How to Block/Unblock Friends in Roblox

How to Block/unblock Friends in Roblox? Roblox is a global gaming platform where you can play and create games with your friends and other gamers. You can add people as friends in Roblox, send them messages, and make in-game deals with them. In Roblox, you may not always feel at ease with a person. In that situation, simply block that individual, and he or she will be unable to contact you again.

How to Block/unblock Friends in Roblox

 Whether you misclicked when trying to add a new friend, did it as a joke to an existing friend but now couldn’t undo it, or someone actually deserved it, blocking people might be intimidating. All people who have been blocked from your account, whether intentionally or unintentionally, can be unblocked in a few simple steps.

This article is for those of you wondering, how to block/unblock friends in Roblox. We will also cover tips and tricks regarding your account. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

What is Block List?

Your block list contains the names of every Roblox user you’ve ever blocked; this list can hold up to 100 individuals. After you have blocked 100 persons, you must delete an existing user from your list before you can block anyone else. You are unlikely to ever reach 100 blocked users, so you shouldn’t be concerned about this list growing.

How to Block Friends in Roblox

How to Block/unblock Friends in Roblox

As much as we wish it were not true, not every player you meet on Roblox will be a decent one. Sometimes players intimidate, speak excessively, or simply irritate us. In certain circumstances, the users in question might be blocked and completely deleted from your Roblox life.

Users can be blocked in one of two ways: their usernames can be searched in Roblox’s search bar and blocked from their profile, or if someone is irritating you during an experience, you can block them at any time by finding their username in the experience’s player list.

To remove a user from their profile, utilize Roblox’s People filter to find their username, select them, and then click the three horizontal dots on their profile. You’ll see the option to Block a User here. This strategy applies to both PC and mobile devices.

To block someone while in a match, first open the player list by selecting the Roblox icon in the upper left-hand corner. Locate the user you wish to block and click the block icon, which looks like a circle with a diagonal line through it. If you want to report a user, you can do so by clicking the flag symbol.

How to Unblock Friends in Roblox

To view your list of blocked users, first go to your account settings. On a PC, click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and select Settings. Tap the circle with three dots icon from the bottom navigation menu on mobile. Scroll down until you see Settings, then click on it.

Select the Privacy tab from the options menu. If you go to the bottom of this tab, you’ll notice a header that says Blocked People, followed by a list of your blocked users. There will be an Unblock button next to the names of these users. To unblock any of the users on this list, simply click on the unblock button next to their name.

How to Block/unblock Friends in Roblox

This user will be removed from your list of prohibited users as a result. To add this user as a friend, go to their profile and resend them a friend request, as unblocking a user does not automatically add or re-add them to your friends list.

How to Tell if Someone Blocked You?

Blocking others in Roblox is intended to exclude people from social interactions. There are frequently various “signs” that you have been blocked. Regarding the individual who blocked you, you will be unable to:

  • Messages should be sent.
  • Send Requests for Friends.
  • Send Trade Inquiries.
  • Send invitations to Allies.
  • In-game communication.
  • They can talk to their buddies.
  • Invite their friends to the party.
  • Send Clan invitations.
  • They will accompany their friends to games.

If you notice any or all of the aforementioned symptoms, you may be certain that the individual in question has blocked you. It’s important to note that there’s no easy way to find out whether you’ve been blocked—there will be no notifications or messages from administrators. You will have to play detective and follow the hints above. If you try to message someone and are unable to do so, the proof is clear.

Why does Blocking Exist

With over 164 million users globally, ensuring that everyone has a good time on the site is a difficult and time-consuming endeavor. As a result, Roblox already has a crew of moderators and automatic processes in place. The block option was launched in 2014 for individuals to police their own social experiences without the company’s participation. It is a quick cure for any issues that gamers may have against one another. The reasons for banning can be highly subjective, and all users can judge whether such action is required.

Playing Roblox implies using your free time productively, but if someone bothers you, it might destroy your experience and time. Roblox allows you to block that user so that he or she cannot contact you again in Roblox.

That is all we have on how to block/unblock friends in Roblox. Follow our website here for more such incredible guides on the best games out there.

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