How to block in Tekken 7?

How to block in Tekken 7: If you still do not how to block in Tekken 7 then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you how to block in Tekken 7 and how to do it efficiently.

About Tekken 7

Tekken was one of the foremost 3D animated fighting games, applying numerous of the generalities set up in Virtua Fighter by Sega. As with Virtua Fighter 2 released around the same time, Tekken was also among the veritably first 3D animated press videotape games running at 60 frames per second( except the confidante region release, which was limited to 50 frames per second).

As with numerous fighting games, players choose a character from a lineup and engage in hand-to-hand combat with an opponent. Tekken differs from other hand-to-hand fighting games in some ways. Traditional fighting games are generally played with buttons that correspond to the strength of the attack, similar to a strong punch or weak kick. Tekken, still, dedicates a button to each branch of the fighter, making learning special attacks further an intuitive process. The player can watch the vitality on screen and figure out the applicable command if the character kicks low with their right leg, the move is likely to be executed by pressing down and right kick, or an analogous variation.

Traditional fighting games, similar to the Street Fighter series, involve inputting commands as fleetly and directly as possible, whereas Tekken slows the action down, emphasizing meter, strategy, and deception over speed.

Moves in Tekken 7-

In our Tekken 7 Moves List and Combos Guide, we’ve listed down the moves and strings for all the characters in the game so that you can use them to discipline your opponents, set- up ruinous duos, and simply poke your opponents.

  • f – tap forward once
  • F – Hold stick forward
  • d/f – tap down/forward once
  • D/F – Hold stick down/forward
  • b – tap backward once
  • B – Hold stick back
  • d/b – tap down/back once
  • D/B – Hold stick down/back
  • d – tap down once
  • D – Hold stick down
  • u/f – tap up/forward once
  • U/F – Hold stick up/forward
  • u – tap up once
  • U – Hold stick up
  • u/b – tap up/back once
  • U/B – Hold stick up/back
  • + – Moves must be done together
  • , – Moves must be done right after the other
  • ~ – Moves must be done IMMEDIATELY after the other
  • : – Move Following the: has to be precision timed to execute
  • WS – Do move While standing up
  • WR – While running

How to block in Tekken 7?

Blocking is an essential move in any fighting game and Tekken is no exception. Blocking allows players to save themselves from being hit by enemies. It becomes essential during a fight that you also defend yourself after attacking so you should know which key you should press when the time of defending comes.

On a PC you can press the space bar or right mouse click to block enemy moves.

How to block in Tekken 7?


Tekken is still one of the best fighting games. Every fighting game involves blocking and it is an essential part of every game. In Tekken, you can use the blocking feature to defend yourself from enemy attacks.

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