How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact? In this article, we take a look at the age, birthdate, and background of every playable character in Genshin Impact, including the new Sumeru residents who have recently been added to Genshin Impact.

How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play RPG that lets you explore the magnificent world of Teyvat by fulfilling tasks, defeating foes, and learning about its residents’ secrets. This is largely done through the perspective of the Travellers, a separated pair of twin siblings. You’ll play as either Lumine or Aether, and on your quest to find your sister, you’ll meet a variety of intriguing characters that can join your group.

How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact- Alphabetically Listed

Genshin has created a diverse cast of people for us to fall in love with. Each one has its own backstory, as well as distinct talents and skills. Since the game’s initial release, more characters have been added to the roster, and more information about the characters’ backstories has been added to the game’s mythology via in-game events and the Genshin Impact manga. This list contains basic information on each Genshin Impact character, such as their birthdate, age, and height. Some of these statistics are best estimations, although each character’s entry specifies this. All of the characters are arranged alphabetically. So, without any more delay, let us find out how old are characters of Genshin Impact.

Table Showing How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact

AlbedoSeptember 1318-22
AmberAugust 1018
BarbaraJuly 516-18
BeidouFebruary 1421-27
BennettFebruary 2916-17
ChongyunSeptember 718-20
ColleiMay 815-16
CynoJune 2318-20
DilucApril 3022
DionaJanuary 1812
DoriDecember 21Unknown
EulaOctober 2520-22
FischlMay 2716
GanyuDecember 23,000+
GorouMay 1818-22
Hu TaoJuly 1519
JeanMarch 1420-22
KaeyaNovember 3020
Kamisato AyakaSeptember 2819-22
Kamisato AyatoMarch 2624-26
KazuhaOctober 2918-22
KeqingNovember 2018-24
KokomiFebruary 2219-23
KleeJuly 275-8
Kujou SaraJuly 1420-25
Kuki Shinobu??????
LisaJune 932
MonaAugust 3119
NingguangAugust 2626
NoelleMarch 2115
PaimonJune 17 / 1,000+
QiqiMarch 3100+, 8
Raiden ShogunJune 2624-27 / 3,000+
RazorSeptember 916
RosariaJanuary 2424
SayuOctober 1916-18
ShenheMarch 10Unknown
Shikanoin HeizouJuly 2418-19
SucroseNovember 2618
Tartaglia (Childe)July 2019-21
ThomaJanuary 924-26
TravelerPlayer Data18-21 / 500+
VentiJune 1618-21 / 2,600+
XianglingNovember 214
XiaoApril 172,000+
XingqiuOctober 918-20
XinyanOctober 1616-18
YanfeiJuly 2819-23
Yae MikoJune 27500+
YelanJuly 2820-22
YoimiyaJune 2120-23
Yun JinMay 2118-20
ZhongliDecember 3128 / 6,000+


How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

Albedo, commonly known as the Kreideprinz, is a knowledge-hungry alchemist. This has led him to the role of Chief Alchemist and Captain of the Knights of Favonius’ Investigation Team in Mondstadt. He is supported by Sucrose and Timaeus, and he enjoys researching and comprehending cryptic knowledge from previous generations of scholars.

He is also an artist, and while he has illustrated Xingqiu’s novels, many of his works remain incomplete. Most of his energy is supposed to be spent picking through Klee’s mess. He was recently shown to be harboring a significant secret regarding his identity, which will most certainly affect future plots.


Amber is the last of her type among the Knights of Favonius, carrying the forgotten practice of being an Outrider. She is also a three-time winner of the Mondstadt Gliding Championship.

She’s nice and cheery, enthusiastic about her work, always eager, and to the point. Amber follows the Knights’ code and is unafraid to face any challenge that comes her way.


How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

Barbara, Jean’s younger sister, aspires to be as talented (and tall) as her older sister. She is the deaconess of the Church of Favonius and vows to make the people of Mondstadt feel better emotionally and physically.

She is a source of joy and is well-known for her love of music. She’s a self-proclaimed ‘idol,’ and her music has been well received by the community, albeit slowly.


