How Many Players Can Play Secret Neighbor

How Many Players Can Play Secret Neighbor: The opportunity to play as the spooky Neighbor was the most often requested fan feature when Hello Neighbor on Xbox One first arrived in 2017.

The developers spent two years turning the concept of sneaking into your spooky next-door neighbor’s home into a playable game since the game’s premise nicely lent itself to that idea. and went a little bit further.

How Many Players Can Play Secret Neighbor

In this blog, we will investigate the multiplayer features of Secret Neighbor, most notably, we will try to answer the question of how many players can play Secret Neighbor at once.

How Many Players Can Play Secret Neighbor

The idea of Secret Neighbor is that a group of players jump into the level, during which one of them would have the end goal of betraying everyone else. Eliminating players one by one invisibly while they socially engineer themselves into being trusted by everyone.

Meanwhile, the other players work together to figure out who the Secret Villain is, hiding amongst them. The sheer chaos and confusion that arise during the matches of Secret Neighbor is what makes it a must-try for groups.

The real question is, how many players can play Secret Neighbor at once? To answer simply, six.

Five kids try to discover the identity of the killer who is hiding with them as the sixth kid.

Now, these six players can be randomly invited from the in-game panel or players can invite their friends and family to play with them. The flexibility is endless.

Is Secret Neighbor Split Screen?

Yes, the game Secret Neighbor allows players to use a Split-screen setup. Playing with four friends at once on the same screen is made possible using split-screen. The Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation all have it. Use this split-screen technique to play Secret Neighbor if you only have one screen with you. Up to four players can participate in the game at once. In order to play concurrently with your buddies, use the split-screen.

How Many Players Can Play Secret Neighbor

Introduction to Kids and Mr. Peterson

Let us look at the different kids and their abilities that are offered in the Secret Neighbour game along with a detailed intro to the Villain of the game, Mr. Peterson.

  • Leader, also known as Trinity in the books, has the ability to blind Mr. Peterson and increase everyone’s speed.
  • Brave, who is known as Maritza in the books, has the ability to elude Mr. Peterson and stun him in the process.
  • Using cogwheels, an inventor can create tools and other products.
  • Scout can shoot Mr. Peterson with nuts.
  • The detective, known as Enzo in the books, may use the intel to find keys. And can display a picture of a key.
  • Bagger has space in his inventory for things and receives a new slot every four minutes.

Mr. Peterson: The Neighbor

  • Scary Neighbor can assume the shape of a neighboring kid unless he has already abducted them, in that case, he must use another youngster. He can set up bear traps to capture the kids. And last, you become angry after seven blows. You can now kidnap children more quickly because you are speedier and invincible.
  • Clown can assume the appearance of common things to try to mislead the players, and you can even continue to move in this shape indefinitely. He surprises the players by dropping a smoke bomb. Children’s health is decreased, their vision may be obscured, and Clown will have no attachments, allowing him to slyly abduct children. The final trait is passive. You can engage in another engagement when a child escapes from your control because they will be blinded and unable to see.
  • The children can be remote-captured by Butcher using a Meat Hook. He will cry “Booyah!” after successfully snatching a child to indicate that they will vanish. The pathfinder follows. He can follow the kids by spotting the airborne trails they leave behind. Finally, his Fake Crows will create a fake key location that, once accessed, will vanish without a key.
  • Ghost is able to get through barriers and temporarily turn out lights. He will giggle as he uses the ability to turn off the lights. He can pass through walls and ambush children from behind.
How Many Players Can Play Secret Neighbor


Choose wisely and trust even more wisely in this social horror game of outsmarting the players. Stay safe from the Neighbor and give them hell. This is all there is to How Many Players Can Play Secret Neighbor, SIX!

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