Killer Frequency – Walkthrough – How To Save Everyone

Killer Frequency – Walkthrough – How To Save Everyone: Set out on an epic and dangerous journey through the eerie world of Killer Frequency, where every decision has the potential to affect the fate of dozens of people.

Hang out with us as we reveal the secrets to achieving the ultimate goal: how to save everyone in this Killer Frequency Walkthrough. Prepare to navigate haunted paths, solve intricate puzzles, and outwit the cunning Whistling Man as we guide you through this intense and heart-pounding adventure.

Killer Frequency – Walkthrough – How To Save Everyone

Forrest Nash only has one mission: to save Gallows Creek from a cunning and bloodthirsty serial killer. Isn’t it simple?

Killer Frequency - Walkthrough - How To Save Everyone

That was not his actual job though. Forrest, the unassuming protagonist of Killer Frequency, was supposed to cover the night shift as the radio talk show host at the local radio station – The Scream. This was unfortunately also the time when a serial killer returned to terrorize the town and its inhabitants.

Taking constant calls from survivors, the player must solve a variety of puzzles to assist the citizens in escaping the killer. Of course, you can easily muck up these situations and kill dozens of innocent people, which no one wants to happen.

Therefore, to stop this madness, let us walk you through the entire decision list as we tell you how to save each one of the civilians in Killer Frequency Walkthrough.

Caller 1 – Saving Deputy Martinez

The first victim dials into The Scream Radio Show, and the game immediately begins. Deputy Martinez has been knocked out and locked up in a cell with the key trapped inside, so Forrest and Peggy must band together and collaborate with Leslie to assist Martinez.

When you learn that Sheriff Matthews is no longer alive, it is up to Forrest to devise the best moves for the Whistling Man’s potential victims.

To save Deputy Martinez, simply choose all of the following options when prompted:

  1. Find another set of keys?
  2. Check Sherriff Matthews?
  3. (Timed) Lock the doors!
  4. Take a police cruiser!
  5. Take the Sheriff’s Gun.
  6. Can you see any other weapons?
  7. Take the taser.

After that, wait for Leslie to return your call and make the following selections:

  1. (Timed) Leslie? What’s happening?
  2. (Timed) Drive!

Save Sandra Sharpe (Caller 3)

You don’t need to be concerned about what to say the first time Sandra calls. Choose any dialogue options you want until she says she’ll call you back. When she finally does, the second call with Sandra begins, and this is where you must be deliberate in what you say.

To save Sandra Sharpe, select one of the following options:

  1. Put the screwdriver into the ignition and twist clockwise.
  2. Unscrew the steering column.
  3. Do your jazz breathing. Don’t panic.
  4. What’s the serial number on the steering column?
  5. Strip and twist together the red and yellow wires.
  6. Strip the purple wire and brush against the twisted wires!

Caller 5 – Save Maurice Russell

You will just have to listen to Maurice for the first part of the call and then go to the fax machine to get what he sent you. When you return and continue the call, you must say the following:

  1. Call the editor’s office.
  2. Go to the kitchen.
  3. Can you lock him in a room?
  4. Use a radio?

Following these options, you must wait for him to call you back. Then, proceed to select the following options:

  1. (Quick time event) Maurice, turn the volume down!
  2. Call the board room.
  3. I’m sure. Make the call.
  4. I’ll impersonate Mr. Russell.
  5. Hide in your cabinet.

It is best not to say anything until the timer runs out; Peggy will let you know when it’s safe to speak again.

Killer Frequency - Walkthrough - How To Save Everyone

Save Caller 7 – Virginia Sullivan

Choose the following options to save Virginia Sullivan, which are divided into three parts:

  1. Call a neighbor?
  2. Don’t worry…

Virginia will call you back after you complete a couple of tasks assigned by Peggy. Select all of the following options:

  1. Call Ponty’s Pizza.
  3. Garlic bread!

You will have to wait a little while longer for Peggy to get Frat Man Plunker on the line. Then you should do the following:

  1. This is Forrest.
  2. Play “The Flow” when the Frat Dudes request you to

Caller 9 – Save Eugene Stine

After a brief conversation with Eugene, proceed downstairs to obtain the Maize Maze map. When you re-dial his number, make the following choices to save Eugene from the Whistling Man:

  1. Go left!
  2. Go backwards!
  3. Go left!
  4. Go right!
  5. Go right!

Save Caller 11 – Murphy

With your first call with Murphy going disastrously wrong, with him inviting the Whistling Man to meet him for a one-on-one showdown, it’s up to you to ensure Murphy doesn’t confirm his impending demise.

