Palia – How To Get The Ancient Rock Garden

Palia – How To Get The Ancient Rock Garden: The Ancient Rock Garden is a newly added relic in the latest Palia update. It can be obtained by completing the Temple of the Flames puzzles that will open the inner doors of the temple.

Palia - How To Get The Ancient Rock Garden

The Temple of the Flames is a new location added in the most recent Palia patch, offering new story-related content. Players will reach the Final Chamber in the temple as they progress through the A Catalyzing Caper quest. It is a requirement to open it if you wish to explore the chamber.

In this article, we will talk about how to solve this intricate puzzle in the game, focusing on how to get to the Ancient Rock Garden relic in Palia.

How to Open the Final Chamber in Temple of the Flames – The Ancient Rock Garden Location

After completing the mazes in the first chamber, you will be able to proceed to the final chamber. It is then when you will also speak with Hassian. After speaking with Hassian, you must find a way to open the door to the Final Chamber. You will notice a symbol if you look beneath the mural in front of the chamber. Turn around and look on both sides of the chamber for four cauldrons. Two on each side, with symbols beneath them.

Similar to the first door puzzle, you must shoot arrows at the symbols to light up the cauldrons and open the door to the final chamber.

In the main area of the Temple of the Flames, there are four murals, each with a different symbol. To open the door, you must shoot the symbols and light up the cauldrons. To make things easier, shoot the symbols in the following order:

  • Symbol 1: The first symbol on the left.
  • Symbol 2: The second symbol on the right.
  • Symbol 3: The second right-hand symbol.
  • Symbol 4 is the second symbol from the left.
Palia - How To Get The Ancient Rock Garden

A specific tone will be played by lighting each cauldron. The door to the Final Chamber will be opened by lighting all of the cauldrons in the correct order.

Now, let us give you details of how to get the Ancient Rock Garden Relic in Palia.

Palia – How To Get The Ancient Rock Garden

Once you have solved the puzzle in the final chamber at the Temple of the Flames, Sifuu, Hassian, and Tau will reveal a mural similar to the one at the Night Sky. When you interact with the stone device at the mural, you will discover four new Temple of the Flames bundles that you must complete. The following are the Temple of the Flames bundles:

  • Sear-Chef Bundle
  • Emberseeker’s Bundle
  • Brightbug Bundle
  • Flamerod Bundle

One very important thing to note is that each bundle will have its own set of items, recipes, fish, and bugs that you must deliver to the appropriate bundle. After completing all of the bundles, you will be rewarded with the Ancient Rock Garden.

Palia: How to Use the Ancient Rock Garden Relic

Once you have the Ancient Rock Garden relic in your inventory, you can use the Build Mode to place it in your Plot Area.

Placing the Ancient Rock Garden will bring a visitor to the Ancient Rock Garden, the Fabled Kitsuu. Every day, you can give a gift to Kitsuu in exchange for a reward.

You can get a reward from Kitsuu by giving it a gift every 24 hours. Remember that a day in Palia resets at 9 PM PT (4 AM UTC), so keep track of the reset time to earn Kitsuu rewards.

Remember that Kitsuu creatures are not familiar with human interaction, so you will not be able to interact with it or make it a pet. If you try to interact with it too frequently, it will flee the Ancient Rock Garden and return the next day.


And with that, we have given you all the details regarding the Ancient Rock Garden Relic in Palia and how to get int by solving the Temple of the Flame puzzles. The important thing to note here is that you need to make sure that you are carrying all the required materials for the quest. If you exit the temple before completing the trials, you will have to restart the puzzle back from the first bundle. Therefore, it is better to have all the necessary items from the get go.

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