Beidou, Captain of the Crux Fleet, derives his power and authority from years of experience as one of the cast’s oldest characters.

All her crew knows they can trust her with their lives since she is said to be able to bring even the most tumultuous storms to her mercy. She is well-known across Liyue for her fearlessness in the face of the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixang, Ningguang.


Bennett, everyone’s favorite go-getter, is the orphan of the Mondstadt Adventurers Guild. Despite the fact that tragedy follows him about like a shadow, his resolve keeps him going as the final member of “Benny’s Adventure Team.”

Fortunately for him, Katheryne lacks the courage to strike the team from the books.


How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

Candace is supposed to be a descendant of King Deshret, chosen by the gods to be the protector of Aaru Village. Her multicolored eyes make her stick out, which some find terrifying, especially when paired with her ability to channel the power of the dessert.

On the other hand, Candace is exceedingly nice and will assist anyone in need. She greets tourists and looks after everyone in the community. This generosity, however, should not be misinterpreted as a weakness. Those who break the rules of the community will pay a high price.


Collei was a sickly child who was brought to a seer in an attempt to save her life. The seer, known as Eleazar, claimed to have a cure for the ailment, so Collei’s mother turned her up to save her daughter’s life. Unfortunately, this was a hoax, and Collei became a test subject for Fatui studies as a result.

We don’t know how she managed to break free from the Fatui, but she is now an outcast. She is extremely negative and thirsty for vengeance. She’s just about 16 years old, but she’s been under Fatui control for most of her life.


How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

Chongyun’s cheerfulness is all he needs to ward off any bad spirits that may be lurking nearby, making him ideal for continuing the family business of exorcism. However, although this makes him extremely successful, it also puts him at a disadvantage.

He’d rather face an evil spirit to better his talent, despite never having encountered one because they fled his intrinsic high spirits.


Outside of his academic function, which he takes very seriously, he likes playing TCGs, making (poor) jokes, and having fun with his pals, among whom is Collei.


How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

This feisty young man with a short fuse was formerly a devoted member of the Knights of Favonius. Once ardent and determined to safeguard Mondstadt no matter what, his internal flame faded following his father’s death when he was 18 years old.

He is no longer a knight and has inherited the Dawn Winery from his father. He continues to protect Mondstadt as a vigilante rather than a knight.


Diona is remarkable in that she is a prominent bartender who creates wonderful cocktails while abstaining from alcohol. She is always preparing exquisite cocktails, which is both a benefit and a burden. This aversion to alcohol is most likely the result of being ignored by her father Draff during his drunken stupors.

She has non-human blood and is extremely protective of others. She seeks companionship and is constantly willing to assist people


How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

Dori is a Sumeru trader who enjoys being resourceful and collecting high-quality things of questionable provenance. She thoroughly screens her customers before persuading them to part with their Mora.

While some consider her an unethical scam artist, others are willing to pay her exorbitant rates in order to obtain rare artifacts that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. Dori is unconcerned with her reputation, preferring to concentrate on keeping herself and her customers out of problems with the police while raking in the cash.


Eula is a descendant of the Lawrence Clan, who governed Mondstadt with an iron grip in the past. She is touted as an exceptional Spindrift Knight and the Captain of the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Company, however, we have no idea how this came to be.

Despite her noble ancestry, Eula has a radically different viewpoint than her family. She is one of the few aristocrats who recognizes that the clan’s actions against Mondstadt were unlawful, which leads them to see her as a traitor. Eula is a free-spirited individual who may be a dependable ally and friend. Many, though, cannot forget her ancestors, and she fights to be considered in the same light.


How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

Luftschloss Fischl Narfidort introduces herself as “Prinzessin der Verurteilung” and claims that she has come in Mondstadt after being expelled from the otherworld. She is an Adventurers’ Guild investigator who is constantly accompanied by Oz, her night raven companion.

She has been a member of the guild since she was 14 years old and likes speaking in more sophisticated words. This is so often that the Adventurers make a joke about needing a “Fischl Dictionary” to decipher her remarks.


