Starfield On The Run – Should You Kill or Negotiate With Marco

Starfield On The Run – Should You Kill or Negotiate With Marco: Before you can talk to Marco in the Starfield On the Run mission, you must complete the Red Mile race. The information you obtain from Marco is critical to your mission to prevent the First from exploiting farmers. However, in order to obtain this valuable information, you must make some decisions.

Starfield On The Run - Should You Kill or Negotiate With Marco

What exactly are these choices in Starfield On the Run mission and how do they affect your mission and story progress? Find out in this Starfield On The Run – Should You Kill or Negotiate With Marco guide.

Starfield On The Run Mission

During the initial dialogue sequence in Starfield, you can choose to [Attack him] or [Show Badge] Marco Graziani in his Fortuna lair on Codos in the Cheyenne system. Obviously, attacking him starts a large-scale conflict in which you will be pitted against Marco and his armed goons.

If you choose [Show Badge] and then [I want details of the First’s operations, including who hired you.], Marco will demand something in return: Marco wants the Freestar Rangers to allow the First crime syndicate to operate freely without further interference.

You can accept with [That works for me.] or refuse with [No deals. Tell me what I’m looking for or face the consequences.] Alternatively, you can also choose [Attack].

Allow us to walk you through these choices in the next section –

Starfield On the Run: Should You Kill or Negotiate With Marco

Starfield On The Run - Should You Kill or Negotiate With Marco

Negotiate with Marco

You can begin by revealing your badge and inquiring about the First with Marco. This will allow you to learn more about their operations and put a stop to them. After you’ve asked your questions, you’ll be in a position to negotiate, attack, or let Marco rule freely.

  • You can leave without a fight if you agree to Marco’s terms. Your companion, on the other hand, will be disappointed.
  • If you try to negotiate, Marco will not agree. He might instead try to bribe you. You have the option of accepting the bribe or attacking him. Accepting the bribe will result in your companion’s disapproval.
  • You can also attack Marco and force him to hand over the encrypted slate.

Kill Marco

If you are confident in your combat abilities, you can attack Marco directly. This choice will pit you against a number of adversaries, so be prepared. You can loot Marco’s body for valuable rewards such as the encrypted slate, a calibrated Equinox laser rifle, 3KV LZR Cartridge ammo, credits, and Marco’s keycard after defeating him.

Marco is easy to defeat, but unfortunately, his armed guards and automated turrets can be more difficult to deal with due to their sheer number. There are about a dozen guards and six turrets to contend with. You should be able to win this battle if you are prepared, take cover, and have Med Packs, strong armor, and powerful weapons.

What Do You Get with Marco’s Keys in Starfield?

You can use Marco Graziani’s Keycard to open the locked door in his office once you have looted it. We discovered three weapon cases and an ammo box inside, each containing useful loot, such as:

  1. 7.77mm Caseless ammo x 5
  2. Beowulf Rifle
  3. .43 MI Array ammo x 16
  4. Modified Magshot Pistol
  5. Disassembler Shotty, Rare Shotgun
  6. Europium x 12
  7. Copper x 4
  8. Caseless Shotgun Shells ammo x 30
  9. Sealant x 3
  10. Calibrated Deepcore Space Helmet
  11. Shrapnel Grenade x 1
  12. Toxic Gas Mine x 1
  13. Fragmentation Mine x 1
  14. Credits x 2808

Because the loot in Starfield is mostly generated at random, it’s possible that what you get will differ slightly from what we found. Nonetheless, it should be a good haul for those looking for some good loot.

Finally, Marco’s Keycard unlocks a couple of other doors in Fortuna, leading them to some more locked safes and loot.


That is all you need to know about this difficult decision. Indeed, knowing all of the ramifications, you should be able to easily decide whether to negotiate and accept Marco Graziani’s bribe or kill him in Starfield.

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