Remnant 2: Shattered Gallery Walkthrough

Remnant 2: Shattered Gallery Walkthrough: In Remnant 2, the Shattered Gallery is a dangerous but rewarding location with powerful enemies and priceless items. Armored Fae and Lantern Horror are only a couple of the enemies you’ll encounter; you should be prepared to fight them. Additionally, you must beat Magister Dullain in the game’s final boss battle to receive rare crafting materials.

Remnant 2: Shattered Gallery Walkthrough

On Remnant 2, the Shattered Gallery is a place that is very difficult to find. There are numerous spots in this game where it is always preferable to research the loot and creatures you may encounter before exploring.

Just that is what we will be doing in this article, we will talk about the gameplay features of Remnant 2 Shattered Gallery along with its complete walkthrough.

What Is Shattered Gallery Remnant 2?

For its remarkable ambient design and atmospheric components, Shattered Gallery is recognized. Your epic adventures will have an evocative backdrop in this place, which is rich in mystery and history with ancient artifacts towering over the present. The Shattered Gallery is more than just a pretty scene; it is a dynamic, ever-evolving setting that responds and changes as you dive further into its mysteries.

Let us thoroughly examine what exactly is the Shattered Gallery and what it offers the players of Remnants 2:

  • Remnant 2’s Shattered Gallery is home to various formidable foes, each with its advantages and disadvantages.
  • The terrifying Armored Fae and the mysterious Lantern Horror are two examples of enemies.
  • Upon winning a battle, significant riches and equipment are promised.
  • The Fae Hunter Ring is one of the most sought-after things in Shattered Gallery.
  • Your weaponry’ range is increased by 30% thanks to the Fae Hunter Ring, giving you a considerable tactical advantage.
  • Magister Dullain, the gallery’s boss, presents the largest obstacle.
  • Magister Dullain represents a significant threat, but his defeat will bring you great benefits.
  • With its distinctive items and powerful foes, Shattered Gallery provides countless options for exploration and warfare.
  • This guide offers the information and methods required to overcome the obstacles in Shattered Gallery and discover its mysteries.

The Shattered Gallery promises to be an unforgettable experience, regardless of whether you are a seasoned veteran or a beginner to the Remnant series.

Fae Hunter Ring Artifact

The Fae Hunter Ring is an amazing object with a fascinating past. It relaxes the wearer, steadies their breath, and extends the range of firearms by an amazing 30%. It was previously worn by the king’s hunters. This effect can significantly alter the course of a battle, especially in difficult situations where accuracy and range are crucial.

Remnant 2: Shattered Gallery Walkthrough

All Enemies In Shattered Gallery Of Remnant 2

You will come across a number of bosses in the Shattered Gallery of Remnant 2, each of whom presents a different set of difficulties with their own distinctive fighting techniques. Survival and success depend on an understanding of these foes, their advantages and disadvantages.

Armored Fae

You can expect to run against Armored Fae in the Shattered Gallery. These foes are covered in thick armor, as their name would imply, making them immune to most attacks.

Lantern Horror

Another foe that prowls the Shattered Gallery is the Lantern Horror. This horrifying creature has a gaping mouth full of deadly fangs and holds a lamp in its right hand. After being killed, Lantern Horror explodes, thus you must get away swiftly to minimize damage.

Melee Fae

Melee faes are experts in close-quarters fighting and fast melee attackers. To beat these foes, precise timing and positioning are needed. Keep a watch on how they attack, and counterattack when you spot a chance.

Ranged Fae

In contrast to their fighting cousins, ranged Fae fight from a distance. These flying Fae are capable of heavy harm from a distance. Precision aiming is essential while dealing with them because their weakness is in their thoughts.

Just a fraction of the enemies you’ll run with in the Shattered Gallery are listed above. You’ll need to study and adjust to the diverse styles and assault patterns that each of these foes use. But keep in mind that killing these adversaries gives you the chance to earn a variety of resources and equipment in addition to ensuring your life.

Remnant 2: Shattered Gallery: Magister Dullain Boss Fight Walkthrough

The boss fight with Magister Dullain is one of the Shattered Gallery of Remnant 2’s most difficult obstacles. This encounter puts strategy, skill, and resiliency to the test, yet mastering it results in valuable benefits and a profound sense of fulfillment.

The Shattered Gallery is haunted by the frightening creature known as Magister Dullain. As a boss, Dullain poses a greater threat than the ordinary foes you may encounter. Bosses are known to defend exclusive areas or goods and are crucial to Remnant 2’s lore and primary plot.


In the realm of Losomn, Magister Dullain resides in the Shattered Gallery. When you run across him, get ready for a tough fight.

Magister Dullain Boss Fight Tips and Tricks

Every boss in Remnant 2 has a unique weakness that players can take advantage of; Magister Dullain’s tongue is that weakness. Aim target the tongue whenever you can to deal the most damage when fighting Magister Dullain.

Players have the option to interact with or avoid Dullain because he is an optional boss. The rewards for defeating Dullain, however, make it desirable to engage in battle.


A significant amount of loot is awarded to players who defeat Magister Dullain. When defeated, Magister Dullain drops Tainted Ichor, Scrap, Lumenite Crystals, and a Tome of Knowledge. These materials are extremely important for character development and crafting.

An essential component of the Shattered Gallery experience is facing Magister Dullain. Your talent and fortitude will be put to the test in this encounter, but keep in mind that with the right approach and persistence, you can overcome any difficulty in Remnant 2.


This completes our in-depth explanation of the Shattered Gallery Walkthrough. Keep in mind that this is just one of the game’s numerous explorable worlds. As a result, some of the wealth found here is also present in other places.

Furthermore, because the game is still rather young, there may be things that are difficult to investigate or that we haven’t been able to cover. We will make every effort to keep you informed, nevertheless. Follow Gameophobic for more!

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