Ganyu is half-human, half-Adeptus, with a qilin ancestry. This means she possesses traits derived from both humans and Gods. She is a dedicated worker who is also bashful and reserved. Ganyu is Liyue Qixing’s ambassador and secretary, and she manages an enormous task with ease.

She also maintains good ties with others, including Beidou, who has a bad reputation among the Qixang.


How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

Gorou is the resistance’s general and leader in the struggle against the Vision Hunt Decree. He is regarded as truthful, loyal, and trustworthy. Gorou speaks his mind and frequently fails to regard the sentiments of others, yet people are drawn to him.

He possesses dog blood, which has given him bodily animal characteristics such as ears and a tail. He is also capable of comprehending dog barks.

Shikanoin Heizou

How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

Heizou works at the Tenryou Commission in Inazuma. However, it appears that not everyone is pleased with this. Kujou Sara keeps him around because his remarkable intuition and logical thinking produce results, although he fights with fellow Commission employee Thoma. This is attributed to Heizou’s rebellious temperament and desire to follow his own thinking rather than any constraints imposed by others.

Heizou, while not the easiest person to get along with, is lively and gregarious, with a crazy imagination. He employs unconventional techniques of deduction, yet no one can dispute that he achieves results.

Hu Tao

Hu Tao is the 77th director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. She is a peculiar character that likes pranking others. Hu Tao enjoys staying active and is frequently regarded as odd.

Her peculiar nature has earned her the scorn of many, especially Qiqi. Hu Tao readily accepts death, which might come out as cruel. She just respects the process, which is crucial for her work.

Arataki Itto

Itto is the leader of Hanamizaka’s Arataki Gang. He is an oni, which means he has two crimson horns on his brow. He is also notable for his piercing voice and large stature. Despite his frightening stature, he is a free spirit with a zest for life who is typically content.

Itto is not a villain, but he is also not a law-abiding person. He is prone to getting into problems, but he has a strong sense of fairness and justice. Inazuma’s children adore him, and he frequently engages in games with them.


How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

Despite her youth, the graceful and poised Jean Gunnhildr is already Acting Grand Master. Although she benefited from the Gunnhildr name as the eldest child and heir of Mondstadt’s oldest dynasty of knights, her reputed dependability is unquestionably earned via her drive and devotion to protecting the city.

She works hard and constantly prioritizes the needs of the people of Mondstadt, often to her disadvantage.

Kaedehara Kazuha

How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

Kaedehara Kazuha is the first Inazuma-born character we’ve encountered. He’s a samurai and a kind spirit with his own set of rules. Since Beidou took him in, we first meet him onboard the Crux.

He is opposed to Baal, who labeled him a criminal and forced him into his current condition. Kaedehara Kazuha has journeyed across Teyvat and has become connected to nature as a result of his experiences.


Diluc’s adoptive elder brother, Kaeya, is a quirky character. He’s also the Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius and Jean Gunnhildr, the Acting Grand Master’s trusted aide. After all, with his persuasive tongue and strategic approach to missions, how could he not be?

Kaeya uses his charm to gather information and make others rethink their own morals. He is frequently regarded as the mind behind the Knights of Favonius.


Keqing is everyone’s favorite sceptic, and even the gods like him. Her youthful and fresh perspective is just what the people of Liyue require as her unorthodox approach to life leads the way into the future, teaching others to forge their path.

She is the Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing and believes that the archons and adept should let mankind decide their fate.


Klee’s Playtime is harmful to anybody within a 30-foot radius. Her favorite toy, like any curious toddler, is anything that goes boom. Her mother, an adventurer, gave her to the Knights of Favonius.

Klee enjoys fish blasting, but Jean frequently confines her to solitary confinement. Other Knights have joined Jean in keeping an eye on Klee. Kaeya has given her survival guidelines to follow, and Albedo adores her, spending most of his time trying to keep her out of mischief.

Kujou Sara

Kujou Sara is a Kujou clan member that serves as Raiden Shogun’s aide and bodyguard. She aids in the enforcement of the vision edict and was previously referenced in Kazuha’s history. In a duel, she overcame Kazuha’s buddy, killing him and forcing Kazuha to depart Inazuma.

