Apex Legends Mobile Mirage Perks: Guide, Tips and Tricks

Apex Legends Mobile Mirage Perks: Guide, Tips, and Tricks. Apex Legends Mobile allows Apex Legends players to chase their ambition of becoming Apex Champions using their own mobile phones. As fans of Respawn Entertainment anticipated, the developers adapted and expanded on some of Apex Legends’ strongest elements to make them as effective as possible on a mobile device. As a result, fans can enjoy some of the craziest Apex plays from the convenience of their mobile devices. Mirage is one of the greatest Legends to play with for those who grasp the game’s meta.

Apex Legends Mobile Mirage

Mirage, unlike other Legends, has the remarkable ability to duplicate himself in order to confound opponents. Those fooled will have a difficult time, as Mirage and his clones might dive down and go for the kill. However, how else could gamers make the most of their toolkit?

This article will tell you all about the classic Apex Legend Mirage, its perks, and its builds. We will also tell you how you can be the best Mirage carrier in Apex Legends Mobile. You can refer to our guide on the Best Beginner friendly Legends in Apex Mobile for more exciting content.

Apex Legend Mobile Mirage Overview

Mirage is a Legend who is completely reliant on his talents. As a result, if you want to master Mirage, you need to devote your complete attention to discovering the optimal method to apply your skills. All of his powers, whether passive, tactical, or ultimate, focus on deception and tricking foes. This makes him one of the most enjoyable Legends to play. Since you get to humiliate your opponents, but if the abilities are not employed appropriately, you suffer.

Apex Legends Mobile Mirage


  • Mirage’s skills may cause a lot of uncertainty for adversaries.
  • If you are underutilized your tactical abilities determine whether the adversary is hidden behind a corner.
  • Mirage is a fantastic choice for pushing since he can utilize decoys to deceive adversaries and his cloak to reposition himself if things don’t go as planned.
  • Mirage is also an excellent support character, as his passive allows him to cloak while reviving, allowing him to revive allies without foes knowing.
  • His skills have a relatively low cooldown, so you may use them frequently. The maximum cooldown time is similarly 60 seconds.
  • Experienced players will know how to locate decoys, and once they do, it will be difficult to win the battle.
  • Mirage is ineffective in direct 1v1 combat.
  • If you utilize your skills at the incorrect time, you might potentially lose your side a victory.

Abilities of Mirage in Apex Mobile

Let us now understand what kind of abilities Mirage brings to the table. We will also discuss some of the best Tips and Tricks to use his powers to the fullest.

Passive: Now You See Me

When utilizing Respawn Beacons and resurrecting teammates, you will automatically cloak.

Mirage’s Passive ability’s main power is that when rescuing a teammate, both you and the downed teammate are disguised. This puts Mirage on the same level as Lifeline when it comes to reviving friends. You are also cloaked while utilizing a Respawn Beacon. This is less essential because the spacecraft flying in constantly reveals your position.

Mirage Passive Tips:

  • Mirage’s passive has a secret impact in that if he is knocked, he turns invisible for 5 seconds and leaves a decoy in his stead. However, the fake dies spectacularly, revealing what is happening to an opponent.
  • Use your knockout shield sparingly. Being invisible when downed is a huge advantage, and using the shield will function as a beacon, letting your opponent know precisely where you are.

Tactical: Psyche Out

To confuse the adversary, send out a holographic decoy. You have control over the decoy. The cooldown time is 15 seconds.

Using Mirage’s Tactical ability will cause a holographic decoy to appear in front of you in a straight line. The decoy will run until it is forced to stop or until it reaches the location you specified. However, you may press the Alternate Interact button at any point to cause the decoy to flawlessly copy your motions from wherever it is at the time, giving it a highly genuine appearance.

If an opponent shoots a decoy, his location is highlighted for Mirage. In turn helping his squad to gather important intelligence on hostile whereabouts.

Tactical Ability Tips for Mirage:

  • When you control a decoy, it may mimic your movements such as walking, sprinting, strafing, leaping, and sliding.
  • Each Mirage decoy has 45 health but once hit, it will temporarily flicker to expose that it is a decoy to an adversary. Furthermore, because decoys cannot deflect gunfire, they cannot be employed as cover.
  • At the outset of a battle, you may use this Tactical skill while skydiving to send out a holographic decoy of your whole team in the designated direction.
  • Scouting is the finest use for this aptitude. Control the decoy and make it appear as though you’re peeping over a corner to see whether an adversary is waiting for you.
  • If your decoy becomes stuck or requires careful repositioning, you should be able to swiftly switch between stationary and mirroring your motions. You may move your decoy with astonishing accuracy by toggling when necessary.
  • Send a decoy into Nox Gas to entice the enemy Caustic to divulge their location.
  • It’s generally a good idea to make your motions very predictable in order to appear to be the decoy. It is a risky move, but if it pays off, you’ll have a significant edge.
Apex Legends Mobile Mirage

Ultimate: Party Animal

Mirage sends out a swarm of controlled decoys to distract adversaries. 60 seconds to cool down

Life of the Party, Mirage’s Ultimate, is a heck of a trip for foes. A circle of six decoys moving just like the real Mirage is likely to pose problems for opponents attempting to rapidly kill off the legitimate adversary. Mirage becomes invisible for 1 second just before deploying the squad, preventing foes from determining who the true adversary is.

