How To Disable Security System in No Rest For The Wicked – Payday 3

How To Disable Security System in No Rest For The Wicked – Payday 3: Payday 3 players must infiltrate a branch bank in order to collect a large sum of money in the No Rest for the Wicked heist. However, one of the first impediments you’ll face is a security gate that must be deactivated before the rest of the mission can proceed.

How To Disable Security System in No Rest For The Wicked - Payday 3

In this blog, we will walk you through the entire process of how to deal with the security gate as well as how to disable all the security systems in the No Rest For The Wicked mission in Payday 3.

How To Disable Security System in No Rest For The Wicked – Payday 3

Because there are a lot of variables at work, this guide will cover a lot of ground. It’s also worth noting that higher difficulties will include more guards, cameras, and possibly new objectives.

Only the guards will be suspicious of you in most areas, which is an important aspect of this heist. The bank employees will not assume much as long as you haven’t pulled out your mask and gun. So feel free to walk around them.

1. Get Into the Bank

The first step will be to gain access to the bank, and the best way to do so will be through the roof. Walk around the building’s left side and through the parking lot. You’ll notice a lockpickable fence in the back. Make sure you don’t do this in front of the parking lot guard or the other guard who patrols the back of the building.

Continue up the stairs in front of you until you reach the roof. You’ll either find a small storage room or a room that requires a keycard (in all of my playthroughs, a Red Keycard was required). A door around the corner leads to a stairwell, which is likely monitored by a camera. To gain access to the rest of the bank, enter the stairwell.

2. Turn off the Gate Power

It’s time to move on to your next goal: turn off the power to the gate and disable the security system. There is some flexibility in the order in which the smaller steps of each are tackled, but we’ll start with the former.

The gate’s power switch can be found in one of two locations: the IT room on the first floor or the room adjacent to the Office on the second floor. Both rooms are easily accessible on their respective floors by exiting the stairwell and entering the room on the far right.

How To Disable Security System in No Rest For The Wicked - Payday 3

If you turn the switch off while a guard or civilian is watching, they will be alarmed. If you see a “(Observed)” prompt appear under the action, it means that someone nearby has a line of sight.

3. Disable the Security System in No Rest for The Wicked in Payday 3

To disable the security system, steal a Red Keycard from a guard and use it on a door that is locked with a Red Keypad. We’ll call it the Security Room to make things easier. This room can be found on the roof (as previously mentioned) or on the second floor. If it spawns in the latter, it can be found either next to the stairwell or on the opposite side of the floor, next to the bathroom.

The Red Keycard can be found on the backside of a patrolling guard from either the first or second floor. The majority of my runs had it on the second floor, but this is subject to RNG. Those who don’t have it will be carrying a Blue Keycard instead. All you have to do is sneak up behind them and steal it. As with the power switch, make sure to do this while no one is looking.

You can also choose the Blue Keycard as an option. This grants access to the second-floor camera room. It can be found on the second floor in either of the two locations where the Security Room can spawn. Remove the guard from this room, and the cameras will no longer be an issue. This isn’t a required step and will require a player to mask up, but it can certainly help.

Make your way to the Security Room and enter with the Red Keycard. There will be a computer available for hacking. Begin the hack, then wait a few seconds until the gate is disabled. The words “Cable Controller” will be highlighted on a nearby screen. Interact with it to reveal a colorful shape. Keep in mind that this will vary depending on the run.


If you follow all the steps mentioned above, you will easily be successful at disabling the security systems for the bank in No Rest for The Wicked Mission in the newly launched Payday 3. Based on your preference, you can either do it with the Red Keycard or the Blue Keycard.

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