She is devoted and fierce, although she despises dishonorable deeds like torture. This was difficult for Kazuha to grasp in his dealings with her because she is loyal to Raiden Shogun, who is oppressing the area with her region lockdown and vision hunt edict.

Kuki Shinobu

How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

Kuki is the Arakati Gang’s second boss, and her major responsibility is to keep Itto out of danger. Her family regards her as a renegade for rejecting the path of Shrine Maiden that her parents pushed her and her Miyuki sister along. As a result, she has a strained relationship with her parents, which she keeps to herself, preferring to keep her private matters secret.

She’s more professional and well-spoken than the rest of the gang, frequently playing the role of the wise one, keeping the others out of trouble. If you offend her, look out because she has a temper you don’t want to witness.


Lisa is a gifted witch who was formerly a well-known and renowned great magician. Unless your library books are overdue, she’s a clever woman who enjoys naps and comes across as easy-going and flirty.

While many books appear too boring to Lisa, she has a specific interest in the restricted area and takes a personal interest if goods are not returned on time.

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Mona is an astrologist that goes by the name “Astrologist Mona Megistus” and is highly skilled in her area. However, she does not believe in utilizing her abilities to make money, preferring to provide frank and direct fortunes for free.

Her money is generated by writing for an Astrology column. As a result, she leads a thrifty lifestyle, continually investing in studies to advance her talents, even if it means foregoing basics.


How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

Lesser Lord Kusani, the Dendro Archon, has chosen Nahida as his vessel. The backstory around Sumeru’s Archon is extensive, but we see throughout gameplay that Nahida only wants the best for Sumeru’s population. Her being an innocent youngster and learning about the term fits perfectly, as we see her attempting to figure out the best way to protect everyone.

Nahida has a keen interest in games and riddles, and she appears to be hungry for information. You’ll get to know her through Sumeru’s Archon missions and learn more about this one-of-a-kind Archon.

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How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

Nilou is most well-known for her enthralling dance. She enchants audiences while she plays at the Zubayr Theatre. Nilou is much different when she is not on stage, despite seeming confident and aloof.

You’ll meet her on your Sumeru adventures and find her to be warm, lovely, sweet, and innocent. She is very delighted to talk about dance, and her goal was to perform the Dance of the Sabzeruz in celebration of the Dendro Archon, surrounded by purple Padisarahs.


How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

As Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing, Ningguang commands respect in Liyue. She’s accumulated a substantial personal fortune through hard work and dedication, allowing her to construct the Jade Chamber.

Ningguang maintains order in Liyue while also hunting for commercial possibilities. She’s astute and always on the lookout for fresh chances.


Despite the fact that it is her obligation as a maid, she likes assisting people. Noelle, like everyone’s younger sister whom everyone can’t help but root for in life, has high goals and aspires to join one of the Knights of Favonius.

While many others share her aspirations, her unwavering desire to develop and learn will undoubtedly lead her to success. Noelle will do everything she can to meet your needs.

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Qiqi is a zombie who was revived as a kid by the Adepti. Baizhu currently supervises her job at Liyue Harbor’s Babu Pharmacy. She is quite forgetful and has difficulty remembering things.

Due to a quirk of awakening oneself, she also needs to instruct herself to do things before she accomplishes them.

Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun is the vessel of Beelzebul, the Inazuma Electro Archon. Beelzebul is a twin who, together with her sister Baal, won the Archon war and formed the Shogunate. With the population of Inazuma believing that there was only one god, Baal, Beelzebul became the face of the Electro Archon.

After her sister died, Beelzebul gave the authority of the territory to her “puppet” or “vassel,” Raiden Shogun, who now believes unequivocally in the notion of Eternity. She administers the vision hunt decree, which is executed by the Kujou Clan, who govern security and military matters in Inazuma, in pursuit of the construction of a place where everything remains the same, a vision endorsed by many followers who worship her.


How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

After being abandoned as a newborn, Razor was raised by Andrius, the Wolf of the North, and his wolf pack. He is at ease in the wilderness, but he has just begun to mingle with the people of Mondstadt.

