How to Defeat Monster Hunter World Vaal Hazak

How to Defeat Monster Hunter World Vaal Hazak Vaal Hazak is one of the most formidable foes you will face in Monster Hunter World. This dragon dwells in the Rotten Vale and can unleash deadly blasts of effluvium that can cut your health in half. To survive this encounter, you will need to prepare well and use the right strategies. Here are some of the things you should know before facing Vaal Hazak.

Vaal Hazak’s Weaknesses and Breakable Parts

Vaal Hazak is weak to dragon and fire elements, so you should use weapons that can deal these types of damage. You should also aim for its head, stomach, and tail, as these are the most vulnerable parts of its body. Breaking these parts will also slow down the monster and reduce its effluvium output. You can also sever its tail to prevent it from sweeping you with it.

Vaal Hazak is immune to shock traps and pitfall traps, so don’t bother bringing them. However, you can use flash pods to stun it when it is about to spray effluvium. You can also use mega barrel bombs to deal massive damage to it when it is sleeping or docile.

How to Defeat Monster Hunter World Vaal Hazak

Vaal Hazak’s Attacks and How to Avoid Them

Vaal Hazak’s most dangerous attack is its effluvium blast, which can cover a large area in front of it and deal heavy damage. You can tell when it is charging this attack by the sound it makes and the glow of its mouth. When you see this, you should run behind it or to its sides to avoid getting hit. You can also use a flash pod to interrupt it.

Another attack you should watch out for is its spore explosion, which can also deal a lot of damage if you are within range. You can avoid this by staying away from the spore pockets that grow on its body and the environment. You can also break these spores to reduce the amount of effluvium in the area.

Vaal Hazak has some melee attacks, such as bites, lunges, and tail swipes. These are relatively easy to dodge or block, but you should still be careful not to get caught off guard. You should also avoid standing in front of its mouth, as it can snap at you unexpectedly.

How to Defeat Monster Hunter World Vaal Hazak

Vaal Hazak’s Effluvium and How to Counter It

Vaal Hazak’s effluvium is a constant threat that can drain your health and limit your maximum health. You can counter this by using nulberries, which will restore your health bar to normal. You can also use max potions or ancient potions to heal yourself fully and increase your health limit.

You should also equip armor skills that can protect you from the effluvium. The most important one is Effluvia Resistance, which will prevent your health from being halved by the effluvium. You can get this skill by wearing the Girros or Vaal Hazak armor sets, or by using a Miasma Charm or Miasma Jewels. You can also use Earplugs to prevent Vaal Hazak from roaring and stunning you, which can give you an opening to attack or heal.

Conclusion for How to Defeat Monster Hunter World Vaal Hazak

He is a tough opponent, but not impossible to defeat. With the right preparation, equipment, and tactics, you can overcome this challenge and claim your rewards. Remember to use dragon or fire weapons, target its weak spots, avoid its effluvium blasts, counter its effluvium effects, and use flash pods and bombs to your advantage.

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