Does Apex Legend Mobile Have Bots?

Drum roll…the simple answer is YES! Apex Legends Mobile has bots. When you initially enter the battle royale game mode, your first lobby will be filled with bots. This is prevalent in mobile games since players frequently struggle with the controls on mobile devices. It is meant for the newbies to get used to the game. As you play more and your account level and rank grow, the number of bots in your lobby should decrease. The number of bots in their lobby begins to drop around level 5 and is nearly gone by level 8. Level 8 is also the point at which the ranked mode becomes available.

Bots also have little to do with the game’s player population, as they ultimately die and people who have been playing for a while don’t have to deal with them as much. It depends on your skill level whether you will encounter bots or not since new players will encounter them more frequently, but there will still be actual people in your lobbies that match your skill level. Essentially, the better you go in Apex Legends Mobile, the fewer bots you’ll encounter.

How Many Bots Are in Apex Legends Mobile?

If you want to obtain some of the game’s valuable badges, you may use Apex Legends Mobile’s bots. When playing against bots, the 20-kill badge, 4000 damage badge, and “Triple Triple” badge are all simpler to achieve.

Bot lobbies in Apex Legends Mobile are not new. Other Android and iOS battle royale apps, such as PUBG Mobile, Battlegrounds Mobile India, and others, have done the same. It assists the developers in assessing your ability level and matching you based on the information gathered.

Can the Number of Bots in Apex Legends Be Reduced?

Both yes and no. As mentioned above, as you climb the rankings, you are more likely to be paired with actual people, therefore in order to reduce the possibility of receiving bots in your lobby, you should attempt to reach the highest level possible. As previously said, level 5 appears to be the sweet spot for the end of bot hoards, however, this figure may vary depending on your location. To further decrease the possibility of bots in your lobby, play the Ranked mode (unlocked at level 8) rather than the casual playlist.

Of course, gamers that use controllers will easily wipe the floor with the somewhat brain-dead bots in the first few games. Those who are already familiar with Apex’s mechanics may score some free in-game levels by going on a rampage against the bots.

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