He will aggressively defend his wolf pack kin, yet he regards humans as pals. He’s protective and honest, yet owing to his past, he lacks social graces.


Rosaria is a sister at the Church of Favonius in Mondstadt, but you wouldn’t know it unless you noticed her distinctive take on nun’s garb.

She’s a volatile lady who is frequently seen as harsh and cold. If you’re hoping to see her during choir practice, don’t; she refuses to go since it’s “boring.” Instead, she focuses on the city’s safety, eradicating any risks she perceives.

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Sangonomiya Kokomi

How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

Sangonomiya Kokomi is the Divine Priestess of Inazuma’s Watatsumi Island. She is a Sangonomiya clan descendant who is presently commanding the Sangonomiya Resistance.

She is a talented strategist, and while she is not always directly involved in Watatsumi’s day-to-day business, she is actively fighting the Vision Decree.


Sayu is a young woman with a childlike look due to her little stature and delicate features. She is exceptionally powerful because of her eyesight, which helps her to yield a Claymore, which is no simple task for someone her size. She is, however, highly self-conscious about her height and aspires to become taller.

Sayu frequently neglects her other obligations as Shuumatsuban’s resident ninja in order to grow, assuming that napping will solve her troubles. She has acquired a variety of ninjutsu techniques in order to avoid opponents and take a nap instead of fighting.


How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

Shenhe was born into an exorcist family, but instead of being raised in this profession, her father abandoned her as a sacrifice. It’s unknown how she managed to survive the monster she confronted, but she did.

She would climb Mt. Hulao and gaze at the clouds before scavenging for food in the surrounding region. Cloud Retainer saw her conduct and gave her the option to sever dies in the mortal world. Shenhe took advantage of this right away, enrolling as an Adepti student. She’s been secluded for several years, which has caused her to grow aloof and apathetic.

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Sucrose is Albedo’s personal assistant who specializes in bio-alchemy. She has an intense curiosity and wants to use science to better the world.

During her time in Mondstadt, she made a number of unique items, including gigantic Dandelions. She is frequently seen experimenting and thoroughly recording her outcomes, which are frequently mixed in terms of success.


How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

Tartaglia is most often known as Childe. He is the eleventh of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers and is regarded as one of the most deadly.

Childe, who is in charge of Fatui financing in Liyue, thrives on instability. He is self-assured and loud, frequently looking unexpected and devious.

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Traveler first met Thoma when they arrived at Inazuma. As the Kamisato Clan’s cleaner, he is also a noted ‘fixer’ of issues, as seen during the Archon quest chain. He is very pleasant and blends in with any crowd. This approachability aids him in carrying out his responsibilities.

While he is Ayaka’s assistant, she also considers him a friend. Thoma is responsible and serious, which complements Ayaka’s demeanor and allows the two to work well together.


Tighnari is an Avidya Forest Forest Watcher. He is firm and trustworthy, acting as a guide for people who are lost as well as a guardian of the environment. He’s an excellent communicator who wants to teach anyone he meets about forest stewardship.

As a graduate, he joined the rangers and observed a disorganized bunch with a decent heart. He assisted them in becoming a more effective and unified organization, effectively safeguarding the area.


How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

The primary character of the game is Traveler, and you will complete story objectives as either Lumine, the female twin, or Aether, the male twin, both of whom are referred to as Traveler throughout the game. Whichever option you select, they will be looking for their sibling.

We don’t know how ancient they are, although they’re thought to be more than 3000 years old. The twins were separated after fighting an ancient God while attempting to flee Teyvat during a great conflict known as the Archon War. Each is now looking for the other.


Venti is a wine-loving poet who had the misfortune to arrive in mortal form as a minor. He is the Anemo Archon, Barbatos, and he is thousands of years old.

He enjoys poetry and playing the Lyre, and he possesses exceptional musical skills. This is what has made him such a popular bard, with people willing to buy wine for him in return for songs.


Xiangling is a culinary master. Xianling, 14 years old, is the waitress and chief chef of the family company, Wanmin Restaurant.

