Final Fantasy 16 – Fistful of Steel Trophy – FF16

Final Fantasy 16 – Fistful of Steel Trophy – FF16: Final Fantasy 16, as the name suggests, is the 16 main entry in the coveted Final Fantasy Role-playing game series. As each entry is different and innovative in its own right, they are highly celebrated by fans and gamers all across the world.

Final Fantasy 16 - Fistful of Steel Trophy - FF16

In Final Fantasy 16, you can earn trophies for demonstrating your proficiency with various Eikonic Abilities in combat. Fistful of Steel is one such trophy, which you can obtain by executing three Steel Counters in a single battle.

In this article, we will take a deep dive into the story of Final Fantasy 16 and tell you the easiest way to unlock the Fistful of Steel Trophy for Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 – Fistful of Steel Trophy – Description – FF16

Fistful of Steel is a bronze rarity achievement trophy obtained by repeatedly performing a specific move during a fight. It is the 31st of 50 trophies available to players during the main story quest “The Last King.” Players must use three Steel Counters in a single battle against any boss.

You can accomplish the goal by using Eikon abilities that are ideal for steel counters. Furthermore, choose a boss with a large health bar so that it does not run out of health while you are executing the Steel Counters. Bighorn, which is located in the fields of Corava near the Jaw Obelisk, is one option.

Final Fantasy 16: How to Get Fistful of Steel Achievement Trophy in FF16

Once you have unlocked Odin and are ready to use him, equip Odin, and if you’ve got the ability points to burn and want to be safe, equip “Will-o’-the-Wykes” on one of Odin’s ability slots. This will keep you safe while you look for parries.

Final Fantasy 16 - Fistful of Steel Trophy - FF16

When you are ready, you just need to find an opponent who will last long enough for you to perform three parries, ideally one who is also fairly predictable and uses few ranged attacks.

Find an enemy with a large health pool and engage in combat. A Bighorn is an excellent candidate for this trophy. One can be found near The Jaw obelisk in the Fields of Corava.

  • While Odin is your active Eikon, press Circle to switch to Odin’s sword and attack Square.
  • You will parry and counter if a nearby enemy attacks you while you are spamming Square.
  • Continue to spam Square until the trophy appears.

Remember that this method works best against an enemy with a large health pool.


That is all there is to know about obtaining the Fistful of Steel trophy in Final Fantasy 16. We hope you found this guide useful.

Make sure to equip Odin and use his sword to parry and square enemy attacks. Unlocking this bronze Final Fantasy 16 – Fistful of Steel Trophy – FF16 trophy is a simple task that will not take long to complete.

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