Ultimate Mirage Tips:

  • This Ultimate ability works nicely with your Passive, enabling you to create uncertainty and buy time while cloaking and resurrecting a fallen comrade.
  • Spread off from your decoys soon after firing your Ultimate, since it’s simple to shoot all decoys in the same burst and find out who is the actual Mirage.
  • Don’t simply use this ability defensively; the minute an adversary sees all of your decoys, it’s frequently the right time to attack.
  • When you need to reload your weapon in close quarters, it’s a smart idea to use your ult. While doing so, turn away from the opponent (resist the urge to keep your gaze fixed on them), as this increases the likelihood of the adversary shooting your decoys instead of you. Then turn around and annihilate them.

Apex Legends Mobile Mirage Perks

Go Down Easy – When a Decoy is shot, it releases a Holo Spray.

At Witt’s End – You and your squadmate are both cloaked after being resurrected.

Take a look over there! – Deploy a decoy automatically when your health drops below 50%.

Finisher Perks

Battle Adaptation – Using your Finisher adds 100 points to the level of your Evo Shield.

Deadly Momentum – Using your Finisher decreases the cooldown of your Ultimate by 50%.

Air-Tight Alibi – Using your Finisher, you can shroud yourself for 2 seconds or until you shoot.

Ability Perks

For My First Impression… – Your Ultimate summons Decoys of one of your Squadmates.

Decoy See, Decoy Do – Decoys ping foes within a specified range but are uncontrollable.

Bamboozle Cloak – When you lose a Decoy, you become invisible for 2 seconds or until you shoot.

Apex Legends Mobile Mirage Tips and Tricks

Mirage, while being categorized as an Offensive Legend, excels in shock-and-awe techniques. He focuses on his illusion-oriented kit to confuse opponents with his dummies and catch adversaries off guard while they’re perplexed. Mirage may be a prankster, but opponents virtually never know whether they’re up against Mirage or one of his clones. When employing him, consider the following strategies:

Mirage may operate as an alternate Recon Legend owing to his decoy, unlike other Legends who nearly always need their skills in combat. Players should always deploy Mirage’s decoy in a broad direction where they believe opponents may be, which might be at their front, back, or flank. This is advantageous since decoys always announce when they are shot, allowing Mirage and his crew time to prepare.

Never be afraid to use Ultimate: Because of the immense havoc that Life Of The Party can generate, Mirage under heavy fire should never be afraid to use this to regroup or hide. The disorientation this causes other foes can allow Mirage to flee and even shoot back, making this useful for emergency healing.

Teammates should hide when down: Because of Mirage’s Passive, teammates should hide instinctively when down so Mirage can reach them and safely revive them. When employed correctly, this may lead to unexpected comebacks and clutches.

Best Weapons Loadout for Mirage in Apex Legends Mobile

Mirage players can take advantage of the slight difficulty in rotations on the mobile platform to sow havoc and score kills. With this in mind, weapons that allow Mirage to alter strategy rapidly depending on where his opponents are and are dependable enough to shoot swiftly when prompted are excellent.

Primary: VK-47 Flatline (Assault Rifle, Heavy)

The VK-47 Flatline, a competitor to the R-301 Carbine in the Assault Rifle category, leads the game in terms of automatic firing in close-to-mid-range combat.

Apex Legends Mobile Mirage

While its fire rate is not as powerful as the R-301, the Flatline excels in terms of magazine space and recoil predictability. The Flatline is a dependable shot in the hands of Mirage, who must constantly be prepared for swift escapes.

Secondary: EVA-8 Auto (Shotgun, Shotgun)

The EVA-8 Auto, like other shotguns, employs unique Shotgun ammunition. The EVA-8 Auto is a solid close-range companion in Mirage’s hands, especially in chaotic scenarios where he and his clones are busily bamboozling opponents at close-range.

While its damage output isn’t as great as the Peacekeeper’s, the EVA-8 Auto’s consistent hipfire, narrow pellet dispersion, and faster reload can make it a dependable friend that ensures Mirage’s survival.

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