Her abilities have gained her high regard among the people. She is noted for deviating from the Liyue traditions of Li and Yue styles of cuisine, instead opting for innovative culinary ingredients and a focus on flavor above tradition.


How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

Xiao is an Adeptus and the only remaining Yaksha of the five dispatched to Liyue to pacify evil spirits. His Yaksha name is Alatus, but he presently lives alone at the Wangshu Inn under the alias Xiao. He is courteous and quiet, preferring to be alone rather than in the company of others.

This is because he is always in agony as a result of terrible karma accumulated in the course of his tasks, which he does not like to impose on anybody else.


Xingqiu is the manager’s son at the Feiyun Trade Guild, but he favors reading to commerce. He’s courteous and well-mannered, and he’s frequently found reading or studying.

This well-read teenager has a naughty side and aspires to be one of the heroes he learns about in his novels. While his shenanigans have gotten the guild into difficulty, he is always able to talk his way out of a jam.

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Xinyan is working alone to spread rock ‘n’ roll in Liyue, a sound that originated in Fontaine. Her spirit is filled with music, and she usually plays across Liyue Harbor.

She’s outspoken, stubborn, passionate, rebellious, and everything else that a great rockstar should be. She delivers self-penned songs to everyone who would listen, using a guitar she manufactured herself, spreading her music to Liyue one day at a time.

Yae Miko

How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

Miko is the Guuji of the Grand Narakami Shrine, while Yae is the Chief Priest. We don’t know how long she’s been in this job, although she’s mentioned by multiple Archons and characterized as an “old friend” of both Morax and Baal, implying that it’s been a long time. She is also one of Raiden Shogun’s closest pals, with whom he shares a first name.

Miko also shows a different side when she runs the Yae Publishing House. This fuels her passion for reading and literature in general, and her being here boosts her spirits. She is a Kitsune and has a fox form, although we have yet to see it.

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Yanfei, like Ganyu, was born to a human mother and an Adeptus father. Her parents went on an expedition when she was older, leaving her in the care of Madam Ping, who knew her father. Yanfei, who now lives in Liyue, has made a name for herself as a very capable legal counsel.

Yanfei’s Adeptus ancestry does not appear to bother her. Because she was born in peacetime, she lives her life like any other human in the city and has never signed into a contract with Rex Lapis. She is extremely clever and informed, and she has a strong sense of fairness. Her love is the law, and she has learned everything she can about it. While she specializes in Liyue law, she also has a legal understanding of other parts of Teyvat. She takes her job seriously, and Ningguang admires her legal expertise.


Yelan claims to work for the Ministry of Civil Affairs, but after examining the former owner, he is claimed to have taken over operations at the Yangshang Teahouse on the side. The Liyue “tea shop” provides terrible service and is inaccessible to gamers. It serves as a fa├žade for the casino that Yelan currently runs.

Yelan is kind and polite in public, but he keeps a low profile. She still works for the Ministry, and her information is reliable enough that Ningguang tolerates her absence, while Keqing enjoys whatever assistance she can obtain.


How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

Yoimaya Naganohara is Ryuunosuke Naganohara’s daughter and the owner of Naganohara Fireworks. Her father is deaf, but she still enjoys telling him about the store, which she operates with the same care as he did.

She is well-known for her loyalty and desire to assist her clients with problems that are unrelated to pyrotechnics. Yoimaya is also renowned for being chaotic and impulsive at times, although she has lots of people eager to assist her.

Yun Jin

How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

Yun Jin is a playwright, director, and vocalist who is well-known for putting on plays for the people of Liyue. She is the director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe and is well-known for her versatility, exquisite singing, and intricate costuming.

She has a close connection with Xinyan and is known to be quite sociable in private, but has a more graceful and sophisticated public demeanor when she is out and about in Liyue.

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How Old Are Different Characters of Genshin Impact?

Zhongli works at the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor and is always quiet and peaceful. He knows a lot about Liyue’s history and culture, which was later revealed to be related to his actual identity.

Zhongli takes life seriously, yet is frequently oblivious to the reality of mortality. Despite his willingness to freely spend Mora, he is best renowned for missing his wallet.

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