How To Disassemble in Lies of P

How To Disassemble in Lies of P: Lies of P is a charming game in which you battle your way through Krat, a London-inspired city, destroying mechanical puppets. Lies of P is a testament to the style of From Software’s titles, with slow, deliberate combat that necessitates guarding and dodge rolls.

How To Disassemble in Lies of P

It is also known as Lies of P because you play as Pinocchio. Yes, that Pinocchio from the Disney films and the Italian fairytale. And, believe it or not, this adaptation has a lot of tricks up its sleeves.

One amazing feature of the game is that it allows you to craft your own weapons by using parts and resources that you gather in the city of Krat. In this article, we will talk about how to disassemble and assemble weapons in Lies of P.

Crafting Weapons- How to Assemble and Disassemble Weapons in Lies of P

To effectively explore the vast city of Krat, players must use their skills and weapons. Weapons in Lies of P are not just objects that can be upgraded. The game differs from the SoulsBorne series by drawing inspiration from a novel weapon system called Weapon Assembly.

This feature not only adds a fun element to the gameplay but also offers a rich and diverse approach to wielding and customizing weapons to fit your playstyle and preferences.

Weapons in Lies of P: Assemble and Disassemble

Weapons are made up of two main components: the blade and the handle. A weapon’s blade controls its attack and guard attributes, attack style, and primary Fable Art that can be used during combat. The handle, on the other hand, determines the weapon’s set of moves, stat scaling, and secondary Fable Art.

This is where you can utilize the assemble and disassemble weapons in Lies of P and create masterful weapons that complement your exclusive playstyle. However, in order to unlock this ability, you need to defeat the Mad Donkey boss.

How To Disassemble in Lies of P

The Mad Donkey is the next boss after the Scrapped Watchman on the bridge. He is not difficult to defeat; simply move around him and backstab him whenever possible. When he dies, you will meet Geppetto, and the Enigma Assembly Tool will be yours. You do not need to do anything with the tool; all you need to do is collect it.

Find out how you can backstab enemies in Lies of P here.

You can now go to any Stargazer or Eugenie in the Hotel Krat and assemble a weapon from the parts of your existing weapons using the Assemble Weapons options menu. However, you do not have to manually disassemble weapons because the game does it for you when you make a new one.

How To Disassemble in Lies of P


Lies of P is the latest FromSoftware Soulslike game that takes the childhood story of Pinocchio and his Lies and turns it over its head to give us one of the most unique and dark twists on the cute little Pinocchio.

As we discussed, there is no certain way to disassemble weapons in Lies of P. However, once you unlock the ability to assemble and craft your own weapons, the game will disassemble them for you when you are building a new weapon.

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