How to buy Battle Pass and Skins in Valorant

How to buy battle pass and skins in Valorant: Valorant was launched in June 2020 by Riot Games and since its release, it has become one of the most popular games in the FPS category even surpassing the likes of CS: GO and COD. The game’s main idea is spike planting and defusing by two teams which is the same as CS: GO. Even the buy menu and the concept of inaccuracy while moving have been taken from CS: GO. Valorant gives you the option of choosing from various classes of agents each of which has its own skill set and abilities. You can choose agents from 4 different classes according to your play style.

There are different modes available to play some of which are Unrated, competitive, and deathmatch. Apart from different agents and modes the game has a lot of maps each set in a different part of the world and has unique specifications. Players adapt to different strategies for different maps. Valorant can be played solo or with friends at a time you can play with only 4 friends. Ranks are given to players when they start playing the competitive mode the game gets harder as you move up the leagues because you will have to compete with more skilled players at higher leagues.

What are Valorant Skins and battle pass?

What makes Valorant more interesting is the variety of skins that can be equipped on weapons. Valorant skins are cosmetics that modify the appearance of weapons. The best thing about Valorant skins is that some skins have animations or special effects associated with them that change the look of the weapon, their sound, and their finishing style. Valorant also allows you to buy a battle pass which gets updated with the launch of a new act, Valorant battle pass generally consists of 2 to 3 normal gun skins, player cards, and decorations for guns. With so many interesting items available in the game players get tempted to buy some of them. This article will help you understand all the steps that have to be taken to buy battle passes and skins in Valorant.

What’s special about weapon skins in Valorant?

Equipping the weapons with the skin makes the overall gaming experience even more interesting as the standard colors of the weapons get transformed into eye-catching designs and patterns and completely transform the appearance of the weapon. Skins in Valorant are generally released in bundles. A Valorant skin bundle generally consists of multiple weapon skins based on the same theme or concept. A bundle may contain up to 7 weapon skins, bundles are released regularly in Valorant and they cost much more than a battle pass.

Another interesting thing about Valorant weapon skins is the animation and special effects that come with some special skins. The weapon skins which contain animation are called finisher skins in Valorant. When you kill the last enemy in a round with a weapon equipped with a finisher skin the defeated enemy character gets transformed into an animated form accompanied by music. The animation and the music vary from skin to skin.

Some popular finisher skins in Valorant are-

  • ¬†Elder flame
  • Sentinals of light
  • Glitchpop
  • Reaver


Furthermore, there are different tiers of weapons in Valorant. Following are the different tiers of weapons-

  • Select Edition (SE)
  • Delux Edition (DE)
  • Premium Edition (PE)
  • Ultra Edition (UE)
  • Exclusive Edition (XE)

Each skin comes with its custom animations, special effects, reload sound effects, and death animations. Some can even evolve as you level up your weapon, changing the way that they look and react. Gun skins can also be upgraded so now you know that valorant has evolving weapon skins. To level up weapon skins a player has to earn Radianite points. Now you know everything about weapon skins so let’s proceed and learn how to buy these beautifully crafted skins and battle pass in Valorant.

Steps to buy Valorant skin or Battle pass

While most skins in Valorant are paid but some free skins are also available in Valorant which the players can get after completing the contracts of agents. To buy paid skins and battle pass a player needs to have Valorant points. The valorant point is the in-game currency that can be bought with real currency.

Follow the given steps to buy Valorant points-

  • Open Valorant in PC
  • Click on the store tab
  • Select the weapon skin you want to buy

  • Click on the buy skin option present on the right
  • Another window will pop up asking you to confirm your purchase
  • Click on the purchase
  • Among different valorant points bundles select your desired bundle
  • Up on selecting the bundle choose your desired payment option

  • You will be redirected to a new window where you can complete your transaction

After the completion of the transaction, Valorant points will be added to your account that can be used to buy the skins you like.

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