How To Find Errata Fire Katana in Phantom Liberty

How To Find Errata Fire Katana in Phantom Liberty: Cyberpunk 2077 recently received Update 2.0, and a new story DLC called Phantom Liberty is set to arrive in a few days to expand on the game’s lore and narrative. Not only does Update 2.0 change the existing gameplay, but it also adds a slew of new features, such as unique perks and improved police and armor systems. Aside from these, a slew of new weapons have been added for players to use.

How To Find Errata Fire Katana in Phantom Liberty

Players can obtain the Thermal Katana known as the Errata somewhere in Night City, the same one shown off by CD Projekt Red in the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty gameplay trailer. It’s an excellent addition to any merc’s arsenal, and it can serve as the focal point of any katana build that requires a powerful weapon.

So without any further ado, let us take a look at how to find Errata Fire Katana in Phantom Linerty, Cyberpunk 2077 latest update.

How To Find Errata Fire Katana in Phantom Liberty

Unlike some of the other powerful weapons in the game, the Thermal Katana is not a mission reward, nor is it wielded by a powerful mini-boss. The weapon is housed in an Electric Corporation building on Night City’s eastern outskirts.

It is located between the Longshore South and the Republic East fast travel markers. Players will notice a bridge connecting these two markers on the map. The building containing this weapon is directly beneath that bridge.

The Errata is a one-of-a-kind katana found in the Santo Domingo district of Arroyo. It is designed for quick slashing with a focus on inflicting burn and dealing critical damage. Follow these steps to obtain this sword:
  • Travel to the central-eastern segment of the map.
  • Mark the location beneath the bridge, between the ‘Republic East’ and ‘Longshore South’ fast travel points.
  • When you arrive, enter the building marked ‘Electric Corporation’ in red and white.
  • After entering, proceed to the right until you reach ‘Sector-0’ with attached stairs.
  • Continue down the stairs until you reach a door with a ‘No Entry’ sign. Open it up and go inside.
  • Continue straight after passing through the ‘Sector-1’ sign. At the end of the dark corridor, there will be a door on the right.
  • Continue down, and after a few dark rooms and doors with neon-pink lights, you’ll reach the room with the Errata.
  • When you get close enough to the furnace to grab the Katana, a warning that says ‘Enemies have been alerted’ will appear on top.
  • To take the weapon, press ‘F’ on your keyboard, ‘X’ on your PlayStation controller, or ‘A’ on your Xbox controller.
How To Find Errata Fire Katana in Phantom Liberty

This power station is part of the ‘Disasterpiece’ mission, in which players and Judy try to find Evelyn Parker. Once players have passed through the furnace area, they should be able to obtain Errata. Players who did not obtain the sword during this mission may return to the power station later.

Errata Fire Katana in Phantom Liberty – Stats

In Cyberpunk 2077, the Thermal Katana is a formidable weapon. Aside from basic damage, its blade has the ability to burn enemies.

The following are the weapon’s base stats:

  • Attack Speed: 2.12
  • Damage per Hit: 105.55
  • Stamina Cost: 6.40
  • Armor Penetration: +25%
  • Burn Chance: +30%


Errata deals guaranteed critical damage to burning enemies and has a chance to burn everything it hits. This sword is most effective when combined with other sources of damage that can also set targets on fire.

Cyberpunk 2077 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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