How to change name in Valorant?

How to change the name in Valorant: If you want to change your Valorant username and have not found a way to do it then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the ways in which you can change your username in Valorant.

Changing your username, thus, is a fairly simple procedure formerly laid out by the inventor. Whether you’re passing an issue with your account or just don’t like the way you’re known in Valorant presently, knowing how to change Valorant name can surely help you out without breaking a sweat.

How to change name in Valorant

In this composition, thus, we’re going to pen down a readily-to-follow way that’ll walk you through the process of changing your name in Valorant. Let’s dive right in without any further ado.
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How to Change Your Valorant Name

Now to get further specific on the content, your name is classified as particularly “ Riot ID ” in Valorant. The same goes out for all other games developed by Riot Games, including League of Legends and another lower-known multiplayer IP called Teamfight Tactics.

Thus, changing your Riot ID affects your Valorant name and League of Legends likewise, although the Summoner Name in the ultimate stays innocent and can be changed in-game. The following way is going to illustrate how to change your Riot ID painlessly.

1. The first step is to log into the desktop customer of Riot Games. You can do that fluently by clicking on this direct link and heading straight to the sanctioned website.

2. Once you’re there, fill in your credentials and log into the customer. We’re going to choose Google then for a reference purpose and to illustrate the process ahead.

3. The coming step is to click on the “ Riot ID ” section on the column to the left wing of the Riot Account Management screen. The following screenshot specifies what to elect.

4. Doing so will take you to the “ Riot ID ” area, easily allowing you to change your Valorant name. Now, it’s worth noting that this section will comprise two different bars “ Riot ID ” itself and “ Tagline. ” The former will be your in-game name that we’re then for. The character limit for your Riot ID is 16 characters and no more. On the other hand, the Tagline is a special hashtag that’s used to separate between other fanatics and you. It can be any alphanumeric character, including symbols, integers, and letters. When you’ve made the necessary changes to both Riot ID and Tagline, click on “ Save Changes ” to finalize the process.

Change your riot id

Do make sure that you’re entering your new Riot ID precisely. You won’t be suitable to change your Valorant name again for at least 30 days, so double-check your decision before moving forward with it.

That’s all about changing your name in Valorant! After clicking on “ Save Changes, ” the goods have been applied and you’d no longer be using your former name anymore. However, consider checking out cloak’s Valorant settings – a former professional esports player who’s still making it rain on multiple platforms If you’re after more important tips and tricks about Valorant.

Account management in changing name.


Valorant is one of the most popular FPS games present in the market. A lot of players create an interesting username. Changing the username in Valorant is an easy task. You can follow the simple steps given in the article to easily change your username in Valorant.

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