The Best Side Games in GTA Online for Casino and Sports Enthusiasts

The Best Side Games in GTA Online for Casino and Sports Enthusiasts

The Diamond Casino & Resort is the place to be in GTA Online, especially if you’re someone who enjoys a flutter at a land-based or online casino in real life. This glitzy and contemporary virtual casino is home to a host of popular mini-games which can be enjoyed and even used to bolster your in-game cash balance.

In fact, some regular GTA Online players look to use the Diamond Casino to do their grind instead of making their way through side missions and heists. The first time you set foot in the gaming hall, you’ll get 5,000 virtual chips to play with – once you’ve paid the $500 membership fee, of course!

This venue also happens to be the location for the Diamond Heist mission, which requires players to pinch the loot from inside the venue’s secure vault.

Horse Races

If you’re a fan of the gee-gees, GTA Online gives you an outlet for your horse racing passion. The Inside Track racecourse hosts a string of races broadcast within the Diamond Casino for players to bet on. These races play out very similarly to the virtual horse races broadcast in retail and online sportsbooks today. Just pick your favourite colour or favourite-sounding thoroughbred horse and hope for the best.

It’s common to find some horses priced at 20/1 or even higher in these six-runner races, while the favourite is usually priced at even money. Some players prefer to wager the maximum on the favourite and hope to double-up their chips to cash out.

Slot Games

GTA Online’s Diamond Casino is home to an abundance of slot machine games, which are available in a host of themes. One of the most popular themes remains the classic fruit machine-style slot machine, with old-school cherries, lemons, lucky 7s, bars and bells for company on the reels. It’s no surprise given that this nostalgic theme still has a pull at online casinos, with online slots like Sweet Bonanza successfully fusing state-of-the-art game mechanics like Drops & Wins with vintage game symbols.

The slot game which offers the biggest payouts at the Diamond Casino is the Deity of the Sun machine. As with slot games at real-money online casinos, the results of each spin are fully randomised by random number generators (RNGs).

Three Card Poker

If you enjoy a session of three-card poker with your pals at home, you’ll love sitting down at Diamond Casino’s three-card poker tables. The game plays to identical three-card poker rules, so there’s no need to master any other form of poker gameplay.

You’ll also have a “Pair Plus” side bet which you can choose to place if you’re confident of making a pair or an even better hand. The dealer has to play hands which are Queen high or better to compare their hand against yours. Anything lower than this, you’ll automatically win and your ante bet will be paid out at odds of 1:1.


Diamond Casino, which was also included as a major update in GTA V, also has roulette tables for you to enjoy. Although in GTA: San Andreas, the mini casino games featured European roulette, GTA Online’s roulette tables are the American version, which involves the addition of a double zero on the wheel. This effectively doubles the house edge of the game, which is just something to be mindful of when placing your wagers.

When you play at Diamond Casino’s roulette tables, you’ll get a top-down overview of both the betting table and the roulette wheel. You can drag and drop your betting chips onto the table wherever you like before the dealer calls “no more bets”.

Lucky Wheel

The Best Side Games in GTA Online for Casino and Sports Enthusiasts

Another staple of many casino floors, the Lucky Wheel game also makes an appearance in GTA Online. It’s one of the easiest casino games to get started with so it’s great for complete novices. Simply bet on the segment you think the wheel will land on next. There’s a one-in-20 chance of the wheel landing on the ‘Podium Vehicle’ segment, which will bag you an awesome sports car to drive around town in.

If you’re a regular player of GTA Online, make it a pilgrimage to visit the Diamond Casino every day if you can. Each time you visit daily, you can pick up 1,000 virtual chips to boost your balance and maximise your fun – when you’re not in the mood for bank heists or taking down mobsters, of course.

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