How Many People Can Play Genshin Impact?

How many people can play Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact is one of the biggest hits of 2020 thanks to perfect marketing. It has over 21 million registered users right before it was even released. However, only about 80% of those registered users downloaded and played the game. This is still a great success.

How Many People Can Play Genshin Impact?

During their trip over Teyvat’s vast in-game world, Genshin Impact gamers may feel lonely. Defeating enormous enemies and mastering complex riddles might be enjoyable, but fans also want to spend time with their friends. Fortunately, Genshin Impact has an online multiplayer mode that allows players to team up with their friends and explore the planet together.

This article will answer all your questions about the Multiplayer mode of and also tell you how many people can play Genshin Impact.

They may take on difficult domains, discover hidden gems, and achieve difficult tasks via the power of collaboration. Players who have been ignoring online co-op will undoubtedly want to give it a shot.

How to Unlock Multiplayer and Co-op Game Modes?

Before you can begin playing with others, you must complete a series of objectives and primary quests. Don’t worry, it takes some time to unlock. You will soon be able to play with others.

To access Multiplayer and Co-Op modes, you must first reach Adventure Rank 16. There are a few ways to get to Rank 16, they are as follows:

Completing the Prologue’s Main Archon Quests.

First, you’ll arrive in the city of Ronstadt, which serves as one of the primary missions. Following that, you’ll be tasked with cleansing three wind temples scattered across the city. The main quests provide you with a lot of EXP, and the more you acquire, the sooner you can play with other people.

How Many People Can Play Genshin Impact?

In Monstadt, go to the Adventurer’s Guild.

You can begin accumulating EXP after acquiring access to the Adventurer Handbook. When you begin exploring, the Experience tab in the Handbook provides you with lots of Adventure Rank EXP. Cooking, unlocking chests, and activating waypoints all provide EXP.

Investigate the Overworld.

Because there is a lot of lands to traverse, you may get a lot of EXP this way. Waypoints, treasures, dungeons, and Seven Statues will let you grow your map. Take your time; you have a lot of experiences ahead of you.

Rank 12 daily missions

You will be somewhat of a rookie at Genshin Impact by the time you start performing all of these. Because no one loves poor teammates, it’s feasible that the devs will only enable you to activate Multiplayer after you’ve spent some time in the game. Regardless, once you achieve Adventure Rank 16, you can play with others.

How Many People Can Play Genshin Impact?

How to Play with People in Genshin Impact?

You can begin adding your friends at Adventure Rank 16. You won’t have someone to play with if you don’t have any buddies. Your buddies must likewise be at least Adventure Rank 16, otherwise, you will be unable to enter their planet.

Here’s how to invite friends:

  1. Select Friends from the pause menu.
  2. Navigate to the Friends menu’s second tab.
  3. Enter the nine-digit UID number provided by your buddy.
  4. Make a friend request.
  5. You can begin joining their worlds after it has been accepted.
  6. To join, go to the menu and choose Co-Op Mode.
  7. Find a person with whom you wish to play.
  8. Choose Request to Join.
  9. If you are accepted, you may begin playing with your pals.

Instead, after adding friends, you do the following to host sessions:

  1. Select Co-Op Mode from the menu.
  2. Now, in the bottom-right corner, pick My Multiplayer.
  3. Allow Direct Join or Join After Approval from the options.
  4. Allow a buddy to into your world.
How Many People Can Play Genshin Impact?

If you wish to play alone, you may also refuse any join invitations. Because direct join requests allow any buddy to join at any moment, you may wish to enable it if you need to concentrate on primary missions.

Multiplayer Not Working

There are several reasons why you cannot join a friend’s world or why they cannot join yours. These are all fixable, but there’s no promise we’ll be able to list them all. The following are some of the most common:

One player does not equal Adventure Rank 16

You cannot play with someone who does not have Adventure Rank 16. There are no exceptions to this rule, therefore one of you must begin ranking up. Multiplayer is not available until both of you reach Adventure Rank 16.

Connection issues

Bad internet connections can sometimes hinder gamers from participating in Co-Op Mode. To ensure seamless gameplay, a host should have a good internet connection. If you know someone who has bad internet, chances are they won’t be able to host adequately.


If something is seriously incorrect, you should contact the developers for assistance. It may take some time, but your efforts will benefit others who are experiencing the same issue. It is worthwhile to wait for the repair.

Sometimes the difficulties aren’t your fault, but the game makes your life miserable. In this blog post, a Genshin Impact player experienced a bizarre problem that prevented Co-Op play. Fortunately, the problem was resolved with the assistance of the developers.

How Many People Can Play Genshin Impact?

Multiplayer Restrictions in Genshin Impact

When playing Co-Op Mode, there are a few limitations. The most crucial difference from single-player mode is that you will be unable to do Archon Quests and Story Quests when in Co-Op Mode. If you’re currently engaged in one of these or a mission that involves influencing the environment, you’re forced to play alone.

After finishing the task, you’ll have to wait a time before you can play Co-Op again. Logging out and back in again might help speed up the process. This should allow you to play with your buddies again.

Even if you are playing one of the aforementioned quest kinds, you must reactivate any action that needs you to access the Co-Op Mode interface.

You can also join people who have World Levels and Adventure Rank ranges that are lower or equivalent to yours.

In Co-Op Mode, you and a friend can switch between two characters in the group. For three players, the host gets two characters to switch between, while the others each get one. Each participant in a large group is assigned one character.

Through the Party Setup option, you can easily switch your deployed characters out of combat. This allows you to quickly adapt to new assignments.

Through scaling, the amount of people in your party has a direct impact on opponent numbers and variants. Prepare to confront more difficult challenges.

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