How to Sell Property in GTA V Online

How to Sell Property in GTA V Online: Players have a wide variety of ways to make money in GTA Online. While some of them are fairly apparent, like heists and contact missions, others remain undetected.

How to Sell Property in GTA V Online

The exchange of player-owned assets is one of those “hidden” ways to make money. Players can still exchange homes to make money in GTA Online even though it is not quite feasible to sell homes outright.

You might be pondering if you can sell real estate in GTA Online as you begin to build your empire of passive income. It’s essential to understand how the market functions from the other side because it takes a lot of time and money to acquire these significant pieces of virtual real estate.

In this article, we’ll explain how selling real estate functions in Grand Theft Auto Online and how to sell properties in GTA 5

How to Sell Property in GTA V Online

No is the simplest response to this query. Unfortunately, you cannot sell any property you buy in GTA Online immediately, not even at a discount. No matter what kind of structure it is—whether it’s an apartment or a garage—once you buy it, you cannot get all of your money back.

In GTA Online, there is no means to directly sell any of your profitable property. For instance, once you purchase a Bunker or a Nightclub, you cannot get your money back. Only the business’s actions, such as the Nightclub’s passive income, can be used to recoup it.

However, there is a method for exchanging properties in GTA Online. This is helpful if you reach the maximum allowed number of properties. Even if you wish to update your home or company to something more impressive and sophisticated.

Got your attention, did we?

How to Exchange Properties in GTA V

For instance, the game would give me $250,000 if I decided to trade in my $1,100,000 penthouse suite in Eclipse Towers. In exchange, I was given a modest $200,000 apartment in Del Perro Heights. That’s not a wonderful return on investment, but the exchange fee is a welcome compensation if you really need to exchange a property or have reached your real estate limit.

Here’s how GTA Online property exchanges operate if you decide to do so.

  • Click the Internet programme on your phone after it has opened.
  • Go to Dynasty 8 Real Estate’s website.
  • Choose View available properties
  • When you are ready to purchase your desired property, the screen will disappear and you will be presented with a list of your existing real estate along with the exchange rates or open slots for your consideration.
  • If you decide to pay an exchange charge, the money will soon be credited to your account.

How to Exchange Businesses in GTA 5 Online

It works a little differently in GTA Online if you want to trade businesses. You will be required to go through an exchange process if you decide to upgrade or downgrade. This is because you can typically only own one of each of the main businesses, such as nightclubs or bunkers. Of course, you can always improve your existing business by remodelling it, but moving it is an option if you really need to.

In order to exchange a company, locate the Maze Bank Foreclosures website rather than the Dynasty 8 Real Estate website.. You can brows the net using the Internet app on your phone. When you first arrive at the website, you will see various commercial properties on the GTA Online map. Guide Tags can be found on the top right corner to focus on your buying need.

How to Sell Property in GTA V Online

The colours on the symbols will be reversed, allowing you to identify the assets you already own by their appearance. The game will guide you through the process of adding extras or selecting the aesthetic of a new property.

One thing to bear in mind is that exchanging some properties may hinder the growth of your company. The game will inform you that your current research work will be lost if you switch a Bunker. Before selling any nightclubs or hangars that you own stock in, you will also need to remove the stock from the structure.

The game will compute an exchange for you and switch the properties over if you put the money down and are satisfied with your new property. The payout isn’t tremendous, but it’s better than nothing, just like the real estate swaps.


You cannot just easily sell your properties in GTA V online. There is a lot to be considered before selling property in GTA V online. The best way to get rid of a property is to exchange it with another property. You can follow the steps given in the article to exchange property.

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