Lies of P – Toma’s Quest [Complete Guide]

Lies of P – Toma’s Quest Complete Guide: Lies of P is a game with a dark storyline. Like most other games of the genre, Lies Of P has quests that can make you question how dark can a gamer really be. One of the quests is the story of Toma, a young boy who has petrification disease and longs to see his friend Murphy.

If you enjoy macabre and dark games, Lies of P is the game for you. There are several quests you can take on your journey to learn more about the game’s lore. And Toma is one of them.

In this article, Helping the boy will not take long, but it will make him very happy. We will walk you through Lies of P – Toma’s Quest in our complete guide below.

Lies of P: How to Start Toma Side Quest

Lies of P - Toma's Quest [Complete Guide]

To begin the quest, you must complete all of Toma’s dialogues, after which he will tell you about his friend Murphy, a police officer, and how much he wants to see him again, and the quest will begin.

You will need to do the following to get to the boy’s location:

  • Travel to the house on Elysion Boulevard Stargazer.
  • From there, exit the door and turn right, following the linear path to the roof, where a ladder is located.
  • Use it to descend and locate a window with a light on the first floor. Toma’s cough will alert you that he is ill.
  • He tells you about his friend Murphy, how much he misses him, and how he wishes they could play again.
  • You can begin your search after hearing his story.

Toma’s Quest: Faded Whistle Location Guide

Toma is actually looking for a whistle, which can be found in the Scrapped Watchman’s arena on a lit bench with the words “Friends” engraved on it.

Find the Faded Whistle in the Krat City Hall Courtyard. But first, you must defeat the Scrapped Watchman boss.

When you defeat the Watchman Boss in Lies of P, it will drop the Small Wooden Officer Puppet. After listening to the puppet, proceed to the nearby bench. You can get the Faded Whistle by investigating a blue marker on the bench.

Lies of P - Toma's Quest [Complete Guide]

To complete the quest, simply return to Toma and blow the whistle in front of his window.

Lies of P: How to Beat the Scrapped Watchman Boss in Toma’s Quest – Complete Guide

The Scrapped Watchman’s boss arena is, thankfully, a massive square. Outside of the giant, killer robot attempting to eliminate you, there is nothing to obstruct your progress.

When the battle begins, the Scrapped Watchman will appear in the center of the courtyard. He is a melee fighter who will crawl on his arms and legs to get closer to you.

The Scrapped Watchman has a variety of attack combos that he’ll use throughout the fight.

Here are his moves in this phase, as well as how to recognize them:

  • Spinning slam combo: The boss will spin up his arms and slam them into you in this drawn-out attack. Block the first two hits and avoid the third, which cannot be blocked.
  • Backhand shuffle: Before jumping away, the boss crosses his hand in front of him and backhands you. Stop the blow.
  • The big scratch: The boss reaches back and slams his hand on top of you. Prepare to block it by standing in front of him.
  • Quick combo: The boss begins by swinging both of his hands in your direction wildly — usually two to four times — before finishing with a spinning slam. Use these predictable attacks and perfectly parry each one to increase his stagger.
  • Right Hook: The boss pulls his right arm and quickly jabs it forward. Stop it.
Now, let us move on to how you can actually beat the boss and earn rewards along with completing Toma’s Quest in Lies of P.

Above all, our strategy will be to play it safe. You should stand well out of his attack range, waiting for him to take a big slow swing or perform a jumping attack. He’ll raise his arm high in the air and dash forward to attack. This throws him off balance and leaves him vulnerable to attacks.

Even more impressive is his jumping attack, in which he leaps into the air before slamming down in front of you. He gets up dazed, allowing you to land 3-5 attacks before regaining his composure.

His arm swing is another easy-to-punish attack. He will stand up and swing his forearm around a few times before slamming it down. To avoid damage, dash toward him just before impact, then lay into him with a short combo. He usually does this twice in a row, followed by a Fury Attack, so do not linger too long or you’ll be caught in the finisher.

When you have depleted roughly half of the Watchman’s health, he will enter his second phase, in which he will become fully electrified. His attacks remain mostly the same, but lightning strikes must be avoided.

With a little patience and practice timing your dashes, this fight becomes simple. Once you have figured out his attack patterns, summon the Specter in front of the boss door to assist you. The ghostly NPC will distract the Watchman, allowing you to launch a slew of additional attacks. Just make sure to pay attention when the Watchman returns his gaze to you!


Defeating the Watchman grants you a Quartz, the Broken Hero’s Ergo, the Overcharged Storage Battery, the Small Wooden Officer Puppet key item, and a Core, in addition to the 5040 Ergo.

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