How to Add Friends on Discord?

How to add friends on Discord: Discord is a famous software that you may download on your for free. It’s far considered to be an excellent choice for gamers as it permits them to talk and have interaction with buddies and different teammates thereby growing energetic and interactive gaming enjoy. With Discord, you could ship textual content messages and do voice chats with your friends and other teammates. To make the most of the free voice and text chat functions that the utility gives, you’ll want to add your friends to your Discord app, and adding friends to Discord is pretty smooth. There are multiple methods of adding friends which include using searching their Discord tag which is the very best way or with the aid of their profile or via your not unusual server and sending buddy requests.

How to search for someone on Discord?

To look for someone or a specific character to add friends, you need to have their specific Discord Tag consisting of a hashtag followed by some digits. Unfortunately, though, the most effective way to search people on Discord is using the usage of their Discord tag. The tag describes the consumer’s identification with that four-digit tag range alongside the username as nicely. User identification consists of the subsequent: Username, # image, and 4-digit tag. For you to add them to your friend list on the app, for this you need to have your friend tag.

Can we search for someone without their tag?

As referred to, you want to have the user’s discord tag to add them to your friend’s listing. But, there are times in which you most effectively understand their user name but not their discord tag. The perfect manner to get those records is using honestly inquiring about that character’s tag. Lamentably, without the tag, you’ll now not be allowed to search for someone on the Discord app.

One of the easiest ways to add anyone to your friend list is simply by double-clicking on the person’s profile if you meet them on any server. By double-clicking, you will easily get the person’s username along with his tag.

First technique: Through personal search

  • Open the Discord App on your PC.
  • Log into your Discord account.
  • Click on the home button and you will be directed to the home window.
  • Then click on the discord emblem present at the top left corner of the window.
  • Select on add friends option
  • Then, click on the add friend tab located in the upper right corner.
  • Enter the Username and unique tag of your friend.
  • Click on the Send friend request button.
  • A friend request will be sent to our friend which upon being accepted will add your friend to your friend list.

Second approach: via Profile

With this approach, adding friends through Profile will no longer be possible if that friend is not part of your Discord server or the opposite way round wherein you are not part of their Discord server. This means you each want to be on the same Discord server if you want to add each other.

  • Open Discord. It is also located on your Windows computer or taskbar menu.
  • Login into your Discord account when you have not already logged in using the correct log-in info.
  • At the Discord dashboard display, click on your Server’s icon which is located below the Discord emblem on the left side of the screen.
  • On the chat option located in the far right corner of the display, properly click on the Profile icon of the person you want to add.
  • A small window displaying the user’s name, tag, and profile picture would be visible along with several options
  • From the options click on the send friend request option.

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