Murphy was locked in a dumpster by the Whistling Man, and with the fire department unable to assist, your only option is to rely on Peggy’s friends.

To save Murphy, select the following options:

  1. Call Katherine.
  2. Katherine – Recycling!
  3. Katherine, go to the crusher!
  4. Henderson!

Caller 13 – Save Carrie

With a few of her friends already dead, it’s time to save Carrie from the same fate. You must keep her calm as the Whistling Man approaches her while she tries to flee the killer. The first part of this call is irrelevant.

Once you’ve obtained Jeanie’s friendship quiz from downstairs, you must select the following options to save Carrie:

  1. Heather
  2. Jennifer
  3. Hot David
  4. Lisa
  5. Chad

The main thing to remember here is to not choose Scott for any of the roles. Carrie will soon end the call, and you will be prompted to select the following options:

  1. Focus
Killer Frequency - Walkthrough - How To Save Everyone

At 2.40 AM, Save Chuck

Peggy and Forrest decided to seize control of the situation and try to predict where the Whistling Man would strike next. You must figure out the killer’s next location and target by using the clues on the corkboard.

To save Chuck Brody, speak with Peggy and select the following options:

  1. Chuck Brody
  2. The Gas Station
  3. RUN!

At 3.00 AM – Save Roller Ricky and Jason

The initial calls do not put anyone in real danger, but a single decision shapes Roller Ricky’s fate. Talk to Virginia first, and then when you start talking to Sandra, choose the following options, even if the results do not seem all that great:

  1. That sounds nice.
  2. Are you keeping secrets?
  3. You okay?
  4. We know.
  5. Sure.
  6. Of course.

You will have to make a lot of phone calls until Dawn returns. She will request your assistance with some coding. Instead of the access code, you must provide Dawn with the alarm test activation code. Roller Ricky will hear the alarm and escape, saving him.

Casey will call you after a brief conversation with Murphy in which she will ask for your assistance in saving a friend. Here’s what you need to do to save Jason as well:

  1. How is Jason?
  2. Don’t touch the knife.
  3. We need to secure the knife.
  4. Use the cleaning rags.
  5. Okay.
  6. Any suggestions?

Following that, you must make your way down through the offices in search of a first-aid expert. Speak with Peggy over the intercom, then choose one of the following options:

  1. He’s going into shock.
  2. Elevate Jason’s legs.
  3. Apply an additional bandage.
  4. Be strong for Jason.
  5. John Hedges.
  6. Someone’s been stabbed.

Interview The Whistling Man – Save Teddy Gallows, Forrest Nash, Peggy

Your final objective in Killer Frequency is to distract Dawn (the Whistling Man) long enough for the cops to move in and apprehend her. You must first go down to the basement to re-energize the power, which was turned off by someone.

Return to the booth to find Peggy missing, and you’ll be greeted by the enigmatic Whistling Man, who will explain everything.

But, as previously stated, you must stall for time. To accomplish this, you must try to keep the conversation with Teddy going for as long as possible.

  1. I’ll do it.
  2. I can do that.
  3. Be honest, Teddy.
  4. Whistling night, right?
  5. Did you ask Ricky?
  6. Just a prank?
  7. How did you feel?
  8. Who was under the mask?
  9. How do you know?
  10. Then why the cover up?
  11. (Quick time event) He wasn’t a blip.
  12. Answer the question.
  13. You’ve been through hell.
  14. The School Gym!

Now all you have to do is pick up the handmade birthday card on Peggy’s desk and wait for everything to fall into place. Both Peggy and Forrest will be saved if this is done.


After Jason and Peggy are safe, you can rest easy as everyone in the game has been saved.

Congratulations are in order as you have beat the Whistling Killer.

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