How to do Aerials in Rocket League

How to do Aerials in Rocket League: Average Players in Rocket League tend to keep to the ground, although the game is ultimately decided in the air.

How to do Aerials in Rocket League

A crucial aspect of Rocket League’s gameplay is aerials. As you start to learn all of the game’s ground-based strategies and fundamental abilities. You’ll notice that these players use this technique to dribble through the air and make outrageous shots appear easy if you’ve spent any time watching professional matches or compilations of the most amazing goals from the series.

In this article, we will have a close look at how to do aerials in Rocket League and understand the basic principles of taking to the skies.

How to Perform Aerials in Rocket League

If you are here, you must still be studying the game’s numerous tactics and talents and wondering how to succeed at aerial. Below are the steps to do Aerials in Rocket League-

  • Analyze the circumstances. Where is the ball, your teammates, and your opponents located? Have you got enough oomph? Is using an aerial the ideal choice?
  • Align the front of your vehicle with the intended landing zone.
  • When you jump into the air, tilt your car’s nose toward the roof of the stadium to give yourself forward velocity.
  • Move through the air with a boost.

How to Improve Aerials in Rocket League

You will have finished your first aerial strike if you followed the preceding instructions. More practice and careful thinking by the player are both necessary for improvement in these.

Here are some things to keep in mind when training or attempting aerials in Rocket League.

Understand the Mechanics

Understanding how an aerial is done in the first place is the first step towards performing one. To lift your automobile into the air, you’ll need a full turbo, which you should employ in conjunction with a jump. The next step is to steer your vehicle, which you can do by pressing L on a joystick or W, A, S, and D on a computer. In order to unlock more drops, it will also alter the pitch of your automobile to determine how high you will fly as you drive to strike the ball.

Avoid Using all the Boost at once

One error that novices frequently commit is holding down the boost button and wasting it all at once. They have a very limited amount of aerial time as a result, but you can fix this so you can fling yourself across the entire field, despite the fact that it makes for some hilarious memes.

How to do Aerials in Rocket League

Try tapping the boost button in a way that feathers the boost rather than holding it down to stay aloft without using it all at once. Another piece of advice is to conserve your boost on the ground so that you will have plenty when it’s time to execute an aerial.

Positioning is Key

Positioning oneself incorrectly will prevent you from performing a successful aerial and preventing you from being the MVP. At this point, it is challenging enough just to get moving, let alone turn your car in the right way.

Before attempting an aerial, you should position yourself in the most advantageous position to make sure you are hitting the ball where you intend. This is also a wonderful defensive end tip because poor positioning can prohibit you from doing an aerial that might have stopped a goal.


Aerial play is not just about putting up artistic goals and stunning saves. It also involves employing playmaking abilities in the air to open up opportunities for team members. Usually, this is done by redirects.

How to do Aerials in Rocket League

Therefore, be sure to be aware of the whereabouts of your teammates so you can nod down some aerial passes and enable them to increase the score.


Aerials are a difficult talent to perfect, and learning them during a match can occasionally make you look foolish and aggravate your teammates. Therefore, the training area in Rocket League contains a set of aerial shots that you may practise and polish if you want to get a lot of practise in early. These range from extremely simple to quite challenging, so if you can master them, you’ll have a solid foundation from which to develop your online matchmaking abilities.

Don’t Hesitate

Hesitation is one factor that might transform a wonderful aerial opportunity into a poor miss. A competitor can position themselves appropriately, get the ball first, or move you in another way in the span of a single split second. So be careful not to withdraw. Trust your judgement and concentrate on making the best possible contact with the ball.

Despite being the trickiest to execute, these aerials will provide the player the biggest advantage over their opponents. These are typically aerials that are dribbled through the air or played off barriers. Higher ranking people frequently employ these abilities. Therefore, if you can accomplish them against opponents that lack the ability to play similarly to you, you’ll win after win with little resistance.


No matter how skilled a Rocket League player you are on the field. It is somewhat certain that you will struggle if you are unable to play in the air at all. Though you’ll discover that winning games becomes a lot more common with the added capabilities of aerial passes, saves, and shots. It will take a lot of effort and practice to perfect this difficult skill.

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