How To Beat Cathedral Boss in Lies of P

How To Beat Cathedral Boss in Lies of P: The Cathedral Boss i.e., Andreus, Krat’s self-proclaimed saint, is one of the game’s tougher bosses in Lies of P. He has the ability to take players on a wild ride, especially those who aren’t prepared to meet his full fury.

How To Beat Cathedral Boss in Lies of P

Fallen Archbishop Andreus, like every other boss in Lies of P, will require players to strategize and sharpen their skills if they are to defeat him. Fortunately, there are a few options for making this battle a little easier.

It will not take long for players to defeat this crazed monster puppet if they have sharp senses and a little patience. Leave the rest to us as we tell you how to beat Andreus, the Cathedral Boss in Lies of P.

Where to Find Andreus – The Cathedral Boss in Lies of P

Fallen Archbishop Andreus (The Cathedral Boss) awaits players deep within St. Frangelico Cathedral, the game’s fourth major zone.

As players explore the cathedral’s twisting halls and passageways, they will encounter numerous enemies and hazards that can inflict the Decay status.

They will eventually come face to face with the corrupted Archbishop himself in a large chamber deep within the cathedral’s underbelly.

How to Beat Fallen Archbishop Andreus – The Cathedral Boss

First and foremost, this is a two-phase boss battle. When players deplete Andreus’ health bar, a cutscene will play before the next half of the battle begins.

Phase 1:

  • Players must master the first phase in order to have enough resources to face Andreus in his final form. Once the players get the hang of Andreus and his attacks, the first phase is relatively easy. His moves are slow, but they pack a powerful punch.
  • It is important to be patient and only attack when the boss begins to recover from missed or blocked attacks. Andreus’ tongue attacks are simple to parry, so aim for perfect blocks whenever he uses them.
How To Beat Cathedral Boss in Lies of P

Phase 2:

  • For the second phase of this epic boss battle, the one-winged angel from the intro cutscene will reappear and join the fight.
  • However, it appears to attack only when players are facing it. Run behind Andreus and lock onto the big, ugly monster face from the first phase to render its strengths useless.
  • The majority of the boss attacks in this phase will be similar to those in the first half of the fight, albeit slightly more aggressive.
  • When fighting Andreus, use Fire damage to deal more damage. To maximize DPS, equip the Flame Grindstone and Flamberge and bring along a couple of cans of Thermite.
  • Summon a Specter and use all available Fire damage sources to make the fight even easier. If players are quick enough, they will be able to enter the second phase while the Specter is still at half health or higher, making the most difficult part of this fight much easier.
  • While the boss’s attention is focused on the Specter, players can freely use the Flamberge to torch Andreus.

Note: Players can find the Salamander Blade in the Venigni Works’ Workshop Union Entrance Stargazers, which deals Fire damage with each attack.


Defeating Andreus is a significant achievement that will grant players powerful new weapons and items to aid in their ongoing quest.

While it will not be easy, following the advice from this guide should give any Lies of P player an advantage in defeating this difficult Cathedral Boss.

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