How to Add Friends in Minecraft Legends

How to Add Friends in Minecraft Legends: Every game Mojang has released featuring Minecraft has included multiplayer at its core, except Minecraft Story Mode. The same is true in Minecraft Legends and even goes a step further. This is the first Minecraft game that was made specifically to offer a multiplayer PvP experience from the ground up.

How to Add Friends in Minecraft Legends

With friends, you may play Minecraft Legends multiplayer online in competitive or cooperative modes, working together to fight the Piglins or going head-to-head in Versus Mode. These two games present quite different gameplay mechanics.

Allow us this opportunity to explain how to add friends in Minecraft: Legends and play the various game modes with friends.

How to Play Minecraft Legends with Friends

Any of the main game modes described below, including online multiplayer, can be used to play Minecraft Legends:

  • Campaign: 4 Player Co-op Gameplay
  • Versus: 2-8 Player Competitive Multiplayer
  • Lost Legends & Myths: 4-Player Co-op Gameplay

It is important to note that if you’re using a console that needs an online service subscription for multiplayer—like Xbox Gold, PS Plus, or the Nintendo Switch Online membership—you’ll need to make sure you have one. You won’t be able to play the online mode without one.

Campaign in Co-op Multiplayer and How to Add Friends in Minecraft Legends

Simply click the “New Game” button to launch your friends list, and then hit TAB or select the “Friends” icon at the bottom of your screen to begin a new campaign with your pals. You can also tap the button that is shown at the bottom of the screen next to “Friends” if you’re using a controller or Switch.

While the planet loads, you can choose and invite anyone on your friends list to join your game. Three other friends at most may join you in your campaign.

When setting up a new or current game, you may find the Friends button at the bottom of the screen. To invite others to your world, simply click it!

You can all load into the same globe at once once everyone has accepted your invitations by just starting the game. Simple!

The same method can be used to ask friends to join an already-running Campaign game. To convert the single-player game into multiplayer, simply choose the current Campaign game and invite your friends.

How to Join a Minecraft Legends Multiplayer Game

A host’s friends can join their game without an invitation only if the player access setting for their game is set to “Friends” rather than “Invite Only” in the player settings.

In Minecraft Legends, click the “Friends” button at the bottom of the main menu screen. Then click the host’s name and choose “Join Game” to join an active multiplayer game. Your entry into the host’s multiplayer game will be automatic.

Versus Mode and Competitive Multiplayer in Minecraft Legends

The second and primary competitive online multiplayer component where players may engage in combat is called Versus Mode. Versus offers both random matchmaking and the possibility to play with friends. However, communication barriers may be an issue. Players have the choice of playing 1v1 or in 4v4 teams, therefore there are also team alternatives.

In the multiplayer mode, each side is given an orange or blue base on a large map, and the objective is to demolish the base of the other team before they do. Teams undoubtedly have a significant impact on how this game is played because some players can protect the base while others go on the offensive.

How to Add Friends in Minecraft Legends

Lost Legends & Myths Cooperative Multiplayer

The cooperative game option, The Lost Legends & Myths, allows up to four players to work together to defeat one-time challenges that can be downloaded once a month. It functions similarly to the co-op campaign in that it uses pooled resources and special Allays.

Contrary to the campaign, players cannot join a game that is already underway. You must first make the lobby before beginning the challenge, with all the same limitations as in the tale.

Does Minecraft Legends have Crossplay?

All platforms for Minecraft Legends have complete crossplay support. As a result, users on PC and Xbox, Playstation, and Switch can simply play together, and vice versa.

You only need to make sure that the friends you want to invite to your Minecraft Legends multiplayer games are friends with you on your Microsoft account.


That wraps up our quick and easy guide on All the multiplayer modes in the newly launched Minecraft Legends. Do not forget to visit our website, Gameophobic for more exclusive Minecraft content!

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