Mobile Data Consumption of Apex Legends Mobile

Mobile Data Consumption of Apex Legends Mobile: While Apex Legends brings a unique approach to the now-popular online multiplayer gaming genre, it can be quite taxing for your internet usage. This is especially crucial to remember if you are limited by data constraints to prevent exceeding your budget.

Mobile Data Consumption of Apex Legends Mobile

If you play online games using a mobile hotspot connection or with installed mobile broadband, they can use up a large amount of available data. You may end up without any data for your other important work. While most of these games are OK because they do not require a huge amount of mobile data, Apex Legends is an exception.

In this article, we will help you with some information on the mobile data consumption of Apex Legends Mobile.

Data Consumption for Installing and Updating Apex Legends Mobile

Lucky for you, we have an entire article dedicated to How much Storage Apex Legends Mobile takes. We encourage you to give it a quick read. Also, check out our other blogs here.

Apex Legends, like many online games, receives regular upgrades from EA. These will vary in download size, but the demands on your bandwidth will be minimal – the most substantial upgrade will be no more than 1.5 GB.

Mobile Data Consumption of Apex Legends Mobile

If this is a concern due to data constraints, you may simply switch auto-update off and apply updates manually when you have additional bandwidth.

Mobile Data Used When Playing Apex Legends Mobile?

As previously stated, Apex Legends is highly demanding for an online game, with usage of up to 100 MB each hour. You use data based on your server’s Tick rate, whether voice chat is enabled, and how many players are playing.

Server Tick Rates

A 64-tick server that updates the game 64 times per second requires half the data that a 128-tick server does. Managing your tick server can greatly reduce the game’s data usage.

Voice Chats

If you utilize the voice chat option while playing, expect to consume more bandwidth. When the audio chat option is turned off, your maximum data requirements per hour drop to less than 30 MB. Enabling it boosts your data demand to more than 50 MB per hour.

Frame Rates

The greater your frame rate, the more frequently the game refreshes, resulting in quicker running. Slower frame rates save data, but they also make it more difficult to react fast and seamlessly.

You may alter the frame rate, which is measured in FPS, under the game options. You will also need to turn off the V-Sync (vertical synchronization of frame rates.)

Number of Players

The more people in the game, the more data you will require. This is because your network must connect with the networks of the other players to share information such as location and stats. Because Apex Legends includes 20 teams of three players each, it will consume more data than a smaller multiplayer-mode game.

Average Monthly Data usage in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends gameplay sessions run around 20 minutes and need 15 MB on average for this duration. That may not seem like much, but it may quickly add up. Especially if you do not block updates on your iOS or Android smartphone when using a hotspot. This is due to the smartphone recognizing the mobile hotspot as a wireless internet connection and determining that all applications are eligible for updates at the same time.

If you play the game for one hour per day, you will need an average of 1.8 GB per month, while playing it for two hours per day would require 3.6 GB per month.

Apex Legends is a fun multiplayer game, but it may rapidly deplete your resources if you don’t keep an eye on it. If you want to spend a considerable amount of time on it, upgrading to unlimited internet connections will allow you to play without bandwidth throttles and constraints.

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