Payday 3 Dirty Ice Overkill [Complete Guide]

Payday 3 Dirty Ice Overkill Complete Guide: Payday 3, the sequel to Payday 2, is a first-person shooter game developed by Starbreeze Studios and published by Deep Silver. The game continues the heist theme, with a group of players sent to a location to steal as much money as possible.

There are numerous missions in which players will take part, all of which can be completed in both stealthy and overkill ways.

Payday 3 Dirty Ice Overkill [Complete Guide]

When collaborating with the Payday 3 mission Dirty Ice, the overkill difficulty has finally become a little easier, simply because players are tightly packed into a small downtown jewelry store. Fortunately, the store has narrow corridors and plenty of cover, allowing players to clear rooms with a single grenade and a barrage of violence.

Putting four money-hungry, heavily armed players in a small space is a recipe for disaster. As you will see in this Dirty Ice Mission guide – Payday 3 Dirty Ice Overkill Complete Guide.

Payday 3 Dirty Ice – Overkill Guide

In the mission Dirty Ice, your main goal is to steal as much jewelry as possible by weaving through the small store’s nooks and crannies and finding as many valuables as possible.

Due to the location and quick response times of enemy SWAT, most players would prefer to take a stealth approach with this mission; however, the stealth approach is generally quite risky and time-consuming.

Crew Considerations

Your crew loadouts will differ depending on how you plan to begin the heist. For example, if you intend to enter the public area locked and loaded, you will need firepower to repel raids and a Grifter to deal with hostages.

Payday 3: How to Get Overkill in Dirty Ice – Complete Guide

Given that we are completing this mission on overkill difficulty, it is important that your squad and you stay in cover at all times. Regardless of how easy it appears, any Overkill difficulty can quickly end after one or two mistakes; therefore, it is advised to stay down and in constant communication with your team.

Payday 3 Dirty Ice Overkill [Complete Guide]

When you spawn, go into the building, find the branch manager, and get acquainted with it. The majority of the doors will be locked, but if you leave the building and follow the right wall, you’ll come across a back entrance with one guard.

Note: Assign one player to manage the hostages; you must keep as many as possible to prevent SWAT from constantly engaging you and endangering the hostages’ lives.

Phase 1: Find The Back Entry and Disable Security

  1. Players should exit the target building and proceed along the left wall until they reach an alleyway opposite Spawn Point.
  2. Jump onto the truck, then the building, proceed to the back of the jewelry store, and smash the window to enter (do not shoot); no enemies will hear this.
  3. Continue along the right wall until you come to a camera. Enter the room beneath the camera and look for the phone on the red sofa. This room contains an American flag.
  4. You should exit the room you just entered. Scanning the “VIP Showcase” QR code in the opposite room will cause the scanner to glow (if prompted), making it easy to see.
  5. After scanning the QR code, proceed past the emergency exit into the already open room, which will lead to stairs leading downwards and a passcode lock.
  6. Shine your UV light on the scanner and enter the code “4093” to open it.
  7. Rush forward toward the open door at the end of the hall once the door opens. Don’t be concerned about alerting guards; simply sprint and they won’t notice you. In this room, pull the lever.
  8. Return up the stairs and enter the “VIP Showcase” room once more.
  9. Begin lockpicking all of the jewelry cases; don’t shoot or smash them because this will set off the alarm, putting the entire operation at risk.
Payday 3 Dirty Ice Overkill [Complete Guide]

Because security has been disabled, all rooms on the map should now be unlocked, allowing players to rob the entire store without using a drill. However, players who want to complete the Overkill difficulty as quickly as possible should avoid taking maximum risks.

Phase 2: Gather the Loot

  1. Begin robbing all of the items in the VIP Showcase room; there will be one security guard present. You have the ability to kill him (ideally with a silenced weapon).
  2. Once you’ve bagged everything in the VIP Showcase room, run back up the stairs with the bags. Break the window before the stairs and throw the bags out.
  3. Loot the vault next to the VIP Showcase room after looting the entire VIP Showcase room. It should simply open. This will contain a valuable and rare item.
  4. Throw all looted items out the window before the stairs and into the getaway vehicle. Three bags of jewelry are required to extract the loot.

Note: Please avoid killing anyone or attracting attention; if done correctly, players can rob the store while wearing masks without setting off the alarm.

Word of Caution

This method cannot be used if players set off the alarm in the building during the first steps. This is due to the fact that all doors will require a drill to open rather than a code.

Furthermore, players who set off the alarm will be unable to extract the location via vehicle and will instead have to summon a helicopter to collect all heisters, which will take significantly longer.

Finally, taking the minimum loot is recommended for players who want to continue the campaign but are not too concerned with loot; taking the maximum loot is difficult regardless of the methods.

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