Starfield – Phased Time Power [Guide and Fixes]

Starfield – Phased Time Power Guide and Fixes: We are back again with yet another Starfield guide. Phased Time in Starfield can be found in the Buried Temple. It allows players to manipulate time by slowing it down in the game.

Starfield - Phased Time Power [Guide and Fixes]

A very useful ability to have in Bethesda Studio’s Starfield is the Phased Time ability. It can help in situations where the player feels overwhelmed by the fast-paced action of Starfield and wish to slow down time and analyze the situation. Phased time is a lifesaver for many, moreover, it is an important aspect of solving various environmental puzzles which can lead to great rewards and give access to hidden areas in the game.

In this article, we will talk about Starfield’s phased time power, and how to unlock and use it. Additionally, there have been reports of bugs during the use of this power, this guide will address those issues and figure out some fixes for the same.

Starfield – Phased Time Power [Guide and Fixes] – How to Unlock

Visit the Buried Temple, defeat or persuade the player’s chosen Starborn Enemy, and then claim Artifact Mu to unlock Phased Time.

The Buried Temple can be found on the planet Procyon III during the second to last Main Mission, “Revelation.”

The Buried Temple, unlike the majority of Temples in the game, does not shift from its location.

One more important thing to note is that the ‘Revelation’ mission is a point of no return in Starfield. What it means is that players should search and upgrade their powers before getting done with the mission.

Starfield – Phased Time Power Bug and Fix

Many players have recently reported that they are unable to use Phased Time Power in Starfield. This can be inconvenient when you’re trying to enjoy the game as much as possible.

We understand your frustration with this situation, which is why we are here to assist you in resolving it! Starfield is a role-playing action-packed game published by Bethesda that is based on the Elder Scrolls universe. However, because it is a new game, it has issues and problems that can confuse and frustrate its players.

The reason you are stuck using your Phased time power is because of a bug in the Starfield system. This error has been reported by several players while using phased time power in Starfield.

Starfield’s developers have yet to release a patch that will address this issue. However, there are a few workarounds you can try in the meantime until the patch is released to address this issue.

1. Interact With Environment

When you encounter the phased time bug in Starfield, the first thing you can try is to interact with anything nearby.

For example, sitting in a chair will solve the bug and allow you to continue playing.

2. Relaunch Starfield

If you find yourself trapped in an infinite Phased Time loop, relaunching the game is a simple solution. Sometimes the bug is only temporary, and by giving it some time to wear off, the problem may resolve itself.

The duration can range from a minute to an hour, so be patient and wait for the game to restart. Check to see if the Phased Time power is working properly after relaunching.

3. Reload From Last Save

The next fix is to load the saved file from before you got the bug and then try to play again to see if you still get the phased time bug.

Many players have reported that they were able to use phased time power without getting the phased time bug after loading a previously saved file.

The only disadvantage is that you may stand to lose hours of progress.

4. Upgrade Phased Time Power

In Starfield, the Phased Time power has several ranks, each with its own set of effects and abilities. Upgrading the rank of the power might be just what you need to fix the bug. By raising its rank, you may cause a reset of its behavior and discover that the problem has been resolved. Consult the in-game skill tree or any relevant menus where you can improve your abilities to upgrade the Phased Time power.

It is important to note that upgrading the power’s rank may necessitate the use of specific resources or the fulfillment of certain criteria. Before attempting to upgrade, ensure that you have met all of the prerequisites. Once the rank has been increased, test the Phased Time power to see if it now works properly.

5. Board Your Ship

Rather than interacting with something, you can board your ship, which should also solve your bug problem.

If sitting on a chair does not solve the phased time bug, board your ship and see if you are now able to fix the phased time bug.


These are some of the fixes that have been reportedly worked to fix the Starfield Phased Time Bug. However, if none of these work for you, we recommend that you pause your progress or refrain from using the Phased time ability as much as possible. The developers are working on a solution through a patch update so it can be fixed in the near future.

And with that Starfield – Phased Time Power Guide and Fixes has come to an end

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