Palia – How To Get Corn and Spice Sprouts

Palia – How To Get Corn and Spice Sprouts: Palia is a world filled with things to discover and various secrets to unlock. Players can collect various resources and use them in various Guild Activities in the game.

Cooking in Palia is one of the most important Guilds, where players require a variety of ingredients because these resources and ingredients play a pivotal role in various Guilds designed to help players level up.

In this article we will talk about how to get two very special resources in Palia, one of them is already introduced and the other one was very recently added to the game. Let us start our how to get corn and spice sprouts in Palia guide.

Palia – How To Get Corn and Spice Sprouts

Cooking is a very important guild skill that actively requires you to gather resources. While some can easily be gathered, finding the others can get quite tricky if you do not know where to look. First, we will discuss Spice Sprouts and where to get them in Palia, and then we will move on to Corn and discover where you can easily get your hands on some.

How to Get Spice Sprouts in Palia

Right off the bat, let us tell you that there are two methods by which you can get Spice sprouts.

1. Buy them from the General Store

2. Explore and find them in the world of Palia

Palia - How To Get Corn and Spice Sprouts

Spice Sprouts can be purchased from the General Store for 30 Gold each. Zeki’s General Store sells Spice Sprouts, and you can buy them by interacting with the Cash Register. You can simply gather them from the ground for the Forage method. They do, however, only grow in certain areas, necessitating exploration to find them. The following are the best places to look for Spice Sprouts:

  • Mirror Fields
  • The exterior of Mirror Pond Ruins

Both of these locations are to the north of the Kilima Valley map zone, and you can collect multiple Spice Sprouts in a single expedition. There is no set spawn time, so feel free to forage whenever you want.

Spice Sprouts are mostly used in cooking. Spice Sprouts can be used as an ingredient in food recipes that call for any type of spice or spice sprouts in particular. You can sell them at the General Store or the Shipping Bin outside of your Plot area in addition to cooking.

How to Get Corn in Palia

Corn seeds, along with Spicy Peppers seeds, are one of two new resources added to Palia in the latest 0.168 patch update. Corn has previously been available for purchase from Badruu when visiting his Gardening Guild Store at the family farm, but players can now grow the crop in their own backyard.

Players who want to cook one of the new dishes added to the game that require Corn should learn how to get it in-game. We have covered everything you need to know about getting Corn seeds before planting them in your Palia garden.

Palia - How To Get Corn and Spice Sprouts

Corn, like most resources in the game, can be purchased the Zeki’s General Store. A bag of Corn seeds costs around 30 credits. However, if you have a Seed Collector, you can place a harvested Corn crop in the hopper to produce Corn Seeds without having to return to Zeki.

Corn seeds are primarily used for Gardening skills, particularly planting them, and when harvesting the Corn crop, you may receive star-quality Corn seeds worth more than their base variant. This can also be applied to high-quality corn crops, where both the seeds and the crop can be sold to gain more Gold.

Additionally, corn is also a main ingredient for several new dishes introduced in the game such as Pickled Corn, Pot Pie, Fish Tacos, and Chapaa Asada Tacos.


And with that, we have you covered on How to get Corn and Spice Sprouts in Palia. While Spice Sprouts are easy to find in the open world of Palia, corn is a new resource that can only be purchased and Zeki’s Store, or you can just unlock the Seed Collector and harvest your fresh corns on regular intervals.

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